Ar Tonelico III Is In 3D

By Spencer . October 15, 2009 . 3:02pm


But, it doesn’t look eye-poppingly gorgeous like Atelier Rorona. Gust went with a cel-shaded look for Rorona, while Ar Tonelico III uses 3D models. Cutscenes are still in 2D as seen from this batch of screenshots (thanks for the tip Xeahnort!!)


at3 at4 at1 at6


Wait a second… did that last screenshot say “undress” in the menu option?



Yeah, it did! Install, present, and undress are options Aoto can pick when deciding what to do with Saki, one of the reyvateils. Don’t get too excited, it’s probably the game’s way of asking if you want to change Saki’s costume.


Ar Tonelico III comes out in Japan on January 28, 2010. Pre-order it there to get a visual data book.

at arton1


And, here’s a teaser trailer, courtesy of Joystiq.


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  • Haha, NISA are going to have fun localizing this.

    • nyoron

      If it isn’t absolutely perfect there will be hell to pay.

      • raymk

        you tell him At2 was horrible at least dub the whole game i’m sure they can do it somewhere

  • keriaku

    I think I’m okay with the push for 3D (Or preferably cel-shaded) graphics instead of 100% 2D like before, as long as the artwork doesn’t disappear completely. I really like how the artwork is keeping prominence in the cutscenes and the character interactions. To be honest, I was kind of turned off by the previous games, even though I’m a huge anime and jRPG fan, just because it seemed clunky. This seems for the better.

    • cowcow

      I dont mind the 2D artwork for cutscenes but what I do mind is static 2D artwork mainly because thats been done since the SNES era and the PS3 with its globs of Blu-Ray disc space has more than enough room to have animated 2D cutscenes.
      Hell even the cutscenes in Super Robot Wars @ Gaiden for PS1 has character facial movement when they talk. I just see it as lazy programming really.

    • Hraesvelgr

      I’m okay with the push for 3D, if they drop the anime look. I’m not really fond of the creepy doll-like appearance of most anime-styled 3D games. At least go cel-shaded…

  • But, it doesn’t look eye-poppingly gorgeous like Atelier Rorona.

    I’m surprised you’d make such a comment, Spencer. Are you basing that off the one available battle screenshot? Maybe it’s incredibly fluid. If there’s one thing I’ve learned with this generation, it’s that still images only give away half the picture.

    Anyway I’ll reserve judgment until an actual gameplay trailer is released. Oh who am I kidding, I’ll be buying this either way!

    • Pichi

      Its like Okami DS thing all over again. People were skeptical/hate it when seen screenshots, but once people saw the trailers in motion they loved it/willing to give it a chance. So it might be the case here.

    • Maybe!

      Gust did such a great job translating the Atelier series from 2D to 3D with Rorona so I expected them to use the same cel-shaded style engine. AT3 looks like models.

      Either way I’m sure I’ll get this.

  • cj_iwakura

    Looks pretty good for a Dreamcast game.

    Oh wait.

    • Hraesvelgr


  • This looks amazing, I really want to play it. And I hope that we get a good translation and a visual book pre-order goody.

    • Soma

      I’m also hoping for some sweet pre-order swag.
      NISA is usually pretty good about that kind of thing, though. =3
      This will definitely be a pre-order for me. As per usual.

  • This game — actually, this series is probably waaay too moemoe for me, but I read something about:
    a.) being able to create custom “battle hymns” (sorry if that’s wrong, never played the first two so I don’t know the terminology)
    b.) singing in battle actually changing the BGM

    These two aspects are really intriguing, so this is on my radar and I hope there aren’t any…localization issues like the first two games had.

    • Soma

      I highly recommend picking the games up.
      Moe aside, they are solid games. =3

  • vrakanox

    Day One. Loved the first two so I don’t see any reason not to pick this one up.

  • epy

    Seeing as how the translation directions changed from AT1 to AT2, wonder if NISA will just completely disregard the whatever plot there is this time around and just make it one big sex joke.

  • ElTopo

    This is definitely going to be on my radar, as 2 was a fairly enjoyable if flawed game. Hopefully NISA learned from their mistakes from the previous iteration and get this all sorted out for the third.

  • Kuza21

    Looks interesting… but do you need to play the other two in order to enjoy this one? I never played the other two… : (

  • Sue me but I didn’t think Atelier Rorona looked that pretty. I actually thought it looked kind empty. But that might have something to do with playing it right after Eternal Sonata, there aren’t much games that can go up against that.

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