An Ar Tonelico III Trailer With Gameplay Footage

By Spencer . October 26, 2009 . 8:42am

Namco Bandai’s latest Ar Tonelico III trailer has a sample of in-game footage with Aoto exploring dungeons and fighting monsters. The battle music changes depending on your actions and custom songs created with the R.A.H. system.


Gust made plenty of outfits for Ar Tonelico III too and what fun would those be without a dramatic Sailor Moon style transformation?


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  • Has your opinion changed at all? I’m so buying this.

    • Maybe a little. I still think Rorona looks better, though. I’m curious about how they’re going to handle battles and what other changes Gust is making other than emphasizing costumes. They sure know what their audience wants.

      • Xeahnort

        According to Rykomatsu (a PSU forum member ) the Battle system reminicent of ToA/ToV, free movement on 3D field

        Also, he gives some interesting details:

        -Cocona was narrating the event
        -Dive system allows you to obtain Hymma, Hymma are used to synthesize hymnos during battles
        -RAH system is rather dynamic…battle music changes quite a bit depending on Hymma combination, battle situation, etc
        -Undressing is rather important…

  • vrakanox

    This game is in my top 5 hyped RPGs. Along with FFXIII ToG Y’s7 and SO4I

  • ElTopo

    Looks cell shaded, doesn’t look too bad either, except for those backgrounds during battle scenes, which just look like bland generic zones. Also it looks like world exploration didn’t receive too much in the terms of a graphical overall, just better looking sprites. Not sure if its a negative or not, have to see more.

    Still pretty interested.

  • Xeahnort

    The music and the gameplay look amazing, I preordered my copy alongside the hymnos and soundtrack.

    I might be wrong but I really think Finelle and Cocona are the same person.

    • Ereek

      Finelle and Cocona can’t be the same characters. Finelle is a Pureblood beta Reyvateil, Cocona is a 3rd Generation. In “normal” terms that means that Finelle was created and is the same type of Reyvateil as Misha and Mir, and Cocona is similar to Aurica and Cloche. Betas don’t need the “life-extending agent” like the Third Generations do.

  • solid278

    I cannot wait. I loved the first one to death and felt that the second one only improved in all respects. Also nice to see that Akiko Shikata is composing for this one too :p

  • Very beautiful PV. I didn’t like the overall look of the game when I first saw it, but it’s starting to grow on me. The short shots of the hero traversing through the world look gorgeous.

  • TheBanditKing

    I like the song(s) used in the trailer, game actually looks pretty decent given its coming from a dev that usually only does 2D.

  • Thinking about it, it would actually be a pretty creepy theme to explore… Reyvateils who can change their appearance/personality at will. Hopefully Gust has handled the story with care; I’ve been surprised at the world they weaved in the other two games, particularly the first.

    Music is, as always, amazing. I’ll need some nice, HD stills of the battle images to discern if it’s an intentional art style they’re using, or ho-hum graphics.

    Doesn’t matter. I’ll be playing this with a huge grin on my face, no matter what.

  • Slashlen

    Do want.

  • Divals

    So much want… I hope NISA treats this better than aT2.

  • Those Henshin sequences really did it for me. Want this.


  • zhemos

    omg that was amazing.

  • Ereek

    If there’s one thing I’m hoping for in this game it’s more male/female duets. Of course, no male Reyvateils makes it difficult, Croix is likely a special case, but I still want it.

    • aquagon

      If they manage to include Moon Chanters, or ancient support techonology (or even just the knowledge that the Moon Chanters had to use magic), then that would be very possible.

  • As anyone else noticed the lack of character shadows?

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