See Some Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow Artwork

By Spencer . November 3, 2009 . 10:50am

image D3 Publisher in preparation for Blue Dragon Awakened Shadow’s spring 2010 release sent some Akira Toriyama artwork to gaze at.


Notice Shu and Jiro in the background? They take a backseat in this game. You’re the main character and have the power to switch shadows like Final Fantasy V characters change classes.


When you start the game Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow lets players design their character and choose their gender. Characters can be further customized with costumes, including a cat suit not seen in this gallery.


bdaMain Character_Boy_01 Main Character _Girl_01 bdgirl bdboy image image

  • MisterNiwa

    I do not like the main char. =/

    • You don’t like the character…you..create? Hehe. I guess you dislike the main concept art for the default? It looks like this could be a DQIX-lite, if that’s possible. I am a sucker for customizing, unfortunately.

      • MisterNiwa

        Oh my god, im an first class idiot, i thought your main char looks like that! LOL.Thanks… lol.

        I loved the drink Qoo, but im sad that they didnt continue it in germany. 8( Even though i can still get in in an Japan-Store.

        • I didn’t mean to point it out rudely!! =) I wouldn’t worry about making that mistake.

          Qoo was really good and when in Japan I like to enjoy it! (I can’t anymore) I thought it was only in Asia then I heard stories of Europe having it. That’s pretty cool!

          This game will have to take a back burner on the purchase list. Wonder if they’ll actually localize this game…

          • cowcow

            Um…duh? The game already came out a week ago. The article specifically points out a spring 2010 release which is for US/EU lol

          • Hahah. Wow, I was totally confused there. I thought the images were sent about the Japanese version coming out (guess I got thrown off with Japanese screenshots). I had no idea it already hit shelves in Japan. Thanks for that slap in the face. Not a bad thing to know we get it that much sooner. =D

  • ArOne

    I’m still curious to hear how the online works. The DS needs something like Monster Hunter since I don’t have a PSP yet and I really want to play a MH like game.

    • Alexander9

      I vaguely remember reading about and seeing screenshots for a ds game that I think resembled Monster Hunter. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what its called. In fact, I may have seen it here, or was it dsfanboy. Ah, I can’t remember.

      • You mean Kaiju Busters? It’s like Monster Hunter with kaiju on the DS. We mentioned it here a bunch of times.

        • Alexander9

          Yep, that’s the game. Thanks

          • cowcow

            There’s also Element Hunters and Phantasy Star Zero

  • Looks cool, but i think is already time to let shu and his crew go -.-

    • Aoshi00

      These spinoffs; chars are too cutesy for me (not to say the Blinx-like 3D models in the original aren’t cute). I think they could do something cool and drastic w/ Shu and gang still in BD2. My wish is to have the gang grow up a bit, like Naruto post time skip, that would open a lot of possibilities. As for Toriyama’s drawings, I much prefer the more detailed arts in DQ Swords, but the game is in 1st person perspective. And the coloring done is CG (shiny skin) nowadays just doesn’t look too organic anymore… cool shadow designs though

      • Yes, i would prefer at least for them to make shu’s crew big, it isnt so hard!

        • cowcow

          not unlikely. Toriyama’s characters have a tendency to eventually have growth in age

  • Joanna

    gender customization?! –this game just went up on my list of to get titles. :P
    Love customization, especially gender/appearance customization (as well as more gameplay oriented customization).

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