What Would The Cast Of Final Fantasy VII Look Like As Tales Characters?

By Spencer . November 9, 2009 . 11:29pm

A fan of Final Fantasy VII and Tales made this mashup where Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, in their original and Advent Children gear, are drawn in the style of Tales. The artist captured all of Cloud’s looks – even his crossdressing getup.



Which one is your favorite?

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  • speedstersonic

    Wow, those are awesome. A collaboration like this would blow my mind if it ever happened.

  • pedrron

    Tifa and Lightning are my faves. Why put Cloud in a dress?

    • Ereek

      Because he dresses up as a woman in FFVII, that’s why.

      I like standard Tifa and cross-dressing Cloud best, though Reno and Sephiroth are also nice. Aeris just bothers me for some reason.

      • pedrron

        Guess I’m gonna have to replay FFVII because I don’t remember that part. Last time I played this was ’99

        • Ereek

          It’s rather early in the game in Wall Market. It’s a whole series of required mini-quests in order to get into “the ‘Don’s place” in order to save Tifa.

        • Really? It was one of my favorite parts.

          “I’ll stomp them!”.

          • fuzaku2

            “I’ll crush them!”

  • lostinblue

    IMO, Nomura designs are actually better this way than in their original artwork. Now… Terra from FF6 really doesn’t benefit from this.

  • DudeOnly

    I loved how did he do Cloud

  • I actually enjoyed this. Especially the Tina/Terra in the おまけ section. Surprised me when I was expecting only VII.

    • For me, the omake section was the best part. I wanted to write about it, but thought it was better left as a surprise.

      • These are the kind of surprises I like! Spencer, if it’s ever possible, you should definitely start posting more NicoNico vids, because I actually have an account and the videos load at work (unlike most other sites). =3

  • mooncalf

    Freaking incredible. Can’t believe someone put so much effort into a fan project.

    • fuzaku2

      Obviously you’ve never watched any video at Niconico Doga until now. Japanese people are incredible at working dedicatedly on fan projects. Whether stop-motion dances by revoltech figures, wooden sculptures of anime characters, FF-style battles between pop-culture characters, or re-drawn anime openings with a crossover-twist: These music-videos from American fans with which Youtube is brimming look extremely cheap and crappy compared to what you could find in 5 minutes on NicoNico.

  • Aoshi00

    Tifa looks great and Yuna’s ultra cute. I like Zack and Lightning (truly Omake) too. But Cloud in drag takes the crown.It’s surprising how well Fujishima’s style works on the FF characters, because I’m not a big fan of his art style (Oh My Goddess/You’re Under Arrest) other than Tales. Also the cutesy design reminds me of the early Nomura’s more simple anime-ish drawing before he went the realistic route. It’s always interesting to see different artists render designs by other artists like what Nomura did to the Amano design in Dissidia, and this was just done by a fan mimicking Fujishima too.

    And people wonder why FF VII was a classic, I still remember these characters as vividly and fondly as the day I played the game, like Cloud was forced to dress as a girl to sneak into the Don’s house. That’s what a memorable RPG is about, filled w/ memorable characters.

  • Wow, I didn’t know Nico Nico Douga videos could be embedded outside of the site.

    Red and Cid are badass, as usual. No style seems to change that fact.

    • Indeed, I frequently dump nico videos on my youtube account just to be able to embed them on my blog.

    • I think if you get special permission you can post them outside the site. I don’t know how this works, but I’ve seen it happen.

      Also I like the takes on the artwork a lot, I actually really like the style of Tales.

  • Cloud_ST

    Nice Job,fans in Japan really take their fandom seriously.

  • kazalt

    I’d buy remakes of the FF series if they’d make the characters look like this.

  • abasm

    How convincing! I would play it.

    A Tales-style Final Fantasy? Sign me up!

    A turn-based Tales game? …eh.

  • Pichi

    Would love to see an FF game go this style.

  • Kevin_Levin

    That’s pretty cool. And for limit breaks. You’d see their face or full body cut-ins.

  • seankirkland

    that was cool, but why did it have to be in video form? It would have been nicer to just be able to flip through the images…

  • I love how, in the little icons, Cloud and Reno are the only ones not smiling. It’s interesting that Reno doesn’t because he almost always is, while with Cloud … it’s kind of expected, but when the rest of the party, even VINCENT, is smiling … hell, even Rufus is, you’d think he would be too, just ’cause he could.

    This fan actually did a really good job. I was looking at Yuffie and for some reason I was heavily reminded of Yuri. The eye shape or something… Aerith, too, reminded me of Colette. Cloud reminded me of Lloyd. (S)he did a great job with the art =D

    • Aoshi00

      These beat the Simpsons stamps :)

  • UnleashTheCasey

    They skipped out Rude? What the frak? This video sucks now. :(

    • Ereek

      They skipped Elena, too. I’m surprised at that.

  • eliel

    i liked them all but Barret and Lightning where my faves, if only only a cross over like this came out…

  • MisterNiwa

    Lightning looks awesome. :]

  • drpepper245

    I believe it’s blasphemy to not have a shirtless Sephiroth, WHAT IN GOD’S NAME!?

  • lol nice, but aeris scares me xD, i still dont understand what all thos comments that appear while the video plays, are they the video comments?! is not really good for them to be spamming the video T-T

    • Pichi

      They’re video comments. Its like YouTube comments, only NicoNico allows them to be seen on the video. You can disable them though if it gets to you.

      • Aoshi00

        Thanks, much better w/ the comments turned off, the scrolling was blocking the pics. Wow, watching this now actually makes me want to play or buy VII again from PSN.

  • MrRobbyM

    They all look great except Red XIII. He looks a bit…rushed.

  • kupomogli

    The regular Tifa. She looks so sexy in these pictures. She’s always been my favorite video game female, though.

  • cowcow

    I guess I’m the only one sick of the Tales art design. Come up with something different NAMCO….

  • omgomgogm XD this is great , defnatly vincent and sephi XD !

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