Ubisoft Passing On No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise

By Ishaan . November 20, 2009 . 3:39pm


While Marvelous is publishing No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise in Japan, the game doesn’t have a publisher in the West. Rising Star will probably take care of things in Europe, but Ubisoft, the game’s publisher in North America, confirmed to G4TV that they won’t be publishing the high-definition upgrade there.


Since No More Heroes already has an English translation, maybe Ignition can safely publish this without Entalize destroying the script in the process?


Spencer’s note: Even though Ubisoft won’t be bringing it here, I’m confident another publisher will pick up No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise.

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  • I’d be looking at ATLUS or XSeed for your salvation here.

    • Ereek

      While that would be nice, I’m betting on Ignition. How unfortunate.

      • Mmmmmmm…dunno about that. ATLUS would probably be a safe bet and there is talk going on the forums right now on this. I would assume if enough people were interested they might very well jump on it.

        I mean ATLUS has been in a bit of a drought for games as of late.

    • vegalta


      • Ereek

        I’m going to go out on a limb here and mention he said “your salvation.”

        Ignition might get the game to us, but that doesn’t mean they’ll get the game to us in good condition. As mentioned in the article, there’s always a chance that they’ll hand it over to Entalize, something bad for all of us.

        • But like Ishaan said, theres already an English translation, they can’t screw that up. Its just an Hi-def port of the game originally from the Wii.

  • shion16

    dammit i didnt expect that

  • xemnas

    I’ts becoming much much harder to be a fan of Japanese games…No Vesperia stateside, Graces up in the air..and now we may not get one of the trippiest wii games ever?

  • Code

    Personally I was always surprised Capcom didn’t localize NMH originally, they did Killer 7, but then Ubisoft jumped in. rar, I’m confident someone picks it up, seriously the game was definitely far more successful here then it ever was in Japan, it seems pointless to even make a port to the 360/PS3 without plans on NA release. My only hope is it’s a company that will put in the leg work to keep the quality of it equal to that of the Wii’s translation and VA (come to think of it, Grasshopper handled the english VA’s too didn’t they?). Also rar if someone else does it hopefully they won’t bumble the damn release like Ubisoft did, I had to wait for like over a month past the release for it to arrive here, two provinces away! *crosses arms* Ubisoft failed me for being so close by zpz;

  • ryne11

    When this does get a US release, I hope the PS3 version gets blood added back in

    • Kris

      I agree, but that’s a maybe on top of an if, unfortunately.

  • TTTT

    maybe EA? what was the relationship that developed between Grasshopper and EA I forgot.

  • Aoshi00

    I pray it is anyone but Ignition, while we should be thankful for them localizing the games, they’ve all turned out to be horrible to mediocre at best. Imagine listening to the awesome Travis (Nakai Kazuya) saying something and the Eng. sub says something different, or w/ things condensed or omitted due to laziness. The censoring of blood in the PS3 version is silly too, hope that would be rectified when/if the US version comes out. If not, I would skip all the agonizing and just import it on the 360. I don’t know if it was the Wii remote that put me off, or the lack of Eng. subtitles in the Wii game, now I’m very pumped about this w/ upgraded graphics and Jpn dub.

  • nyobzoo

    I’m sure it’ll makes it’s way to the US. and if there’s a small chance that it doesn’t It’s import friendly.

  • MadMirko

    Can’t blame them. Ports almost always do worse than the original, and this one has one of the main draws removed, and is extremely late.

  • i sure hope so although ive played it on the wii id love to see it on ps3

  • jarrodand

    I’m a little shocked honestly, I figured Ubi would be all over the ports?

  • maybe Ignition? ¿?

  • puchinri

    If whoever picks it up doesn’t keep the seiyuu and add subs, they lose half the point of bringing it over, anyway.

    Some of the graphics look okay, some parts look funny to me. But some of the girls’ new outfits are certainly interesting.

    But really, no seiyuu, mostly no point. Well, I guess for everyone who doesn’t have a Wii, it’d be good. (But that’s still taking away most of the fun…)

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