Nintendo DSi XL Is Larger Than You Think

By Ishaan . November 22, 2009 . 11:50am


Holy crap, look at the size of that thing. It’s like a monster. I know some of our readers have been considering buying a DSi LL to play at home, so head over to Jin115 and Impress Watch, and take a good look at what you’ll be investing in.


Ishaan’s note: Jin115 is worth checking out for the hilarious ASCII art alone.

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  • malek86

    Alright, let’s suppose I understand the need to increase the screen size (I actually don’t but whatever)… even so, was there really a need to make the stylus bigger than a lapis?

    • The system is geared mostly at older folks who have trouble reading on the smaller screens. I’d assume the larger stylus is more comfortable to hold, too.

    • I have two oversized pens myself. They’re much more comfortable to play with, and since the DS is always in my purse, there’s no issue about not being able to have a place to carry it.

      Now that I see how large that thing (DSi LL) I’m reconsidering buying it as a replacement for when my lite kicks the bucket. I may like the size, but not too sure how portability plays out for me.

    • Aoshi00

      I bought a bigger stylus before as well as my reserve, your hands could really get cramped w/ the toothpick w/ some games. I kind of expected how big it is since they did say the screen size is 2X Lite and 1.7X DSi, seeing this still kind of makes me want this, I’ve seen the Nintendo grandma commercial before, it’s big enough for her kids and grandkid to stand behind her to watch, lol. The round edges really makes it look like an electronic dictionary. Would this be one of the items that P-A considers having a huge discount for :)? I can just imagine being much more comfortable playing Professor Layton w/ this. This is really something you put on the desk or on your lap.

  • robopon360

    I’m going to be buying this just because it has round edges.

    • thaKingRocka

      did you also buy every previous ds model?

  • UnleashTheCasey

    It’s bigger than a PSP phat. CLOSED.

    When it’s open, it could eat it whole.

    • My point exactly. People complained the DS Phat was huge and ugly. Then Nintendo gave us the DSlite. It sold millions. The DSi was slightly larger. Just slightly. It sold millions.

      Now the DSi LL is massive. Will it sell millions? I don’t know.

      Something tells me that the DS has gone through too many hardware iterations in too short of a time.

      People complain about the DSlites 3″ screen. Why? Remember Gameboy? Any iteration. That screen was ITTY.

      • pressstart

        Well, the DSi XL isn’t exactly ugly like the original DS though. I’m pretty sure the aesthetics matter more to the casual people than screen size.

  • Ereek

    Wow, it is large. That’s almost too big, my light is perfect for my hands.

    Edit: Oh my god at the Kutaragi ascii. This man’s a genius.

    • Yes! It’s the spitting image of Kutaragi!

  • what the!?

  • rinshu

    Im buying one the day it launches in the US. The DS screen has always strained my eyes a bit so a larger screen is a dream come true for me. And just as mentioned above 99.9% of my DS gaming is at home so I dont need it to fit in my pocket, and I always have my old DSlite for when I do travel. Win/Win for me.

    • Aoshi00

      I’m in the same boat as you, waiting for it to hit US shores. I wish they would’ve come out w/ this for the DSi in the first place…

    • JeremyR

      Ditto. I love the DS’s library, but I hate the DS’s hardware, because the DSLite’s screen is just too small for me.

      I don’t think this will be that big. I have one of those clamshell cases for the PSP, I think this will probably be about the same size

    • I too will get one I will trade in my DSi for this one.

    • gar3

      Like everyone else, I agree 100%. Between eye strain with the DSLite and me playing handhelds at home all of the time, the DSi LL was made for people like us in mind. Can’t wait to pick one up when it launches in the US.

  • Pichi

    That might be a little too big for me. I still use my DS Phat, so if I get this, I’ll use it for home and the Phat for on the go.

  • kupomogli

    omfgwtf O_O

  • Tokyo Guy

    Indeed the machine is HUGE. When I saw the in-store display (like that in the picture above) I was horrified. I purchased the DSi LL this past Saturday nonetheless, but to be quite honest, I am still a bit disgusted.First off, it’s WAY too big. And heavy. And bulky. Sony managed to shrink the PSP Go down and yet it’s light and the screen is still larger than the DSi LL (or am I wrong?). Nintendo’s console is literally the size of an electronic dictionary, yet all it does is the same thing that the DSi does.I’m a bit lost as to why the machine is so heavy, and why it’s so thick. I fail to believe that LCD screens require that much space and weight.As a word of caution to those interested, PLEASE take a look at the thing BEFORE you buy it. The pictures are one thing, but when you actually see it in real life you may change your mind.

    Also, I purchased the Wine Red version, but strongly dislike the coating Nintendo used. The top is glossy, but all the other surfaces are unpolished and the underside in particular, is grainy. It’s similar to the Metalic Blue DSi, though I’m not sure if many of you have seen it because it may be Japan only. The color is also hideous (why couldn’t they have replicated the wonderful DSi Red color?) though the white and black (“brown”) variants aren’t really any better.

    • Aoshi00

      Disgusted is a bit strong isn’t it haha. So the wine red color doesn’t as look as hot as the picture and they go back to glossy like the DS Lite again? What I liked about the DSi was the matte finish, I actually prefer holding a surface like that since it gives a better grip. I know it’s heavy and bigger, but it’s thicker as well? From this angle and commercial it looks thinner.. Do they have the LL size protective film available yet? and a new pouch to go w/ it :(… So far I’ve bought a new pouch for every one of my DS, Lite, and DSi (not to mention two pouches there were way too thin and unusable..)

      • Tokyo Guy

        Yes, perhaps that was a bit strong. But IMHO it actually goes back to the original DS design in terms of ugliness, which is ironic considering it’s really the DSi design. But disappointed isn’t the right word, because obviously I knew it was just going to be a DSi with larger screens. I chose disgusted because Nintendo should have done far more than it did with the unit, or else should have released this as the DSi in the first place. With all the extra girth and weight, why isn’t there a faster processor or better speakers or some kind of other functionality. As for glossy, the lid is glossy (and for the White and “Brown” models, the rim/edge is as well, not so with Wine Red) like the DSLite, but the rest is not. So it kind of looks cheap, because you have one “nice” piece and it’s as if Nintendo didn’t have enough money to budget for the remainder. I will say, on a positive note, that the camera is now UNDER the gloss (as opposed to the original DSi) so it’s not an indentation/cut into the unit.It’s a TINY bit thicker, at least from looking at the two side by side (I still have my DSi so I just compared). But with the extra weight and size, it seems thicker for some reason.Also, I forgot to mention that the top screen/top piece feels very poorly secured when using the handheld. No doubt because of the weight, whenever you move your hands or shake them, the top piece moves. It feels like the hinges aren’t tight enough, and that the piece will become loose and fail to stay open. In addition, aside from the larger “Power” button, the other buttons are essentially the same size as on the DSi, which makes the whole thing seem unbalanced and disproportional. As a final rant, because of the low resolution games on the DS, many of them look a bit less impressive when displayed on the larger screens. It’s not really that bad, but whereas the DSLite was normal, and the DSi somewhat larger and thus graphical limitations more noticeable, with the LL you can clearly see the large pixels and whatnot.Yes, as is seemingly custom in Japan, there are protective screens and pouches available from day 1. Many stores have one/both at the register.On a totally objective note, I wonder how the sales figures will be for this first week. I predict decent sales, but judging from the lack of lines and the SUBSTANTIAL amount of stock many hours after release (at one of the most infamous game stores in Tokyo no less) I don’t foresee any kind of record-setting figures. Heck, some of the people in the small line I was in weren’t even buying the LL, they were buying the standard DSi. That is a problem in and of itself, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the standard DSi outsells the LL for the duration of the holiday season.My personal feeling is that, as IIRC someone here said, the console will be popular with elderly people (as it certainly makes everything easier on the eyes) and that it might convince some who have the original DS or the DSLite to upgrade. But, if you don’t care about screen size, I would be much more inclined to buy the regular DSi.

        But it really IS bigger than one might think. I saw the pictures and such weeks before the release, but when you actually see it in real life, then suddenly the size becomes apparent.

        • Aoshi00

          Cool beans! Thanks for sharing as always. I was wondering how much worse some games might look because it’s the same resolution and blown up (games w/ 2D graphics like Prof Layton probably looks nice), the weight burdening the hinge definitely doesn’t sound good. For the glossy cover, I’m not sure if they’re trying to skimp on the cost, maybe they want the bottom to be matte for a nicer grip, like PSP-1000?I remember people joking this is a DS for the older folks, I’m sure you’ve seen the TV spot, they got a granny joyfully playing it, screens big enough for her kid and grandkid to look over her shoulder and watch together.. Maybe I should be content w/ my DSi after all and just get a cover to spice things up, I’m tired of looking at the Blue Badger… I was really interested in the LL because playing the DS puts such a strain on my eyes, and I can’t play most games for very long, which in turn makes it hard for me to actually finish games on a portable. PSP is better and I could always use the video out if I feel like it.Definitely agree Nintendo should’ve come up w/ this as the DSi in the first place. As for the more bulky system should have more features, some say the GBA port should be put back in, alas it wasn’t. The only thing I don’t like on the current DSi is the power btn being very close to the screen and it’s actually not easy to press it to reset or power off.

          • Tokyo Guy

            What an excellent point- why wasn’t the GBA support put back into the LL? If definitely has the space for it, and thus we can only assume Nintendo is hell-bent on keeping costs down. Yet I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted a GBA slot in the DSi as, having sold my previous DS models, I now need to physically get my GBA any and every time I want to play older games.

            As a follow up to my earlier comments, I played around a bit with the Dark Brown LL a short while ago. It feels much better than the Wine Red. The bottom, while not glossy, is much smoother than that of the Wine, and thus comes across to me as “better made”. But of course the hinge problem is still there; I really don’t like that as you get the feeling the hinge is already on its way out instead of brand new/tight.

            I definitely hear what you are saying about the screen though. I’ve been using the LL since Saturday and then this afternoon, went back to the regular DSi. Wow is it small. I have terrible eyesight so, despite the fact that I prefer the former model, it’s probably best to stick with the LL to reduce strain.

            I also have the same issue with the power button, and there have been many a time when I accidentally tap it and the machine resets…the LL’s button is 3X larger…

            On a side rant/note, WHY doesn’t Nintendo allow you to re-download the games you’ve purchased off the network on the new console? Sony does, no questions asked. IIRC Microsoft does as well. Yet with Nintendo, you have to physically call/mail them and request assistance. Why couldn’t they just have allowed you to copy the games to the SD Card if both consoles are registered to the same account? So now I have to call them and get the $30 of purchased games transferred over…

  • Andy

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, no. I have a DS lite because it’s small, light and thusly portable. This is exactly the opposite of what I want in a handheld console. But I’m not the target audience. I hope the elderly enjoy it.

  • Ok, that is just too large. I like my portables because they are small.

  • I’ve considered getting an XL because I only carry my DS in a messenger bag or backpack or even coat pocket anyway, so portability is not a concern. I’d probably have to try it out myself first, though.

    • pressstart

      Same here. I just threw my DSLite, and now DSi, in my messenger bag.

      I used to play the DS at home exclusively, so this would have been great. Now, I’m pretty much on PC gaming (playing console ports mostly), so DSi is all commute nowadays. Still wouldn’t mind this either for the bigger screen.

  • More awesome comparison pics. I LOVE the manga one:

    • Aoshi00

      I thought I don’t like skins, but these are some nice ones. lol, he used vol. 1 of the Slam Dunk manga, where Sakuragi Hanamichi was crying over Haruko-san (Inoue later went on to design the chars for Lost Odyssey).That’s it, I’m ordering Love Plus from Play Asia!

      • Ladies and gentlemen, this is the sorry state of a man whose will has been well and truly broken.

        • Aoshi00

          Doh, damn you Ishaan the devil dangling the delicious donut in front of a mere mortal, here’s one step into hell. If I’m getting Dream Club and pay girls to drink and sing, I don’t think my soul can be saved :)

          • Too bad Love Plus doesn’t have a friend code function – we could have gone in double dates!

          • Aoshi00

            But we if we pick the same girlfriend, oh noes, orgy! I don’t even know who the girl’s name is, I just want to chase the one who’ve voiced by Minaguchi Yuuko, she’s been one of my favorite seiyuu for many years.

        • This is all your fault–your doing, Ishaan! When we lose Aoshi, completely, I will blame you and all your Love Plus articles. =P

          • But then again, maybe he’ll emerge a stronger man than before! We need to think positive!

          • Aoshi00

            It’s the Satan’s whispers I tells ya :) I’m walking toward the light now, don’t stop me lol. Seriously I just ordered Love Plus and Layton and the Flute.. how much I want a bigger LL (XL) to play the new games..

    • malek86

      Slam Dunk!

      Also, I think my EEE is actually only slightly bigger than this.

    • > manga comparison

      Finally! A size comparison my brain completely understands.

  • Still needs to be bigger. Maybe another 30 inches at least.

  • Whoa!!

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