Flight Plan Planning One More PlayStation 2 RPG

By Spencer . November 23, 2009 . 12:13am

image Seems like every developer has moved on from the PlayStation 2, but not Flight Plan, the creators of Summon Night.


Next year, Flight Plan and publisher Namco Bandai will release Summon Night Granthese: Sword of Ruin and the Knight’s Promise in Japan. The title is slated for spring 2010 and so far it’s the only PlayStation 2 game in that window.


With PlayStation 2 development dwindling down, Summon Night Granthese may go down in history as the final RPG for the PlayStation 2.

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  • epy

    Hopefully this one will come out of Japan. Unfortunately most of the excellent Summon Night series is stranded in Japan, not even fan translators pick it up.

    • The Remakes of 1 + 2 for the DS and the new DS one, Summon Night X, are currently being fan translated. PS2 hacking is just not very popular – probably because it’s not that easy?

      • Xien12

        It’s very hard.

        • Yeah, I guessed so. I’m just somewhat aquainted with DS/SNES hacking, not personally, any kind of programming related stuff is “very hard” to me, heh. But since you never read about any PS2 hacks, all translations you find for PS2 games are read-along-scripts and I read about all the different hacking difficulties for DS roms I figured PS2 hacking might be just way too hard. Pity though… there’s way too many great PS2 games which are never gonna leave Japan, since the good old PS2 is nearing it’s end. *sigh*

  • Trotmeister

    Is it known if it’s TRPG or ARPG? Probably the latter, but one can hope…

  • Xien12

    The main series is all TRPG. Most if not all of the spin-offs are ARPGs

  • darn this serie were so good at the gba, i wish atlus could bring this, or summon night X

    • Xien12

      Are you talking about the Swordcraft Story spinoff?

  • zweii

    Im still waiting for a localized version of Sacred Blaze. I’ve been looking forward to it all year.

    Spencer, if you get the chance to ask if this new Summon Knight will ever get an english release, please kindly squeeze in if Sacred Blaze does too.

    • Will do! But, I wouldn’t count on it. Retailers are barely supporting the PS2 for mainstream games and a Summon Night title would be niche.

  • jarrodand

    The American PS2 market is pretty much dead outside budgetware… even Atlus has moved on. I think Flight-Plan’s stuff would stand a better chance at localization if they did Wii ports too (like Baroque, Dokapon Kingdom or Sakura Taisen 5).

    I’m kinda surprised Atlus didn’t pick up the DS ports of Summon Night 1-2 though? I was hoping they’d maybe package them together a la Ys 1 & II DS.

    • Yeah I agree that Flight-Plan needs to at least get to porting their PS2 line-up to the Wii, it’s an issue already discussed to death, but it’s nonetheless still a thing that needs to be done.Well hopefully that’s next on Flight-Plan’s roadmap, because jumping to HD development would not make much sense, especially for a 2D-focused dev like Flight-Plan, unless they want to say, start a game on Wii retail and port to XBLA and PSN? While too big for WiiWare, 2D games like the ones they make should fit whatever limits the other consoles have.Just an idea.

    • jj984jj

      I don’t think it’s as easy for them to land Banpresto titles, so it probably wasn’t worth pursuing direct ports with most of the VA removed. I hope they give Summon Night X a chance though.

  • Xien12

    It’s not a matter of ‘moving on’, I think it’s more of a matter of the developing difficulty.

  • mooncalf

    I’m still kind of hoping against hope someone will pick up SRW OG for PS2, but I suppose it’s never going to happen now.

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