Facebook Files: What Do You Want In Zelda Wii?

By Ishaan . November 29, 2009 . 8:03am

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EAD3 seem very keen to reassure people that Zelda Wii will be more ambitious than the games before it. Perhaps this is in light of the negative reaction to Miyamoto’s prior comments about how it wouldn’t be too different from past games, but series producer Eiji Aonuma seems to have taken over PR responsibilities and has been very talkative of late, commenting on changes to the "series’ structure" and whatnot. Since nearly everyone likes Zelda, it was safe to assume people would have a lot to say on the subject. Here’s a link to the full discussion.


Fabio wrote:

Anyway, what difference I would want to see? Uhm, difficult question. I have some ideas in mind, but they’d end up making the series a lot less simple than it is now (not that it would necessarily be a bad thing). For example, a Link that actually levels up and has customizable stats. Instead of having the player grind, though, they could have him get levels by completing subquests. So, you know how you catch chickens and a guy gives you a heart container? Instead of giving a heart container, he would give you a new level, and you choose where to assign it. Might make things a bit less stale, and also allow for more replayability.


Laura wrote:

As much as I love Epona, maybe a move away from the horse? Take to the air, maybe? Or perhaps, you could have some form of activities that aren’t time/day dependent, like a modification of farming (bomb plants??) or modifying weapons…


Ishaan wrote:

@Laura: Haha, this is some crazy timing you’ve got there. Check this out interview from the Guardian: http://tinyurl.com/yztpmsy

Ray wrote

I might get blasted for this, but I’d actually like to see some harder combat. I know it’s a puzzle game, but it’s really easy to not die in the recent Zelda games…Perhaps a hard mode or something?


Spencer wrote:

I want a "cel-da" game on consoles. Blasphemy, I know, but I like the adorable Link better than the rugged one.


I really enjoyed Four Swords. The mix of co-op play and backstabbing was awesome. I hope Nintendo makes a mode like that with online play. Maybe, Nintendo could make a story about a village of heroes competing to become the next Link. Each character could have different characteristics like one super archer, one master mage, and one merchant with a dozen bottles. Something to get people to pick favorites and encourage different styles of play.


For me, it’s probably 2-player co-op. I think some of the things Square Enix did with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time and Capcom with RE5 are amazing, and I’d love to see the Zelda team try to incorporate a strong co-op element that actually affects the design of the dungeons and boss battles. They’ve already taken a step in that direction with Spirit Tracks (although, we don’t know to what extent) and it would be great to see them build on the idea.


What do you guys want to see in Zelda Wii? Try to leave MotionPlus out of it, since we already know EAD3 have plans to implement it.


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  • wat about my zelda idea i mentioned earlier here it is again The Legend Of Zelda and the chronos mysteryGenere rpg fantasy mild vilolenceDeveloper Square NintendoDescription The story is based on zelda and link before they met and what happened to theworlds that turned dark and transformed peoples memories into the abyss of time thanks toGalnondorf to posses the kingdom and worlds and its up to link to store back time and the worldwith his partners to destroy the darkness of galnondorf and his apprentices.But thats not all Link must go through trials to save Zelda and the World given to this he must find the courage and legendary sword and shield to fight.This game lets u navigate with a device that makes the game clear with many options in the game that will help u such as zoom in and out or reflection to show ur objective were u are and the target and many features like yelling and the character will respond whisling mini games and victory dancing or practice mode and unlockables such as costumes and items even diving off a cliff or flying and so much others so play this game and do everything even hitting on girls on free mode.Square would be perfect for character arts such as making link look more real like final fantasy and Nintendo for all the other things for the whole game like all the other zelda games.Platform ps3 or psp Rated TBy Lizy Walker

    make that wii lol

    • TTTT

      I have also thought it would be cool to see Square take a FF Zelda project on but I wouldn’t want Square to make the core Zelda game. I don’t think a Shibuya-kei Zelda would be very interesting but maybe something Yoshitaka Amano-ish would work.

  • i just want to have a more deeper story and also, i want them to keep the puzzles everywhere and when i solve them i always smile because of how cool is to solve it. And keep the game (storywise) long, and the world where link is big :D

  • well i think they should do like a wind waker only like twilight princess

    • Wow. That made no sense.

      • indyj11

        Actually Jackson, that makes perfect sense. What Lizy wants is a sea world like wind waker but with Twilight Princess graphics. So instead of acting like an idiot, take a second and think about what someone says before you assume that it doesn’t make any sense, cause you just make yourself look like a fool.

        • fallen


    • So like a cel shaded version of TP’s world and an older Link? Or TP’s world but with more sailing?

  • TTTT

    I want it in HD. Other than that, the ability to jump may be good.

    I played the first Zelda for NES when it first came out and loved it of course. I never played another Zelda game until Twilight Princess. And, it is the best video game I have played since getting back into playing video games.

    People often say the Twilight Princess was a disappointment compared to Ocarina of Time. I guess I should try playing it.

    • ya i agree but windwaker was my ultimate favoriteoh and they should make more unique characters like tingle the pirate and i cant list all of themand helpers

      y cant link use new weapons besides the sword and shield

  • Jirin

    Let’s have difficulty levels. Some people like hard games, some people don’t. So why not please both groups? Have an ‘easy’ version of the game with easy puzzles and easy combat, and a ‘hard’ version of the game with hard puzzles and hard combat. Or maybe an absurdly hard second quest like in NES Zelda.

    Although I have to say the *last* thing I want in a Zelda game is experience driven leveling. Having people be able to get stronger just based on wandering around fighting enemies works for turn based RPGs, but it undermines the challenge of adventure games. I hate grinding, I hate wandering around killing things randomly just for the sake of making your character stronger. That doesn’t belong in Castlevania, and it doesn’t belong in Zelda either.

    One change I’d like though, either go back to having hardly any plot, or have a less kiddy plot. If you’re going to have minigames, make them skippable. I can’t stand having to sit through these plot sequences with annoying obnoxious little kids, I hate having to spend two hours in the freaking first village before you even get any combat, I hate having to fish or drive some burning carriage through a battlefield just to move forward. Zelda should be about the dungeons primarily, like the original games were.

    Another change, let’s have items that are useful in places *other* than just the dungeon you found them in. And have some usefulness other than just the specific places an item was made to be used.

    • malek86

      “Although I have to say the *last* thing I want in a Zelda game is experience driven leveling. Having people be able to get stronger just based on wandering around fighting enemies works for turn based RPGs, but it undermines the challenge of adventure games. I hate grinding, I hate wandering around killing things randomly just for the sake of making your character stronger. That doesn’t belong in Castlevania, and it doesn’t belong in Zelda either.”

      Exactly, that’s why I said you should level up only by doing sidequests. That way, you can’t “grind” your way through, and it also gives you an incentive to explore the world a bit before advancing the story.

      • TyeTheCzar

        Despite the grinding, I think Zelda II did this exceptionally well. Even if you grind to oblivion, you still need to rely more on skill.

  • tsukasa1288

    More Midna. Best sidekick ever. Zelda games need more characters with an actual personally/story like her in Twilight Princess.

  • Give me something to spend my goddamn rupees on, so I don’t have to intentionally waste them to open up *another* 200 rupee chest which I don’t even need anyway.

    • We have a winner!

    • THIS
      I want the rupee system changed.

  • platomaker

    What I would like to see is, by entering your name as ZELDA you would automatically start the game’s hardmode where all the dungeons are hidden somewhere else.

    For a 3D game with a lot of detail, that’s asking a lot, but if you can deliver I’m sure the fans would be more than satisfied with giving incentives to play through the game again.

    …you could also remake that 4 sword adventure game as a extra wii disc ( console-handheld compatiblity that’s been missing since gamecube/n64/snes days)

    • TyeTheCzar

      Oh, and do what Squeenix did to FF:CC and make it online. Or just re-release the 4 Swords games on DS with Online functionality and *gasp* single-cartridge play.

      • platomaker

        single play cartridge? you know gamecube games were inscribed on those tiny discs that held about a gigabyte or so.

        In any case, the question was “what do you want to see in zelda wii?” my idea was the wii/ds functionality that was almost none existent on this console (maybe next time, right nintendo?) OR! they could just use four wiimotes sideways for a very clean setup.

  • TyeTheCzar

    First of all: Zelda needs to start going in a radically different direction, more like how Zelda II did and not Wind Waker.Numero Dos: Zelda needs an option for a harder difficulty (make it harder than Zelda I AND II, please)3: Reward more exploration. I want there to be as much exploration as there was in the first Zelda, when there very few obstacles to keep you from exploring Hyrule.IV: Emergent Gameplay. I’m not good at explaining this, but some examples of games that are emergent are games like Rogue, Spelunky, Deus Ex, GTA series, and reportedly Warren Spector’s upcoming Epic Mickey. These are the kinds of games that give you a different experience every time you play, I also think EAD should consider dabbling in the creation of random dungeons like Rogue and Diablo II.

    • fallen

      Completely agree about increasing non-linearity and exploration. Modern Zelda still has nothing on the original in my eyes because of this. (Wind Waker had some slight non-linearity and optional exploration, but the rewards were always worthless.)

      But random dungeons would never work, in my opinion, without casting aside the series’ trademark emphasis on unique puzzles. It would be depressing to see the same puzzle repeated over and over in different dungeons.

  • Reading these comments actually makes me want to go play some of the Zelda games I never beat. I always buy them (except Twilight Princess since I am Wii-less), but I either hardly play them at all or just stop abruptly.

    Why is that? What would change to keep me interested all the way through? Not even A Link to the Past was free from this horrid cycle. Only the NES games saw completion. *shrug*

    Just make it fun. I guess.

  • thaKingRocka

    i want a shorter game with lots of colors and some genuinely enjoyable exploration.

  • nonoko

    Something like Majora’s mask. A strong story, involving characters, multiple forms and a good difficulty. The “enter your name as ZELDA and get a hardmode” is a really good idea. I really liked the darker music and atmosphere of Majora’s Mask and I want it to make a return. A deeper combat system would be interesting too. Possibly when you receive a heart container (Or complete one) you get a skill point to increase your swordplay or defenses?

  • I wouldn’t mind the story being a little more non-linear and have voice acting for everyone but Link.Have some sidequests, not really minigames and collecting quests but ones that get to know the game world and people in them better type, especially post game content.

  • Guest

    The last thing I need is more single player games being turned into co-op experiences. Co-op Zelda is the last thing I want. I do love Epona but all this talk about flight. I want link to fly…..combat in the air with a Pegasus like Epona….or Link with wings…..

    I want link to fly dammit.

    • indyj11

      Like Davinci’s flying contraption from Assassin’s Creed II!

      • Guest

        ….eh something not as big. Something where Link can be more agile.Quick fast aerial combat would be awesome.

  • eliel

    here R my demands!i’d like to c Gannondorf have a playable side story (or is that to different,Tri force of power) and yeah maybe more RPG/stat building elements to the game as well as multi player like mini games like Phantom Hourglass, with the tri force pieces return…(i thought it was fun),or like 4 swords and thats all i got….

  • indyj11

    I would like to see a re-imagining of Zelda. Take it back to the very beginning of Hyrule. Start a more solid timeline and have follow-up games that build off of this new timeline. If done effectively, there could even be some cameo like ‘legends’ of Zelda within the games.

    For instance, say you are in a very small, old village speaking to some of the locals and they make a reference to an ancient legend they may have involving their town, just to perhaps link in the original Zelda I and II into the game, truly defining them as “legends.”

    Additionally, you could even have a side quest involving a special item from the original “legend” discussed in the town, but it’s not always needed, some of it could just be banter and story telling in a tavern or local market or so, just to liven up the story and the history of Zelda a bit more.

    But back to my first point, the re-imagining of Zelda. There needs to be a creation story that involves the 3-goddesses and the creation of Hyrule and the triforce. Also, it could involve an underworld or ‘otherworld’ and its creation by the opposing goddesses, being something like pride, envy, and wrath or something and the ‘dark triforce’ a reverse, or up-side down triforce of obsidian or something. The story could involve how and why Link obtains the power of courage. Perhaps the story could portray Zelda, Link, and Ganondorf as 3 siblings, originally all allies and the story of Ganondorf’s fall to the corruption of the power he finds from the triforce of power. The evil or enemy of the story could be the 3 opposing goddesses that are perhaps manifestations of Din, Nayru and Farore, there evil that was purged from them in order to create the goodness that is Hyrule and Link’s biggest enemy could be Shadow Link or ‘opposite’ or ‘Other Link’ an evil manifestation of Link.

    The end of the story could involve Link defeating or conquering his ‘dark half’ whereas through Ganondorf’s corruption throughout the game he becomes defeated by his ‘dark half’ and falls to the evils that overcome him, starting the never-ending cycle of the story of Link, Zelda and Ganondorf that is seen throughout the history of Zelda, through the ‘reincarnation’ so to speak of the three through time.

    Such a story would perhaps be best set in an earlier time maybe mirroring that of the Bronze Age to Iron Age of Europe, late prehistory, in which the dungeons are natural caves and perhaps monuments built to the goddesses and one that provides a link between Hyrule and the ‘otherworld.’ Another dungeon could lead to the ‘land of the dead,’ a domain where only the dead dwell and is said that once one enters they cannot return as in passing the barrier to their world, they become ‘one of them.’

    The world could be a massive world of terrain similar to that of Ireland and Britain, consisting of open plains, bogs, marshes, lakes, ponds, rivers, hills, mountains, snow-capped ridges, and sharp peaks. The settlements could be small disspersed settlements, small towns built up through family lineages surrounding burial mounds and santuaries that link directly to their ancestors. The larger settlements or towns could be tribal centers (mimicking those of the Celts in Ireland, Britain, or Denmark), in which are centered around large inaugural and ceremonial earthwork ringforts and hillforts made of timber palisades and towers.

    Such a story would be quite amazing for a re-imagining of Zelda and the successive stories could see Hyrule’s evolution through time, from late pre-history, to the Dark Ages, to the Medieval and late Medieval Ages, similar to how Assasin’s Creed follows the ancestors of Desmond through the history of Eastern Europe.

    The story wouldn’t necessarily have to be dark, but slightly less childish, it could still involve races like the Gorons, the Zoras, and others, but with images similar to TP that are more mature and ‘realistic’ looking. It could still have a young rating, not Mature, but at the same time contain powerful images of good and evil. It would be quite epic and a great “change” to the Zelda games.

    • indyj11

      Another good idea would be to impliment a camping system that would make for a more ‘epic’ feeling to your journeying, letting you actually feel the length at which Link must travel. This option of course could be skipped for those people that just want to keep going. However, perhaps an ‘energy meter’ could be implimented into the game which slowly drains while you are traveling from place to place and once it runs out you have to stop for the night, or you can choose to camp in certain areas where “stalfos” come out at night so that you won’t have to face them because the light of your campfire will keep them away or something. While in this camp though, you could do certain things, so that the act of actually playing through the ‘camping’ period is useful. You could start the fire with a flint stone that you can use with the wiimote and nunchuck and then once lit, depending on where you stopped, you could forage for food (providing energy boosts and health while traveling), magic bottles, fairies, rupees, flint, sticks, and feathers to make arrows (which you would also do while camping), and you could fish and talk with whoever may be traveling with you at that time (if there were travelers that joined you implimented into the game, say for instance Ganondorf before he turns evil) and groom, shoe, and sattle Epona (if you want to, it shouldn’t make you because those things could be done once you go to a town by just leaving Epona at the front gates where, while you’re in town she gets cared for). Anyways, all of those things could be done during camping, and once you’re finished, you could go to sleep to skip to the next morning. If you wanted to skip camping, once your meter runs down, idealy a message would pop up and say you have to camp for the night with the options to ‘camp’ or ‘skip’ in which you would just skip the whole scene and it would immediately go to the next morning so you could continue.

      I feel this would be a great addition to Zelda, changing the game even further.

      • ya zelda the game should be an adventure quest like the gameboy zelda

        • fallen


  • Goombardy

    I’d like to see a cel-shaded steampunk Zelda. Have the tools/weapons you gain be different types of gadgetry that you can upgrade. The basic use of the item stays the same (allowing the people who don’t upgrade to still progress through the game), but the power or the range grows or special effects are added.

    I’d also like the characters to speak “Hylian”. Gibberish, basically. Like in the Klonoa series.

    Having the dungeons be part of the actual story instead of a MacGuffin storehouse would also be nice.

    (The option to jump would also be cool.)

  • kupomogli

    I think they should go back to making atleast decent/playable Zelda games.

    So far, there have been two good 3d Zelda titles. Ocarina of Time was a great game and also Wind Waker. Wind Waker could have been a little bit better though. The only 3d Zelda I’ve yet to play more than ten minutes of was the DS game which I put it down and haven’t played it since. Other than that, Majora’s Mask was terrible and Twilight Princess really wasn’t great.

    Another option would be to remake Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening. If you can no longer make good games, why not remake or rerelease one of your best games(or in the case of the Zelda series, the best Zelda game?) That seems to be working for most developers.

  • genokid

    Combat style like ALTTP again… many magic items, lots of weapons, new swords/ shields… a level up system would be nice, but no “experience points”. What I mean is in addition to heart containers, add items that increase Link’s other basic motion capabilities, like max running speed, magic, attack, etc.

  • puchinri

    I just want more to do and more interaction.
    MM is like everyone’s least favorite (mainly because of the time travel, which wasn’t entirely bad), but I liked all the storylines and how you could pick them up or drop them again later.

    Having a lot of characters and land to actually interact with would be awesome. And more quests/sideplots. Not entirely necessary, not all of them anyway, but just more to do.

    And honestly, I just want to see Termina again.
    But that’s probably never going to happen.
    Going back and forth between Termina and Hyrule would be nice.

    • i think so too termina was a great help to link infact i like termina more than midna plus she made the story more fun and they should go back to hyrule because the story should be more about what happened to zelda and galnon
      the mystery and y does galnon have the same mark as zelda?

  • haroldkillbrew

    Spencer, are you gay? Cel-da?! Wow… Go play Wind Waker if you wanna look at gay cheesy graphics. Blahhh…

  • I want less backtracking. Having to go back to the same area only to take a left turn instead of a right turn two or three times got very irritating.

    Also, try to make some new items that we haven´t seen already. Master Sword and Mirror Shield are ok items, but why keep getting hookshoots or as in Twilight Princess, double hookshoots? Man that must have cost a lot of time comming up with?

    Also, please do not make us go trough the same area twice in a row just so that the first time can be spent collecting a must have item to progress the story as you did in TP. It made me so irritated that this along with all the backtracking made me never finish the game. I got to bored backtracking.

    Otherwise, bring back the feeling of A Link to the past. I haven´t experienced that feeling in either Ocarina of time or Twilight Princess. Don´t know why though.

    • platomaker

      Another idea occurred to me, its a game after all; one that’s already established so there really isn’t any need to go back in time or anything so whenever the new story happens should not be brought to light. It is irrelevant to what matters: “You’re a dude with a sword- where’s the next dungeon?” The power you gain should be subtle, in the old game only the more experienced players would know how much a difference one heart container made. NOW, in this new game the sword link has should slowly gain power on its own whether it be by killing certain enemies or collecting things. That can be decided later. Since the sword is such a valuable weapon its strength could be the key to having an easier time fighting.

      One other idea that just came to mind was, in the poster with the girl as the sword, what if you had to use the wii vitality sensor to stay calm so she can perform better? Any subtle change in the way you feel would reflex your swords performance.

      If you tie both ideas together, the more your sword levels up, the more it relies on the “heart” of the player. leveling up could be a double-edged sword, and thus optional…for the most part.

      • Nice idea.

        Powering up your sword has been done in a lot of the zelda games though. Wind Waker, ALTP and so. It even appeared in the very first zelda game.

        Made fighting easier :)

        Staying calm improves one swordplay is a nice idea. That should make it more interesting to see the players as well.

        • platomaker

          and the whole day/night thing would make a difference. like at midnight there’s a chance that the sword will start to shimmer in which case its strength is completely dependent on the players “heart”, allowing you to one shot certain enemies that you couldn’t touch before. Or against certain bosses the sword will shine before the bosses room, telling you (well there will not be any description explaining it- you just know) that if you remain calm and focus the sword will protect you (take 1.5x less damage when calm)

  • abasm

    I want a few things in a new Wii Zelda…

    – Puzzles that completely defy expectations, and are challenging for new and old fans alike. For too long, 2D Zelda games have stuck to Link to the Past’s foundations, as 3D games have stuck to Ocarina of Time’s. I want to be challenged at bit more.

    – Engaging and challenging combat. I see Twilight Princess as squandered potential on this front. Link gained a large repertoire of cool moves over the course of the game…and yet none of them were ever necessary.

    – I couldn’t care less about the overarching timelime; just give me a simple narrative with a few twists and I’m fine. What I’m more concerned with is…

    – Atmosphere. Majora’s Mask got this right. You FELT like you were in a living, breathing world, and you felt immensely involved in not only your character’s life, but the life of those around you. I want this sort of feeling again.

  • klarfis

    I love sakii’s idea of having Link fly.

    Also: remember all that social problem-solving in Majora’s mask? You know, talk to this person, learn his/her problem, try to solve it by talking to other people? That actually goes all the way back to the original Zelda, although it admittedly only extended as far as “give this letter to the Old Lady.”

    It would be cool if that came back in a new way in the new Wii Zelda. I’d like it if we sometimes played as characters OTHER than Link, to resolve some background issue that is hindering Link’s progress. For example, while Link is sleeping in some inn, another character would go arrange a distraction for some antagonists, to take place the next day. Then Link would find his path open when he treks out again the next day.

    It’s not that I don’t like Link. It’s just that sometimes the whole lonely hero thing gets tiresome. There are always cool side-characters in Zelda games; why can’t we play as them?

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