The More You Spend, The More Dream C Club Girls Reveal

By Spencer . December 2, 2009 . 1:12am


D3 Publisher learned from The [email protected] that selling costumes is *the way* to make money with Dream C Club, their hostess dating sim. Gradually, they’ve become more revealing. They started with sailor suits, moved on to tennis wear, and now they have a lovely dog outfit with plenty of underboob.


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Next month they’re going to release a salacious mecha suit, devil outfit, bondage wear, and a sexy swimsuit.


What’s interesting to note is the sexier outfits cost more real money. The cheerleader uniform, sailor outfit, and lovely dog costume are 320 Microsoft Points ($4) a piece. The mecha outfit and demon bikini are 400 Microsoft Points ($5) while the bondage gear and sexy swimsuit cost 480 Microsoft Points ($6) each.


Basically, you’re paying more money to reveal more virtual skin. A depressing thought considering the game’s virtual hostess bar setting.

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  • cowcow

    Such fail

  • Aoshi00

    sigh.. this is the reason I still haven’t gotten this game.. it’s sad indeed these outfits are not unlockables like DOAX. If you want to get all DLCs you probably would’ve paid $200-300 for this game, and the sad thing is I want them all! (well, as least some of the cool ones like Santa, school gym shorts, or private casual clothes, and now these..) And these definitely would spice things up since you want to replay the game to get all the hostesses’ ending, but w/ only the Apron it could get boring for the 5th time visually..They certainly know how to make money. Guess there’s no chance an ultimate edition would be out later w/ all the DLC huh..

    PS. that’s not even counting the new songs that they’re rolling out for 400 MS points each, and they’re actually pretty damn good >.<…

    • That’s true. With that much money you’re investing in this game you may as well save up for Real Girlfriend if you’re looking for a good time.
      Not a real girlfriend, but Real Girlfriend.

      Unless Real Girlfriend can’t dance and sing. On second thought, I’ll take Dream Club…

  • epy

    DLC used to be such an interesting concept for me, but watching companies acting like this makes me hate the whole thing… Dragon Age Origins, I’m looking at you.

  • UNDERBOOB!!!!!!

    • Aoshi00

      I still hold a grudge for them getting rid of the underboob in Arc Rise Fantasia, so lame..

      That’s it, I’m using my other $8 coupon and get ready to spend some precious Jpn MS points :)

  • So you pay more for less, eh?

    What’s next, $50 for nude outfits?

    • kupomogli

      Seeing a girl partially nude is actually better than seeing them nude. You’re always more excited when she has something on that’s really revealing and then once she takes it off, sure it’s awesome, but then there’s nothing else to see. It’s just the end.

      But seeing a girl nude is always awesome. Unless she’s fat and ugly, then it’s not. Nudity can’t help a girl who’s got an ugly looking body(I’m not attempting to offend anyone by this comment, just how I feel.)

  • Most ppl will talk bad about this… but we dont know what is happening in their houses… that is why we all love internet. I dont have an xbox so bleh and “D=”

  • nyoron

    Well at least that’s still better than the 1000 points per outfit that [email protected] charges.

    • Xien12

      It’s better than paying 20$+ for a real girlfriend. The majority of them are such moneygrubbers.

      • Hraesvelgr

        *groans* This is making its way to Siliconera, too?

        • Xien12

          Why not?

      • u mean 20$+++++++++++++++++++++? right?
        Though your girlfriend wont go and put some swimsuit whenever you want and for the time you want…

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