Facebook Files: What’s Your Favourite Ninja Game?

By Ishaan . December 20, 2009 . 9:08am


Ninja games — who doesn’t like them?


We had more of these back in the 8-bit / 16-bit days with Ninja Gaiden (the series that arguably started the craze), Shinobi and Legend of Kage. I suppose you could broaden the definition of "ninja" a little and include the TMNT beat-em-ups and Strider, too.


Today, most of these have been replaced with newer series like Tenchu, Muramasa, the Naruto (sorry, they get off on a technicality) games and more. So, my question is, which one’s your favourite? Which one did you find the most fun and why?


Ishaan wrote:

Mine’s Shinobi, but not the Genesis games. While I dearly love Shinobi III, I think my favourite is probably Shinobi on the PS2, with its amazing wall-running feature. Running on walls, jumping across rooftops and constantly moving around enemies this way made you feel like a total badass. I always thought of a ninja as someone that’s fast and efficient, as opposed to brutal, and Shinobi does a great job of blending that concept with the pop-culture definition of a ninja.


Fabio wrote:

Oh yeah. Shinobi on the PS2 is my favorite too. I actually went and cleared it with an average of S rank – I don’t think I’ve ever clicked "retry" so many times in any other game. Unfortunately, Hard difficulty is beyond me. It was also a pretty straightforward experience, with only really two buttons for attacking and no weird combos, and no puzzles whatsoever. Great stuff.


It also had one of my favorite gameplay mechanics in an action game. You know how today’s titles have bosses with a truckton of health, and you have to hack away at them little by little until they die? NMH, NG, GOW, etc. all spring to mind. But not in Shinobi. if you wanted to suffer, you could do it like in those other games. But if you knew were good, you could end it in a minute and with a single blow. If you were bad, you’d suffer, and if you were good, you’d end it quickly. Now this is what I call "rewarding the player’s skill".


Anton wrote:

If we’re grouping TMNT games in the "ninja" category, then I’m going with TMNT 2: The Arcade Game for the NES. I actually prefer it to the actual arcade game. XD Aside from that, I also really like the NES Ninja Gaiden games. They were tough as nails, but also a lot of fun!


Samuel wrote:

Ninja Master’s would also count then? Well, it isn’t really my favourite anyways, ahaha. Pretty good though :D


My favourite would probably be Nikujin, I wrote an article for it on hardcoregaming101.net a while back, and I’ll be writing more for the creator’s other stuff.


In any case, it really made me feel like a ninja, with it’s acrobatic levels, and high difficulty. When I won though, I felt DAMN good. It is definitely worth coming back to as well! You guys should check it out… if you don’t mind some nudity, ahahahaha.


[Next week: Who is your favorite new video game character of 2009?]

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  • Pichi

    One of my favorites are Little Ninja Brothers for the NES. Had a blast playing with my brother and it was good all round.

    Also liked that TMNT game NES if its the one I’m thinking about. Another co-op blast, just wish it had a save system of some kind!

    Newest at the moment, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm. Love the graphics and the gameplay was easy to understand. I like the anime alright so its looking to stay a newest favorite.

  • Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma Just started playing it and I am in love with it

  • Revenge of Shinobi deserves a mention for having Spiderman, Batman, the Terminator, and Godzilla as bosses.

    • Was Spider-man in Revenge of Shinobi? I could’ve sworn that was from Shinobi III. Man, it’s been a long time…

  • Probably Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword, I really liked all of the special moves and how you used the touch screen to execute them all.

  • Soma

    Facebook Files returns! =D

    I forgot to mention Inindo: Way of the Ninja for the SNES. That game was excellent. Haven’t had the chance to play it in years, though. D:

  • I would have to say Mystical Ninja Goemon.. I can remember setting up my SNES with that game and somehow, my mom decided she wanted to play too. The co-op in it was fantastic, and it was hilarious when we got to the town with the gambling, how my mom wanted to just stay that and make money. But it was definitely a fun game that I loved playing back in the day.

    There was also a ninja game back in the arcade days I used to play. I think it was on an SNK machine, though it might not have been. It had a blue and red ninja, and they were pretty cartoony looking with a long nose. I can’t remember the name…

    • Soma

      Amazing! I totally forgot all about the Mystical Ninja games.
      Even the N64 games were awesome. =3
      I wouldn’t mind playing those games again.

      • I wouldn’t mind it either… wonder if there’s a remake to come in the future… Or at least a good DS port!

  • kupomogli

    Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together. It’s the best Ninja game because you can turn most of your characters into Ninjas and Tactics Ogre is my favorite game.

    If RPGs don’t count. Ninja Gaiden 2: the Dark Sword of Chaos. Best Ninja Gaiden, best ninja game.

  • Jirin

    Ninja Gaiden 3 NES.

    I know, everyone loves NG1 and NG2 but people seem to have forgotten NG3 exists. Maybe one of those ‘too hard’ things or ‘I don’t like they weakened the weapons’ things. But all I know is, when I play NG1 and NG2 I just coast through the entire game except for the last boss that I tend to lose to the second or third form of, get sent back to the start of the level, and get discouraged and turn it off. When I play NG3 I have to work just to get through the levels.

    The 3d Ninja games tend to have such combo-oriented controls getting through levels is a matter of memorizing where the ambushes and trial and error to figure out what combo works in any given situation. (And the ‘tunnel vision’ camera control is awful.)

  • Ninja Ryuukenden/Ninja Gaiden on Fami/NES for old school. Shinobi, Kunoichi, and Shinobido Imashime, (and a mixture of Tenchu games :p) for more recent.

    • Kris

      Shinobi is a blast, but I haven’t picked up Kunoichi yet. I need to do that.

  • Oh, we’re counting TMNT? Turtles in Time wins, hands down. Game is badass, and I can’t believe that crappy 3D de-make it got.

  • Ninja Gaiden Black for the Xbox because it was just as good as the original Ninja Gaiden for Xbox but you could control the camera!!! Amazing game! I also used to love the original NES Ninja Gaiden games.

  • Chow

    Fond memeories of Shinobi on the Master System when I was young. I was obsessed with that game. Then there was that stupid pixel-perfect jump you had to do at the end of 4-2 that required you to obtain a certain ninjutsu if you didn’t want to redo the whole level again in the 99% chance that you would miss the jump. 5-2 was kinda terrifying to me too because of those dive-bombing enemies.

  • Cloud_ST

    Shadow of the Ninja for the NES,plain awesomeness.

  • Would the Rainbow Six games count? The first couple games, I mean. Especially in those stealth missions, you practically play as a modern day space ninja.

    The cabin mission in RS: Broken Arrow was one of the most intense gaming experiences I’ve ever had. You go in alone, in the dark equipped with computer chips to bug a couple laptops. All that while armed men with assault rifles walk about from every angle – you’re not allowed to even stun them. In turn, they aren’t allowed to see you or it’s a game over and sometimes your character’s demise full of lead. You also wear a skin-tight black outfit with night vision goggles!

    • This mission made me quit playing. The problem with it was that it was soooo long and you had to keep replaying it once you got caught… argh!!! I’d spend 30 mins just getting to the point I got caught, only to get caught 2 mins later and rinse and repeat… :(

  • TyeTheCzar

    Ah, Samuel, you did that article on there, huh?
    Well tell the people over there to get to work on a Touhou expose! I’ve been waiting for far too long on something like that. Oh, and if you or anyone on there disses the music like someone did in Genso Senki….*shakes fist*

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