Shiny New Ar Tonelico III Trailer Is Loaded With Costumes

By Spencer . January 7, 2010 . 1:12am

Pay attention to this Ar Tonelico III trailer and you’ll see Saki and Finnel play dress up. Costumes aren’t just cosmetic, they can affect the battle performance of Reyvateils. The two heroines can change even more after you dive into their cosmospheres. Saki and Finnel have guiding personalities inside with different characteristics.


These personalities are more than characters to talk to. You can turn into them. Here’s Saki donning her protective Sakia-Rumei side.




Aoto and Tatsumi, two of the playable male characters, can’t cosplay. But, they have swords and… hoverboards to use in battle.



Ar Tonelico III comes out on January 28 in Japan. Thanks for sending us the link to the video, Alex!

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  • Sucks that we’ll probably have to wait until next year to play this one in english.

    Also, I dub this game “Tales of Tonelico”. Who wants to bet the game will feature the “LMBS” logo somewhere in the game/manual?

    EDIT: I also wonder how likely it is that we’ll see a Japanese demo by the end of this month? That would be nice.

  • aushe

    January 28 not 29

  • badmoogle

    Lol,too much crying.:p

  • 311

    Man the previous ones are actually still part of my collection, I guess if I dont import it Ill wait, unless its a year away

  • Xeahnort
    • 831Son

      Interesting, even though mentioning Cocona is kinda spoilerish. Also, weren’t those posted on GameFaqs yesterday? Hope you weren’t stealing.

      • Ereek

        They’ve been all over the Internet at this point. Though, I agree, that is a bit too spoilerish. It really should be edited.

      • BlueBlazer

        PVs are something that companies throw to us just to watch things about the game we want, THEY MAKE IT and they release it, a guy just “stole” it from the official web page(or from youtube) and posted it on gamefaqs, the same on siliconera. Did you think that gamefaqs made the the PV?

        • dv8shun

          I’m pretty sure 831Son was talking about the scans and not the PV.

  • They had me at costumes… I’m such a sucker for costumes!

  • vrakanox

    Definately getting this. I don’t know if I will get it as an import or wait for the english version though. We really aren’t getting enough big RPGs over here. I mean we haven’t got Tales of Vesperia or Tales of Graces yet.

    Also the dudes at 3:48 look badass.

  • Saturnus

    can’t wait for this, looks pretty good

    anyone else really enjoy the music too?

    • Ereek

      Ar tonelico is all about the music. I’d be shocked if the Gust Sound Team did anything less than amazing with it in Ar tonelico. They seem relieved to do music in a different style than what they do in Atelier games.

  • Joanna

    the dress-up part reminds me of FFX-2 XD

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