New Pokémon Game Confirmed For Nintendo DS

By Ishaan . January 28, 2010 . 11:59pm


Nintendo’s investor meeting transcript for Q3 2009 isn’t up yet, but the teasers are already starting to trickle in. As some of our readers know, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has a habit of teasing some manner of new information each time he meets publicly with his investors, and this time he seems to have confirmed a new Pokémon for the DS.


Gpara report that the game will be a new Pokémon RPG developed by Game Freak, scheduled for release sometime in 2010. No further details were mentioned, and neither was it specified whether the game is being developed for the DS Lite or the DSi. The information is further confirmed on the Pokémon site.


Since details are scarce at the moment and all we have to go on is that Game Freak were looking to hire a 3D modeler last year, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves1 and keep expectations in check.


1. Oh, who am I kidding. New Pokémon!!! Laura said she visualized the announcement looking like the “I am Iron Man” scene from the movie, which wouldn’t surprise me in the least.


Image sourced from Aminako’s Pokémon fan art.

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  • Woot looks like this is going to be my next game on the DSi or DS lite

  • epy

    So glad I never got into this whole Pokemon thing. This is the JRPG version of Madden.

    • ZeroBlitz

      They release two [new] pokemon games with a new setting/story every four years or so… and a third game with that setting, modified story and some new additions for those that skipped the other two.

      It’s pretty much the standard sequel waiting period and most people only get one game from each ‘generation’. You make it sound like it’s a game a year…

    • I don’t think any JRPG series reaches Madden level. It’s in a league of it’s own.

      Yellow (not including Stadium, Rumble and the like) was the last Pokemon game I played. Maybe I’ll jump in again with this. Can’t just quit you, Jigglypuff.

    • kupomogli

      Aside from the yearly thing, Epy is right. You could always compare Pokemon to Street Fighter if Madden doesn’t really counter. Street Fighter is a series where there are minor adjustments with it and it’s called a new game, sometimes a little bit more major adjustments.

      So anyways. First Pokemon game I played was Blue. Loved it. It’s not a bad game actually if you havent played it before. Then I played silver. The setting and Pokemon were different, but that doesn’t really matter. It felt I was playing through the exact same game. Even the story was the exact same pretty much. Pokemon had different names, but don’t worry, they’re the exact same Pokemon you used previously with different names and different looks.

      So I decide to skip pretty much every Pokemon and Diamond/Pearl have Wifi. Graphics are upgraded, I decide to get back into the series because I’m more of a competitive type person. It’s been this long but the storyline being boring and exactly the same, again the same Pokemon with different names and looks. I make it to and defeat the Gym Leader to get the seventh badge and put the game away for good. I really wanted to keep going and create what I’d think would be the best Pokemon team to play online, but it just bored me out of my mind. I also heard afterwards that the majority of people were cheating getting Super Pokemon on there with unaquireable stats. So I thought if I lost to one of those would just piss me off. Didn’t really care after all.

      Playing people with super powerful Pokemon is like playing a random wifi match on Jump Ultimate Stars where somehow three people get in the same game together and team up on one player and then just sit there and time out so each get a win. The only difference is that you “can” win and it’s atleast one out of 10/15 matches that happens(I think they’re in the same area and then they all join wifi at the same time or something.)

  • ZeroBlitz

    I haven’t played much since Silver/Gold/Crystal (though I started Platinum and intend to get back to it…) but this is definitely good news.

  • GoemonEbis

    Im predicting that it will be DSI only. What better way to force people to upgrade than making a Pokemon game DSI only?

    • Jaxx-Leviathan

      Indeed that’d probably pull a few more DSI’s off the shelves, quite a plausible hypothesis.

    • TomSkylark

      The press release on the official site lists the “Hardware” as “Nintendo DS.” Although I could see this as a tactic to sell the DSi, and a particularly mean-spirited one, it seems that other interviews with the good folks at Nintendo have confirmed this will be on the trust ol’ DS. I’m a bit surprised, myself.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Must… keep… inner 12-year old… Pokémon fanboy… in check!

  • Speculation time! Are they going to overhaul the battle system?

    I’d love to see them evolve the standard turn-based battles, but I don’t know how they’d do that without alienating the younger crowd. Perhaps provide an alternative battle system that isn’t turn-based, and you can toggle freely between the two? That could get awfully complicated online though…

    It’d also be nice to be able to run your own gym and have other players visit it to challenge you and vice-versa.

    • You totally ripped that gym idea out of someone on NeoGAF… Not that I care because it’d be awesome!Or maybe you just happened to have the same idea… ?Anyways I’m beggining to think it might not be the next-gen Pokémon…It’d be too weird for Nintendo, I mean, TWO 3D Mario platformers, TWO Pokémon generations, and TWO RPGs made by some of the best devs out there and all on the SAME console generation?

      • Haha, I know I don’t express it on the site very often, but Pokémon is one of the reasons I got into RPGs in the first place. The gym thing used to get discussed like crazy back when the Pokémon channels on IRC were still popular. You should hang out on Serebii’s forums sometime, too. XD

        I’m sure this will be the next generation of Pokémon. You’re forgetting two Zeldas and two Metroids, too. ;)

        • I’ve never been a HUGE Pokémon fanatic, I do enjoy the games and they have that certain Nintendo charm to them that I can’t resist, but never quite enough to join communities about it.

          And you’re right about those other games…
          Well, if they’re going to launch two games of some of their major IPs, then PLEASE, give me another Animal Crossing on DS and another Mario Kart!
          Oh and release Kirby alredy!

          • I must have spent close to 500 hours on Pokémon Crystal when I was 16 or so. :D

            Another Mario Kart? Mmm…personally, I’d like another portable version. I think I just prefer Mario Kart being portable and compact. It just…feels right. I was really let down by the feedback around City Folk, so I wouldn’t mind if they took their time with the next Animal Crossing and put out a game that was substantially better.

            Haha, Kirby Wii! I don’t even know if that’s vapourware or not at this point…

          • About Mario Kart, I’d rather get a portable version too, but hopefully with reinforced cheating and piracy measures, it really ruined the wi-fi multiplayer experience.
            About City Folk…
            I was one of the few(?) people that actually liked the fact that it was essentially Wild World non-handheld, sure they COULD have done more things but IMO it is fine… Though it may be because I was completely addicted to my DS when I got ACWW, so getting ACCF for my Wii was kind of like a dream come true.
            In fact I recently re-made my town and am currently replaying it, only I try not to accept gifts from cheaters :P.

            And I’m sure Kirby is coming(it IS on track for a 2010 release IIRC from an official release schedule that hit the net during last years E3).

  • thebanditking

    Another one, already? Seriously? We did not even get Gold and Silver yet. As for DSi only, hmm I dont know about that. DSi has no hardware enhancements over a DS Lite, the camera is pure fluff and outside of DSi ware there is little advantage to the DSi. Sure I would never put it past Nintendo to do something like that just to force an upgrade but this time it would be really under handed. At least before they had an excuse, it was moving from B&W to a color screen. I just dont know how many more monsters they can come up with, I really thought the well was running dry with Ruby and Saphire on GBA and some of the designs for Diamond and Pearl were really weak. Still Im not into PKMN like when I was 12-15, so I suppose the effect is lost on me.

  • luckgandor

    From the looks of it, this will mark the beginning of the 5th generation of Pokemon games, which is interesting because the original DS is already about 6 years old. Either the DSi is to the DS as the Gameboy Color was to the Gameboy, the DS’ lifespan just got extended for a few more years, or a successor to the DS will be released sometime in the middle of the 5th generation of Pokemon (which begs the question, which handheld system will the final major game of the 5th gen of Pokemon be on?).

  • Saturnus

    Uhm… Awesome? lol :x

  • TomSkylark

    The press release on the official site linked above, as well as other stories and interviews elsewhere on the internet, have confirmed that this in development for the DS, not the DSi. I’m a bit perplexed because this would be the most evil way to get people to purchase the DSi, but at least it probably means a larger install base. It’s still possible–though unlikely–this isn’t a 5th generation game proper, but something else entirely. But, at least it sounds substantial from the way the higher ups at Nintendo and Gamefreak are discussing it.At this point, I think Gamefreak/Nintendo are going to look ridiculously old fashioned and lazy unless this new game, if it is a 5th gen, makes some serious innovations in terms of gameplay, and especially in terms of how online works. Although I know it’s a lot to ask for an online experience mimicking that of an MMO on a handheld (though the new Phantasy Star seems at least similar)–and in all likelihood Gamefreak will give us the same game with new creatures and minor tweaks because they really seem more interested in making money than innovating their own properties–I’m hoping I’m wrong and that this new game will at least make gestures towards acknowledging the major changes that have occurred in the gaming industry since the first Pokeymans outing.I know it’s a lot to ask Nintendo to think that the internet does anything besides rape children, and Pokeymans is the most potentially problematic Nintendo IP in that regard, but it will be a shame if the online experience is still reduced to nothing more than friend codes and random matches.Also, I would be pleasantly surprised if the next outing used 3D models (as I guess that job listing might hint) instead of sprites. The no-detail sprite system is charming in its own way, but the DS can do a lot more, and even with around potentially 650 or so models and a ton of attack animations, DS cards can go up to what, 4 gigs? This is do-able, and its not like Nintendo doesn’t have the resources to do it…. and while I’m at it, I’d like a psychic pet dinosaur that can fly.

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