Who’s That Pokémon?!

By Ishaan . February 7, 2010 . 8:22am


We don’t know yet! It’s a GEN-5 tease from Pokémon games director and composer, Junichi Masuda. We’ll have to wait until February 21 to find out, which is when Pokémon Sunday will be revealing its identity on their show.


However, this version of the image is from Japanese mag CoroCoro’s website, and the next issue of that will be out well before the 21st. Hmm…it kind of looks like Knuckles…


…okay, okay, I’m sorry! Don’t hurt me!


Images sourced from Pokebeach.com.

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  • It’s a Jigglypuff seen from above!

    It actually resembles several Pokemon and Starfox. I like the more abstract characteristics of Pokemon than the ones that resemble actual animals.
    Have you seen that picture of Pokemon drawn in a ancient Japanese mythology style? Jigglypuff looks insane in that.

    • And Squirtle looked like he’d been half starved to death. Those were pretty cool, yea.

      As much as I adore Pokémon, I’m kind of…cautiously optimistic…about GEN-5. I despised most of the GEN-4 designs, and with Hg/Ss coming out, I’ve already got my go-to Pokémon game for the next several months. Here’s hoping GEN-5 brings back some of the charm that 1 and 2 had. 3 was okay, too.

      (I swear to God, if any of the starters is a monkey again…)

      • Saturnus

        It does kinda look like a werewolf, and I’m getting a bit of a Lucario-evo vibe from it… Though I have been out of the Pokemon loop for awhile this has sparked my interests again (School just gets in the way ;_; OF EVERYTHING!).

        I disagree, Ishaan. I really liked Gen4 designs, and I liked the early generation designs. The problem I had with early designers is that they looked a bit ‘plain’, too much like real-life animals and there are only so many animals you can rip-off to the point where it just gets repetitive (If that makes sense?). I’ve liked every Pokemon design tbh lol.

        Now I really want to go play Platinum or Shoddybattle or FireRed… but I have my uni app to finish and tons of French homework. I know what I’m doing next weekend :3 lol

        • Tell me about it. I have a bunch of stuff dying to be played but I’ve got so much homework to do…

          Sigh. Best year of game releases and we’re stuck doing homework. =_=;

        • dgmfan

          I’m getting a Lucario vibe from it as well.

          • Joanna

            me as well. That was the first thing that crossed my mind.

        • Joanna

          Yeah I liked GEN-4 designs as well. But I tend to like most pokemon designs, there are a few that I do not like, but I’ve never disliked whole generational designs.

          SoulSilver coming out in March is the worst thing for me, I have exams in April and March is one of the busiest months. Nintendo why do you test my resolve? T__________T
          @Ishaan: I like monkeys so I like Chimchar (picked him as my starter) :3

          • I find real monkeys fascinating, and Mankey/Primape are okay, too. (Pigmonkeys for the win!) Chimchar on the other hand… ><;

        • wharcraff

          As long as this pokemon isn’t bright blue/dark blue i’m cool with it. Do not want any Sonic the Werehog vibes coming from this next generation creature.

    • raymk

      lol i surprised that somebody remembered that stupid quiz test from the show. I though i would get to old for pokemon but i’m 22 still going strong with most of the other people I still play it with.

  • doubleO7

    Hmm…I think it kinda looks like it could be another Vulpix evolution.

  • Masengan

    To me it looks like a new evolution for Lucario.

  • Tofuuu

    pokemon breeding system level 2!!! vulpix x lucario — bow chicka wow… er, i mean… vulCARIO!!!

  • EvilAkito


    …sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • I’m of the party that thinks it’s the evolution of Sandslash.

  • It has to be Sonic. His last transformation in a werewolf.

  • Considering the image, wouldn’t it be a legendary for GEN-5? I mean, they show the box covers for all the games and they’ve all featured legendaries since GEN-2.

    From the silhouette though, I like the design. I’ll always be up to try the latest gen of Pokemon games, but I have a feeling nothing will satisfy me quite how HG/SS will.

  • its Mightyena evo

  • Pichi

    Something new or totally unexpected…

  • it looks like a ninetails, in 2 feets, and without tails…

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    It is possible that it’s an evo, doubt it’s a legendary. But I’m leaning towards it being a completely new kind.

  • evilmoogle

    Ssj 3 infernape!

    • Are you badmoogle’s evolved form?

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