Eroge Publisher Gives Away Game For Free

By Ishaan . February 14, 2010 . 10:03am


Eroge publisher and action figure manufacturer Max Factory recently announced they would be digitally distributing their upcoming game, se.kirara, for free. The news comes from Canned Dogs, who state that the game has over 100 CGs, not including minor variants, and an anime intro. Clearly, se.kirara is a game with a significant budget behind it.


On February 1, the game’s NSFW website was updated with a notice apologizing to dealers, distributors and even competing publishers that would be inconvenienced by the decision. In addition to the free digital copy, a limited edition of the game will be sold at 2,800 yen on DVD, along with a "Figma" action figurine.


To put things in perspective, Max Factory are a fairly large company that own the Figma brand, which is renowned for its detailed accuracy and articulation. Figures from every corner of anime and video game fandom including Hatsune Miku, Suzumiya Haruhi, and characters from Code Geass and Fate/stay Night, to name a few, have been produced under the brand. In fact, the limited edition of Fate/Extra, an upcoming PSP game from Marvelous and Imageepoch, comes with a Figma figurine based on the game’s version of Saber.


It would appear the free distribution of se.kirara is an attempt to promote upcoming merchandise based on the game — provided the game appeals to its consumers. It’s an interesting experiment, and one that will allow the game to stand out amidst a sea of competition. It’s easy to understand why Max Factory felt the need to apologize to their competitors.

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  • The Persona 3 figures Figma made were fantastic, but I’m partial to Kaiyodo’s Revoltech series if only for the Yotsuba line. Danbo stands proudly beside my screen here.

    Well, that’s one way to get around piracy – go right through it! Neat concept, but I don’t know if this tells more about the game or merchandise line.
    Also, is the free download “region-locked”?

    • Region-locked? It’s PC-based so I would imagine it isn’t…?

      • Well, you remember the time after that one game (forgot the group that had a big enough support to bring it to the UN’s attention about it) where some sites were blocking IPs from outside Japan.
        Just asking since I’m not sure if a few of those sites were still being blocked off or if eroge publishers and deveoplers were still being cautious about this type of stuff getting exposure outside Japan.

        • endaround

          Its likely not region locked and likely will have mirrors out in the wild but it may require a Japanese version of Windows to play properly.

          • well the download site is probably going in the official site…obviously and you can access it. I think i know what you’re talking about since there was one eroge company that blocked off IP outside japan. They didnt have free game download so i doubt max factory will actually block off their site from international user. “japanese version of windows”? not really, you can run program like applocale to run the game since its going to be a non-unicode application…something like that.

          • Pichi

            I remember what you’re talking about. The whole “Rapelay” incident and one company decided to be safe from it all by only allowing Japanese IP to come to that site.

          • Moriken

            There were several companies – and most of them still DO block their sites to foreigners. Quite nonsensical, really.
            Only a small number of PC games from Japan wants a Japanese Windows installed, but from my knowledge, I think it’s only minori games (ef, eden*) that are a bitch to install…? For most other cases it’s enough to switch the time and date settings etc. to Japanese, but most titles don’t even need that.

        • Yea, the name of the site slips my mind but I do remember a couple different places blocking off IPs outside of Japan. :(

          As kaishou pointed out below, though…the se.kirara site is accessible and that’s likely where the download will be, so I wouldn’t be concerned if you can understand Japanese. :)

          • malek86

            There was a time, last year, when a lot of japanese eroge sites blocked foreign IPs. But I haven’t had a problem lately, so maybe they relaxed a bit.

          • One of them was the company Illusion, creators of the game, and apparently they took the entire site down shortly after that:

            It was probably their decision after the result of Ethics Organization of Computer Software’s (EOCS) meeting about it.
            I don’t care or endorse the game itself, but it’s interesting how they handled this, probably the best way for them in the long run.
            Sorry about going off topic, just wondering if the sentiment was still there since it seemed so many groups were involved like the LDP.

          • Nono, I appreciate the discussion. We never did find out what the EOCS’s final stance on the whole censorship debacle was, did we? I remember reading about a few leaks from one of the meetings but not if a finalized decision was reached and if new laws were passed.

      • Aoshi00

        So this free d/l will be in Eng. or Jpn? I’m slowly d/ling the demo from one of the mirror sites right now (28%..), last time I couldn’t figure how to get the Jpn text to display for the Kara no shoujo demo for the life of me…

        • This’ll be Jpn. The game doesn’t have an English translation.

          • malek86

            Only japanese VN i have played was Little Busters. With a live dictionary and some copy-paste, it took me about 30 hours just to go through the final scenario. It was totally worth it, but I can’t say that I’d want to do it again… especially because this one looks like a very generic eroge.

    • Aoshi00

      I usually don’t care about figures, but I have a Revoltech Ingram (Patlabor) sitting my desk looking sharp, unfortunately Griffon has to go back into the box because I just can’t make it stand… I’m not sure if this is a Jpn or Eng. demo, have you every played Jpn PC games on your PC? I tried messing w/ the Windows Vista language setting but to no avail…

      • P.S: The girl designs in the image up there made you do it, didn’t they. :P

      • Most Japanese text appear on my PC with no problem, but I remember someone else brought it up at another site and I’m trying to remember how it got fixed. Maybe it’s like endaround said above and it’s Windows itself. Hmm… I have XP and I have different types of Japanese programs that run fine. I know there are different programs and software for general stuff to have Japanese text enabled, but for Japanese games…? Hmm…

        Ah, Griffon. I’ve been meaning to get one of those for the longest time. Truth be told, Patlabor The Movie 2 is pretty close to being my all time favorite film, animated and in general.

        • Aoshi00

          I just tried to install the demo, but as always, the text just appears as gibberish symbols on my computer. want to see if you can get the Jpn to display right? I can view regular Jpn text fine on my firefox of course, but not the game.. I hope I can find a way since this game is free, w/o resorting to installing Jpn Windows or something..

          (then click on the “taiken” zip file in the first box),

          I liked the Patlabor OVA/TV series/manga, but I actually didn’t like the 2nd movie too much, Oshii is always too talky.. the first movie was okay, I remember the 3rd one was also kind of boring (but then I’m just not a fan of the director). The OVA and TV episodes w/ Griffon were awesome though. Shinohara Heavy Industries, Shaft, JSDF, I just love the drama and mech for the most part. Movies were too surreal for my taste even though they’re drawn very well.

          • Same here. I asked a friend about it and he mentioned it might be the unicode, which I really don’t want to touch right now. It’s strange, but as far as I can tell my settings are as enabled as they can get by what’s already in XP and what was d/l to display characters properly.
            I’ll keep looking, but there isn’t much else I can find that helps :(

          • Aoshi00

            I like the European cover too, simple yet classy, wish the Jpn ver. would use the same one.. so they’re just giving you a piece of paper to fold the crane? I’m not even sure if the Jpn game would have Eng. or just Jpn, I don’t want to end up w/ just the Jpn track and a bad cover. On Amazon, the US pre-order is giving a free d/l for the prologue or something, so I don’t want to miss that either. I don’t like the Deadly Premonition cover either, kind of like “Saw”…

    • Landiur

      “Figures”? I thought they only made Aigis.

      • Oh, you’re right! Alter made the other ones (Mitsuru, etc.)

        I know they’re not very popular amongst fans, but I wouldn’t mind seeing one figure based on Yukari and Fuuka.
        Or, even Koromaru and Mara.

  • Now this is the kind of experimentation I can get behind, and I hope it works. I’d love to have the chance to demo/play more than half a game (a full game, in this case) with the option to buy it in its entirety with extras thrown in. It’s wishful thinking to hope this would catch on with more games, but it’s still nice to see them try.

    Ah well, since I don’t know JP, hope everyone else enjoys this game and they end up buying it if it turns out well.

  • ndjn3979

    Woah, what a bold move. More companies should do this, and I’m not talking Eroge. Great way to fight piracy.

  • tsukasa1288

    Last Figma I got was the Touhou Project Reimu one, though I am kind of tempted to buy the Micheal Jackson one next.

  • Oh nice, it will be good if you tell us when this is available to download Ishaan :D, or is it already released o.0?

    • I don’t believe the full game is available yet, although, Aoshi is downloading the demo. I’ll try to keep an eye on the site and let people know if I can, sure. :)

    • Aoshi00

      Yea, I d/l’ed the demo from one of the mirror sites, try this link man, but I can’t get the Jpn text to display though, help?
      (then click on the “taiken” zip file in the first box),

      • Hmm, I know Laura has Japanese games on her PC, but her Windows is entirely in Japanese, too…

      • Ill try downloading it, ive played a couple of games in jap and is ok, if the text does shows up, ill tell you how i have configured my language settings

        • Aoshi00

          Yea, let me know if you can get it to work. I rarely play Jpn games or any games on my PC, last time I installed the Kara no Shoujo demo and tried to change the language/region setting to Jpn but it didn’t do anything other than the date being in Jpn format, and this demo is the same thing. Maybe I should chk w/ my friend too, he imported a few Legends of Hero Sora on Kiseki games on PC.

  • Why do people figures?
    Like what’s the point of it?
    Is it to take pictures of them in certain poses or something?

    • Xingy

      It’s a hobby. Like stamp collecting, but more expensive.

    • I consider it like having a trophy.
      The meaning of that trophy, I’ll leave that up to you ;-)

  • Vino (Tim N)

    Ahh, Figma. I’m going to have to try out this game some time because I love figma. My collection is probably around 20-30 of them.

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