Only Three Virtual Console Games For Japan Next Month

By Spencer . February 26, 2010 . 11:35am

image Romancing Saga 2 is one of them. Another one is a quirky puzzle game from the developers of Retro Game Challenge.


Indieszero’s first project was Sutte Hakkun, a platform/puzzle game originally released on the Satellaview. In Sutte Hakkun you control a character that looks like a translucent snowman as it collects shards to revive a rainbow. He gets around by absorbing blocks to climb to higher areas. Adding color makes the blocks move. See the fishbowl with red paint? Infusing a block with red makes it float up and down. Seems simple enough to understand and since the menus are in English Sutte Hakkun could be a good Virtual Console import.


Here are the other Virtual Console games slated for Japan in March.


Super Famicom
Romancing Saga 2
Sutte Hakkun


Virtual Console Arcade
Moon Cresta

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  • Joanna

    Are there many games still left to release on VC?

    • Mazen

      Nintendo not much but 3rd party there are 1000s, Genesis SNES PCengin/cd NES MSX SMS these alone I think they have around 8000 games combined (MSX discs games could be in several thousands alone but Iam not sure) and the Japanese virtual console have maybe like 400 games now. at this rate we need maybe 30 years to catch up. :)
      also there is a possibility of adding new console like Sega CD (I want Shining Force CD) or PC98 or 32X.

      • Joanna

        I wonder if Sega-Nintendo is chummy enough to let Sega CD games onto VC. It would be cool because there were a number of games I wanted to try (Shinning Force 3 included :D)

        • Kunio_kun

          Shining Force 3 = Saturn, not Sega CD

          • Joanna

            then what’s the difference between Sega CD and Genesis?

          • Kunio_kun

            Sega CD was an add-on to the Genesis, the two worked together. Saturn was Sega’s next-gen [standalone] platform after the U.S. failures of the CD and 32X…

        • malek86

          Since the VC uses exactly the same games as they were originally, any Mega CD game would be too big to fit into the puny Wii memory. Same for the Saturn. On the other hand, the 32X used carts and should work fine, but then, there aren’t many games worth playing on the 32X anyway…

          • Mazen

            There are Pcengine cd turbo cd games on the virtual console nearly the same sizes of most Sega CD games.

          • malek86

            Slight difference. Turbo CD games have their size all used up by audio tracks. Those have been compressed, so the games can take much less space. Mega CD games, on the other hand… were mostly full of crappy FMVs. I don’t know if those can be compressed too. Or at least, I haven’t seen anyone do it yet.

            There are a couple good Mega CD games with little FMVs, but they are few and far between. And FMV games sucked for the most part, so yeah, the Mega CD is kind of not worth it overall. The only good games have all been ported to other consoles anyway Sonic CD in the Gems Collection, Lunar in pretty much every console ever made ever).

          • Justinzero

            @ Malek86

            Those versions of Lunar have never been ported to another console. They have been remade, the first of which many times, and Eternal Blue only once.

            There are actually quite a few good games on the Sega CD worth looking into. A few shmups like Bari-Arm and Robo Aleste are worth checking out. The best console version of Final Fight is on Sega CD, and there are some great RPG’s worth playing. Shining Force CD, Dark Wizard, and Popful Mail to name a few.

    • Kunio_kun

      – Joanna_T said: Are there many games still left to release on VC?

      – Really???

      • Joanna

        thanks for being a total ass. I only meant that since the releases are drying up if there was a lot left for Nintendo to release. Sorry for not keeping track of every game in existence.

        • Kunio_kun

          – Joanna_T said: thanks for being a total ass.

          – Your welcome! Better to be a smart-ass than a dumb-ass!!!

          • Not that you’re too smart since it’s written “you are” not “your”!

          • Kunio_kun

            Spot-on, grammar police! I usually mutter dejectedly to myself when people misuse possessives in place of contractions on teh internets, but I guess the end of my 84-hour work week has taken a toll on me brain…

  • Hraesvelgr

    Sure would like some English language Romancing SaGa 2. Well, there is always the on-going fan translation, I guess.

    • Justinzero

      Isn’t that Fan-Trans dead?

      • Kunio_kun

        Hit the ‘Like’ button for you not so much about your comment, but instead because it’s the first time I’ve seen your awesome avatar…

        • Justinzero

          Oh thanks!

          I’m a big fan of all things Lunar.

  • lyfon

    I’d personally like to see Harvest Moon 64 on the virtual console, eventually.

    • Justinzero

      Me too!

      And if they threw in Ogre Battle 64, I’d be even happier.

      • malek86

        On that note, how comes all the NES/SNES/etc. games on the VC have a lot of third party titles, while the N64 ones are only those published by Nintendo?

        There are at least a handful of good third party games that would be worth putting up.

  • ethan1066

    romancing saga was a good one …and it would be great to see it in virtual…

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