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Shadow Of The Ninja Sneaking On To Virtual Console

By Spencer . May 31, 2010 . 8:03am

Emperor Garuda plans on extending his empire to Wii’s Virtual Console.

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Darius Twin Does Virtual Console

By Spencer . March 28, 2010 . 12:29am

Darius Twin is finally joining the pool of Virtual Console games.

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Final Fantasy IV Summoned For Virtual Console

By Spencer . March 8, 2010 . 10:38am

Final Fantasy XIII comes out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this week. What do Wii owners in North America get? Final Fantasy IV.

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Only Three Virtual Console Games For Japan Next Month

By Spencer . February 26, 2010 . 11:35am

Romancing Saga 2 is one of them. Another one is a quirky puzzle game from the developers of Retro Game Challenge.

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Legend Of The Gold Punch-Out!! Cartridges

By Spencer . August 7, 2009 . 1:16pm

Punch-Out!! was an immediate hit on the NES in the West, but Nintendo wasn’t convinced their boxing game would be a knockout in Japan.

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VC Monday: Punish punks or partake in puzzles

By Levi . May 5, 2008 . 6:36am

Okay…that title is bad and I should feel bad. But enough with the Futurama references, let's get to this week's Virtual Console releases. First up is Renegade for the NES. The US version of the game that introduced the world to Kunio-kun, Renegade puts you in the shoes of Mr. K as he fights to […]

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Will Bionic Commando hit the Virtual Console? Capcom says no.

By Levi . April 25, 2008 . 11:56pm

Over at IGN, there's an interesting interview with Capcom's Ben Judd on the upcoming PSN/XBLA remake of the original Bionic Commando, Bionic Commando Rearmed. Sure, this might not be too exciting for Wii owners, but there is a bit of interesting information about the possibility of the NES Bionic Commando hitting the Virtual Console. When […]

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Virtual Console miracles of May: MSX, Front Mission and Neo Geo games

By Spencer . April 25, 2008 . 2:16pm

MSX games are finally coming to the Virtual Console after lingering on the Japanese release schedule since last year. EGGY is pictured on the right. You can see a bit of ALESTE, a vertical shoot ‘em up in the video below.   [youtube][/youtube]    Other titles coming to Japan’s Virtual Console include Front Mission: Gun […]

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VC Monday: Holding your Phantasy for Ransom

By Levi . April 21, 2008 . 6:34am

Excellent. That's the one word I'd use to describe today's VC releases. Whether you're a fan of beat 'em ups or RPG's, you're bound to be happy with this week's Virtual Console offerings. First up is River City Ransom for the NES, Technos' classic brawler starring Alex and Ryan (or Kunio and Riki, if you're […]