Only Three Virtual Console Games For Japan Next Month

image Romancing Saga 2 is one of them. Another one is a quirky puzzle game from the developers of Retro Game Challenge.


Indieszero’s first project was Sutte Hakkun, a platform/puzzle game originally released on the Satellaview. In Sutte Hakkun you control a character that looks like a translucent snowman as it collects shards to revive a rainbow. He gets around by absorbing blocks to climb to higher areas. Adding color makes the blocks move. See the fishbowl with red paint? Infusing a block with red makes it float up and down. Seems simple enough to understand and since the menus are in English Sutte Hakkun could be a good Virtual Console import.


Here are the other Virtual Console games slated for Japan in March.


Super Famicom
Romancing Saga 2
Sutte Hakkun


Virtual Console Arcade
Moon Cresta

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