VC Monday: Punish punks or partake in puzzles


ppl.png Okay…that title is bad and I should feel bad. But enough with the Futurama references, let's get to this week's Virtual Console releases. First up is Renegade for the NES. The US version of the game that introduced the world to Kunio-kun, Renegade puts you in the shoes of Mr. K as he fights to save his girlfriend. Perhaps not such a great game by today's standards, Renegade was very influential when it was initially released, and introduced many of the concepts we know and love about sidescrolling beat 'em ups. Second, we have Pokemon Puzzle League for the N64. Pokemon Puzzle League is basically Panel de Pon with Pokemon. But hey, that's not really a bad thing. PPL also features a 3D mode, which adds some variety to the standard Panel de Pon formula. The game also features FMV's, straight from the Pokemon anime. 


A fairly decent week, I suppose. Pokemon Puzzle League could be worth checking out for fans of Panel de Pon/Tetris Attack. And, I know it's been a while, but recent news has necessitated it's saying again…Come on Nintendo, where's my Earthbound!?


Images courtesy of Nintendo and Aksys.