Square Enix Giving Away iPod Touches As “Ultimate” Members Awards

By Ishaan . March 3, 2010 . 5:13pm


Square Enix Members is a program that allows you to register the Square products you’ve purchased in exchange for points. These points add up to different tiers, each of which is then eligible, at some point, for prizes. This time around, "Ultimate" — the highest tier — members are receiving 8GB iPod Touches.


The complete list of prizes are as follows:


  • Bronze—Special Postcard set, featuring artwork from FINAL FANTASY XIII, KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days and STAR OCEAN: THE LAST HOPE INTERNATIONAL
  • Silver—Desktop calendar, featuring upcoming titles including (but not limited to) FINAL FANTASY XIV and FRONT MISSION EVOLVED
  • Gold—Square Enix Music compilation CD, featuring songs from recently released Square Enix titles
  • Ultimate—8 GB iPod Touch and a Square Enix iPod Touch game of your choice


If you’ve got any unregistered Square games lying around, now might be the time to cash in some points to up your tier. Here’s a list of games that are eligible.

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  • kupomogli

    Looks like I have two games on the small list of eligible games. I wonder if the list was larger prior to this announcement(after the merger) because my Square-Enix collection is fairly large. However, my Squaresoft collection is larger, and my Enix collection consists of Dragon Warrior titles, 7th Saga, and Ogre Battle.

    Obviously it wouldn’t be before the company merger.

    • I believe it’s only games that include the card with a registration code. Space Bust A Move might’ve been one of the first.

  • I just logged in to my account and my frickin’ points have ALL disappeared (i registered Dissdia and VP DS). I sent out a support ticket and i got a response today saying that my account is going to be merged and will be fixed by the end of march. But isn’t the end of March the cut-off date for points to be reset anyway?

    I’m just wondering if i’m the only person that this has happened to. I registered the points (with email confirmation) in Dec 2009, and then i opted into the FFXIV beta. Then somewhere after that, everything went poof.

    • MrMee

      I’m ticked because it’s now saying that my account doesn’t even exist! I was a Silver member too!

      • yeah i was Bronze.

        apparently i had a SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS ID. and its NOT the same as a Square Enix ID….. which they just implemented this month.

        and before that i suppose i had a Playonline ID, which was their first attempt at a persistant online ID system.

        Wow Square, please get it together, and please credit back my account with the games i purchased from you!!

        • Pichi

          If you have an account before March 1, 2010, you can still get your account back. You have to make a new account and merge it with your old account to get everything back. They’ll have instructions and stuff to do it.

  • Simon

    How do I claim prizes? i dunt even know where that page is

    nvm.. so its like club nintendo then.. where they send you prize at the end of the year.. so how many points makes bronze? LoL from the list of prizes, I’m only interested in the post cards

    • Aoshi00

      I have 4 games from the list (358/2days, Dissidia, FFCC CB, & FFXIII), and I’m only interested in the post cards too. So I guess I just need to register one game to make Bronze?

  • Ereek

    How many do you need to own to actually have a chance of getting Bronze?

    EDIT: For those who aren’t registered already, you actually only need to have previously bought one game to hit the Bronze Rank. You need around 5-6 for Silver. All of the games I owned were “50 points” each (SO4:I, Dissidia, VP: CotP). So if you want to get a prize and are worried about not having enough points, it’s really easy.

    • I believe bronze is just one [console?] game. Just beware that all of your points expire or reset to bronze on April 1, 2010. So… technically you could hold FF13 and register it for the next round.

      • bobhoskins

        No go. Games compatibility is reset with the yearly resets. The games have to physical be released within the year to apply. Which makes FF13 super bitchy, since it’ll have the tightest expiration date. To register it later, you’d have to buy a copy that was physically printed after April 1 2010.

        And even then, it being elligble for registration is a long shot. The last time they did this, they swapped out the list.

        • Strike_Man

          Both Just Cause 2 and Supreme Commander 2 (360 version) are releasing after Final Fantasy 13.

          Also, I see nothing in their FAQs that indicate that a game’s point value suddenly expires once you pass the April 1st deadline for that point “year.” The site does point out the following:

          “Q: If my Tier will be reset each year, shouldn’t I wait until I see an Ultimate prize I really want before redeeming my Point Cards?

          A: Serial codes may be redeemed for Points at any time. However, individual methods of earning Points may cap at certain totals, varying from year to year. So even if you redeem Point Cards from 20 games in one year, we may have a cap at 18 games, based on the number of games we’ve released that year. You will still earn Points for those other two games, but they will not count toward advancing to the next Tier. We recommend redeeming your Point Cards as soon as possible to avoid missing out on any added value.”

          The way I’m reading their comments about points is that you CAN hold onto your codes to redeem them in the next “year”, but points may expire at any time (much like some of N’s codes that seemed to expire before the 3-year period), so you’re better off trying to redeem them ASAP instead of holding onto them for a bigger prize down the road.

  • I actually think I’ll be getting this. =) Excellent-thanks for the heads up.

    @Ereek: If I remember correctly you get a certain number of points per game depending on if it’s console or handheld, et cetera. Bronze doesn’t take too much to achieve. The site has a listing once you’ve registered. I haven’t been there in a bit, so I can’t remember offhand.

    • Strike_Man

      At least so far, unlike Club Nintendo, Square seems to be giving you the same number of points, regardless of platform. In other words, that $20 copy of Space Invaders will net you the same 50 points as a $60 copy of FFXIII.

      • Thanks for the correction. I was completely thinking of Club Nintendo with the different points.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    Maybe I’ll give this a go. I have tons of games I could register.
    Tons more of Nintendo games I could add to their membership program, but just too lazy to do.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Kinda weak prizes, I think. Especially if you hate Apple, like me.

    • Strike_Man

      I’m not an Apple fan myself either, but I’m not sure if I’d consider a $200 iPod to be a “weak” prize for purchasing ~15 Squeenix title in a 12-month period.

      By comparison, the “best” reward for a gamer who purchased 16 Nintendo Wii titles in the last Club Nintendo year was a copy of Game & Watch Collection DS and Doc Louis’ Punch-Out!!, which I’m sure has an estimated “value” of quite a bit less.

      Yes, you do need to purchase a ridiculous number of Square games to receive this “free” gift, but that will likely only be reserved for the hardest of the hardcore Square fan(boys). I’m sure the rest of us will be happy with our calendars and OSTs.

      • kupomogli

        So purchasing their entire lineup for the year, right?

        Also. Why isn’t Batman Arkham Asylum on here. I know it’s now owned by Warner Bros, but I just thought about that. It should atleast be on there because Square Enix raked in the cash for that one.

        • BlackFreefall

          Because the developer is Eidos and the publisher in America is Warner Bros. Square Enix is the the publisher of Batman Arkham Asylum in Japan.

  • BlackFreefall

    Does anyone know if we can post the same game twice for the same console provided if we have two different codes?

  • kenshinredeemed

    I just need 200 more points to get to the Ultimate tier. It’d be nice to have a new iPod for once since my nephew messed up my old one by trying to rip the songs off of them. If you guys just want the postcards and have some extra codes laying around, I’d appreciate some being thrown my way. Totally optional though.

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