BlazBlue Comic Cover Is Tempting… Very Tempting

By Ishaan . March 7, 2010 . 11:50am
First the artbook, now the comic collection…Aksys sure know how to get our attention with this cover art.


Sadly, one comic has 25 pages and seems to cost $15, which is quite a bit of money in my personal opinion. I mean, I paid a little over double of that for the 200-page Okami artbook. If you’re still interested, you can pick it up here.


A huge thanks to everyone in the comments that helped figure out this wasn’t the Daisuke Ishiwatari back cover mentioned on Aksys’s site!

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  • Vino (Tim N)

    …I want to know more about this 200 page Okami art book. :o

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    *drool* excellent… must acquire when rich and famous – or just rich. And yes, I will keep dreaming that I’ll ever spend money on this and not everything else sligtly more important to live.

  • Whoa, whoa. I gotta point out that this drawing is not by Daisuke Ishiwatari.

    I wish he was BlazBlue’s artist—because his work is leaps and bounds ahead of the dude who’s responsible for all the BB art I’ve seen so far. (I’m gonna be a superjerk here and admit that I don’t care about him enough to remember his name.)

    • You sure? They’re saying that the back cover is by him on the Aksys site.

      • Yeah, I’m sure. But you don’t have to take my word for it — Belisarius’s post about the comic ( ) says that the back cover is a picture of Jin and Ragna.

        • Yeah, Ishiwatari’s style is very different. Here’s a a cropped image of the back cover

          I’ve never seen this comic (other than auction listings going for about a hundred bucks), but the Guilty Gear comics were pretty funny, which I think were done by the same people here.

          • Kris

            That pic is AWESOME.

        • You guys probably know better than I do, since I’m not very familiar with Ishiwatari’s art style, but that post you linked to is the same one I sourced mine from. There’s a line that says, “Plus, it has a totally sweet drawing of Jin and Ragna on the back cover, done by Daisuke Ishiwatari of Guilty Gear fame.”

          • It’s just a misunderstanding then. When I read your comments and honorless’ I had to do a double take and say “huh?”.
            Don’t worry, I always feel bad then Spencer has to bring out the big pointer finger when I read something and think way off :P

          • Haha, well if you guys are that concerned, we could always shoot Aksys a mail and ask them to confirm. It’s a valid concern to have. I’ll check back on this in a few hours…need to get my tired ass to bed now. :)

            Enjoy the rest of the weekend posts as they go up!

          • derp derp genius me, I should have realized that just because I’m familiar with the characters doesn’t mean everyone knows who they are… -_-

            The two girls in that image are Rachel and Noel. (Jin and Ragna are male.) So that image is most likely the front cover, not the back.

      • Honorless is right. The image you’ve posted is the front cover, which doesn’t have Daisuke’s art on it. I BELIEVE the front cover art is from Mori, who did the art for BlazBlue itself. I can check when I get back into work on Monday, if you’d like.

    • Fixed! Thanks to everyone that helped figure this out! :)

  • Kris

    That front cover is certainly… interesting.
    But $15 is a bit too much for a 25-page comic.

    Edit: Also, the fact that Noel doesn’t seem to be wearing underwear is a bit curious…

  • ElTopo

    They pulled the same shenanigans with the blazblue artbook. 15$ for a 25 page artbook + shipping made it almost 20$. Not worth it. Aksys’s shop crap is all way overpriced.

  • thebanditking

    The Aksys Blaz blue promotion artbook was quite terrible (I hope thats not the one they are selling) I bought the official Japanese works which is fantastic. Also if you like art then the Okami book is a must, its absolutely gorgeous (Udon rocks). Also $15 is way over priced for a comic (how many pages is it?) because I buy most of my collected issue comics (mostly Batman) for 14.99 and I get 80+ pages of full color and B&W Mangas usually sell for 9.99 and your getting alot of pages per book.

  • masuto

    Well, I’d buy it.

  • Not sure if the price is still the same… but I grabbed the Okami artbook this weekend for $14.99 on Amazon! (Also: Hardcover editions of The Walking Dead were also $14.99) I would not pay that much for a 25 page comic book however.

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