Real Life Incidents That Inspired Heavy Rain

By Ishaan . March 7, 2010 . 5:03pm


In a Q&A with fans on the UK Playstation site, Heavy Rain director David Cage and executive producer Guillaume de Fondaumière revealed a few interesting tidbits about the game’s development process and the inspiration behind some of Heavy Rain’s scenes.


Addressing whether parts of the game were inspired by real life, Cage said: "There are two specific moments. The initial idea for the game came from when I lost my son in a crowded mall, so that was a very strong personal event. The second moment was when I was a kid I had my two fingers cut… so that’s actually happened to me and I know what it feels like."


In reply to another question about how the game emotionally impacted QA testers, Cage divulged that the finger-cutting scene in particular had been "really painful" to constantly play through, in order to make sure it was free of bugs.

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  • Tokyo Guy

    You know, this game is hands down one of the most astonishing, stunning works of art I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. I remember back in the 90’s when the Blade Runner PC game came out and it had a similar feel to it (i.e. a 3rd person adventure game) and wished that there could be more products similar to it. Heavy Rain really took me back to that time, and created so many new memories.

    I finished it within a day, primairly because I was glued to the TV for extended periods of time. I want to replay it quite badly but am somewhat worried that the experience itself will be diminished by replaying it.

    • Aoshi00

      Dying to get my copy… you got the Jpn ver right? I ordered that from P-A, it has both Jpn and Eng. for txt and dialogue right? If you don’t feel like playing twice in a row, maybe you could play it in Jpn on your 2nd playthru that way it would still feel kind of fresh, that’s what I plan to do. For now Bioshock 2 will do…

      • Chow

        I was expecting there to be a Japanese track with the North American release for some reason. In fact, I was planning on going through one round with it on, because the English voices for the children in the game make them sound “touched in the head” (which might explain the catalyst for the plot, if you feel like joking). Instead I went through with French turned on for one playthrough. It was better, but I was too used to the main characters’ voices in English, especially Shelby’s.

        • Aoshi00

          Yeah, I heard some people say the French dub is better too since Quantic Dream is from Quebec. I played the demo and didn’t see Jpn in the language option, that’s why I imported the Jpn ver once I cfm it is indeed dual track. Too bad they left out the French and Spanish in that ver… otherwise the more language it has, the more fun it is to playthru the game mulitple times w/o feeling repetitive.

          I’m pretty sure I would be more used to the Eng. voices since that would be my first playthru (& the matching lip sync), but the Jpn dub sounds really good too if you’ve seen the trailers. Norman Jayden has this weird Boston like accent though..

  • I was hoping that a real life incident inspired the leaning kid in the mall.

  • cool_games

    Hmm amazing how computer graphics got to this level… However it is almost realistic… Wonder if we will get to pass that almost hehe, its been like that for a long time, tho all props to designers, the game looks awesome and i think i will be getting one as well…

    • Ereek

      Crysis arguably passed the “almost” level. At the very least, it confuses some people when you put a screen together with a real life picture.

  • ahardrevenge

    “Eating paint and repeatedly hitting myself in the head with a hammer inspired my personal revelation that all other video games are an illusion and I have, in fact, created the first one.”

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