First Details And Artwork For The Last Story’s Setting

By Ishaan . March 11, 2010 . 8:49pm


The Last Story’s column on the Nintendo website has gone live and early details on the game’s setting are in.


The Last Story takes place on Luli Island, which is a small continent surrounded by mountains. The defenses on Luli Island are apparently preparing for some sort of enemy invasion. Lord Aruganan, ruler of the island, is in search of magic as a valuable source of power. Although the rest of the island is suffering from corruption and decay, the town of Luli alone remains prosperous and wealthy, as is it surrounded by a mysterious magic. Due to this magic, the fate of the island is going to be changed forever.


On the blog, director Hironobu Sakaguchi mentions that The Last Story won’t be heavily influenced by sci-fi. Luli Island is exposed to an abundance of sunshine and materials like metal are in scarcity.


Something to note: Initially, everyone thought Nobuo Uematsu would be composing for this game, judging by the very first piece of music on the teaser site. The music on the column, however, gives off a distinctly Yasunori Mitsuda vibe. Is it just me?


image image

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  • MikoXwind

    I don’t really like high fantasy styled JRPGs. While it isn’t explained to be high fantasy, the fact that it leans away from the Sci-Fi side means I may not follow the news on it.

    • I can go for either extremes if the gameplay is actually based around the environment. Probably the reason I don’t stick with too many RPGs in general is that the settings don’t call for any interaction besides the typical air/space/sail-ship, but something like ICO where the land becomes a character in itself. That’s what I’m hoping for based on the pictures and premise.

      • StealthKnight

        I don’t care as long as the setting is well done. Though I may have certain preferences, If the game is interesting, I will be willing to buy it.

  • MrMee

    Perhaps it is the Mr. M that was mentioned previously? Still not complaining if it is.

    • I doubt it. That person sounded very much like they were in a producer or director’s role. We all figured this game was being developed by either Artoon or FeelPlus (unless they went off on a weird tangent and gave it to Cavia or Racjin), and Takuya Matsumoto was director of Blue Dragon, which Artoon developed.

      • i think someone got from a press conference to the owners of aq interactive that artoon was working on last story.

        And does not the game artwork look very like chrono trigger?

        • jj984jj

          They didn’t confirm it was Artoon, but it is an AQI developer (so Artoon, feel+, or cavia). They removed the information though.

          • lostinblue

            Cavia is the one that pulled better graphics out of the wii from those (darkside chronicles), so I’ll root that it’s them doing it (and that they have access to that knowledge)

            Other than that… Artoon is doing span smasher and Feelplus did… Juon. Can’t really pick one over another.

          • jj984jj

            Can’t say I agree, although I was willing to give Cry On a chance I can’t say I’ve ever was any confident that cavia could make a good RPG, and the fact that the game was cancelled doesn’t bode well either, so I’m hoping it’s Artoon or feel+. And since I preferred the gameplay and art direction in Blue Dragon to Lost Odyssey I’m hoping it’s Artoon.

        • lostinblue

          Exactly my thoughts

  • its gorgeous ^__^ , mabe ill finaly get a wii when this comes out XD !
    Maybe Uematsu-san is busy?
    anyway song is preety.

  • thebanditking

    Well seems promising, love the art work and direction this is taking. Now to see what becomes of the in game visuals and the all important battle system. Not sure about this being Mitsuda though Ishann, it does have a slightly tribal feel but Uematsu is pretty versital. Mitsuda’s works on Xenogears and the Chrono games are slightly similar to this but this could also be Noriyuki Iwadare.

    • Yea, I was basing my assumption off the Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger soundtracks. I think “tribal feel” is a good way to put it. Either way, both of them are fantastic composers. :D

      • lostinblue

        Calling it a “Celtic” feel suits it better, IMO.

        You guys really should listen to Kirite if you liked those, you don’t know what you’re missing. ;)

  • BarnabyJones4evar

    Yeah, this has that sort of “Secret of the Forest” feeling from Chrono Trigger. Which has me excited. It looks nice…I’ve been sort of stifling laughs at the fact that the terms “Final Fantasy” and “Last Story” are essentially synonymous, but this does look somewhat interesting so far, despite the lack of any clear evidence.

    • In the absence of evidence, one must resort to logic. By finding the connection between two pieces of information and linking them together, new information is born. That is the result of using logic.Sakaguchi + Uematsu / Mitsuda + Nintendo…EUREKA!!

    • Moriken

      Actually, this reminds me of Suikoden III. A lot.

  • Simon

    I’m just gonna hope the Wii will be able to backup this kinda massive RPG experience and not limit all the fantasy it could have been if it were a PS3 title

    • Hraesvelgr

      If you’re talking about disc space issues, there are DS RPGs that are better than most PS3 RPGs. If you’re talking about graphics… well…

      • Update: Sigh, you know what…never mind… -_-

      • Simon

        i just meant that hopefully the art will look great on the wii, the environment the artist wanting to portray in the game. so i guess yeah graphics, just cause I have so many console RPGs on 360 and PS3 I havent played because of time, spending 40 hours, i should spend it in HD unless this story is really something beyond. Cause DS is different.. like I can take DS RPG everywhere so I dunt mine the graphics, but sitting in front of a HD TV is different.

  • Looking forward to this game =D

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    This is not just a game I’m looking forward to, I want this for Nintendo and the Wii. If last Story pulls it off, which I feel positive about, it’ll help prove that the Wii is not all about mini-games and waggle. It’ll hopefully bring back the magic of grand storylines and high levels of fantasy that Nintendo used to encapture me with when I was a kid.

  • fallen

    That artwork is gorgeous. It reminds me of 16-bit RPGs. You know, the good ones? (SNAP!)

    I’m going with this being another Uematsu/Mitsuda collaboration project. (If so, I hope Mistwalker likes giant piles of money.)

  • Aoshi00

    Beautiful artwork and music, let’s see the Gooch works his magic again. For me, Lost Odyssey was FF11 and this would be FF14 (yep, Last Story is Sakaguchi’s FF in spirit). Let’s hope it has appealing and unique char design as well (LO had Inoue Takehiko, BD had Toriyama Akira, and ASH had Minaba Hideo). The logo’s girl looks good so far.

    The Jpn txt on the column page is not showing up on my computer because it’s flash or something :(…

    • It didn’t on mine either. Hit “Ctrl + U” if you’re using Firefox and look it up in the page code.

      • Aoshi00

        Smart, I’ll remember that trick :) It’s weird the flash isn’t displaying right though…

    • jj984jj

      Based on what we’ve seen from the columns and the logo art, I think the character designer is likely Kimihiko Fujisaka (Drakengard/Drag-on Dragoon).

      • Aoshi00

        I hope so, at least we would have “something” from Cry On. I loved Drakengard’s artstyle, I bought the artbook as soon as I finished the game, it’s dark and beautiful.

        • You sure do have all the cool stuff XD ! Envy lol ^_~
          …. i only have 3 yoshitaka amano art books XD 1 from Final fantasy and 2 from Vampire hunter D *__*

  • Hey doesn’t Chrono Trigger open up with seagulls flying in the sky just like in this concept art?


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