MangaGamer Running Spring Discount Sale

By Ishaan . March 14, 2010 . 4:37pm



It’s always nice to know that consumer feedback isn’t falling on deaf ears. In light of recent price concerns and suggestions, come this March 20th, MangaGamer will be releasing an Edelweiss bundle that contains both the original Edelweiss and Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia for 34.95 Euros. Separately, both games cost 44.90 Euros.


Then, during the first week of April, they’re going to be running a proper discount sale ranging across some of the more popular titles in their current portfolio. You can read up on the details below.


Spring Sale Date & Time

4/1 10:00(CET)~4/7 10:00(CET)

Da Capo 24.95 Euros (originally 49.95 Euros )

SHUFFLE! 24.95 Euros (originally 36.95 Euros)

KIRAKIRA 24.95 Euros (originally 36.95 Euros)

KIRAKIRA (All-Ages Version) 14.95 Euros (originally 29.95 Euros)


Keep in mind that this sale is likely to influence their future stance on pricing. If they see enough support, they just might consider revising ther current pricing model sometime down the line. In the meantime, here are screenshots of the games going on sale:


Da Capo:

image image image image image image image image



image image image image image image image image


Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia

image image image image



image image image image



image image image image image image

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  • rinshu

    So are these games legal for purchase in the US? If so how clear is this. In a post CH world Id be a little leery because of scenes with Primula and some of the other girls. Are the just raising everyone’s age no matter how young like JAST? I’d be nervous to purchase these without a firm guarantee they were legal here.

    • Definitely needs to be clarified. Also YURO$ confuse me.

      “Why are you only touching my anus?”

      That’s just weird… what’s the word “only” doing in there? If I read this correctly, said character is expecting her (his?) anus to be touched, but only if something else is being touched at the same time? So the real surprise here is that ONLY the anus is being touched? How many more times can I say ANUS in a Siliconera comment? ANUS ANUS ANUS ANUS ANUS…….

      Please tell me their translations aren’t this wonky all the time.

      • evospace

        14.95 EUR = appx. 20.53 US$
        24.95 EUR = appx. 34.26 US$

        Why is the translation weird?
        They are having sex and he’s only touching her anus today…

        • fallen

          Touching the anus during sex is very normal for evospace, apparently!

          • evospace

            Apparently the characters in this scene love it though! XD

    • evospace

      It’s actually in the grey line…

      If someone with evil intent specifically make a fuss over the underaged looking characters then we might get in trouble, but otherwise all the characters are suppose to be 18 and over. The actual law in Japan is pretty much similar in the regard, but its sold legally under an approval of their software association over there.

  • Artavasdus

    If those were the prices for retail editions I would probably go on nerd-frenzy and buy almost all of them. Since they are digital download only, though, I think their prices are still far too high.

    I hope MangaGamer changes its policies and either starts printing physical copies of their games (they could start with limited prints of their biggest titles in order to test their fanbase, and they would be able to retain an high price tag if they added some extra “limited” content like Atlus, NiSA and Aksys did in order to promote their niche games) or remains dd-only, drastically reducing their prices and publicizing their games on more mainstream dd platforms such as Steam. A mixed approach (physical editions at higher prices AND low-price dd copies) would also be better than the current situation.

    • Why do you compare visual novels with ordinary games?

      Taken the length of one visual novel game of medium length and you have loads of more gametime than any other ordinary game basically. Given a extra good game you can be playing it for a month without reaching the ending.

      And given all that text that needs to be translated… it costs.

      Take a look at how Jlist prices their downloadable versions. They sell them for various prices, the first one I found was priced at 29,95US which rougly rounds up to 21.76EU

      So it isn´t that much of a difference.

      And I´m amused, you want MangaGamer to print copies in limited supplies of their most sold titles as a “test” where probably those that want the tile already has it? That sounds like a bad idea.

      Release these titles on Steam? Since the response to a title like Agarest was so mixed, if they started adding visual novels to steam the media, press and just about everyones grandmother would complain to steam about how they turn their kids into pedophiles… And it would also result in some games getting censured as they would have to lock to another country´s laws.

      And taking a quick look on how much these games sold for in Japan, we are getting them cheap.

      Having a sale is a good thing. I hope that people buy games from them. If I can just find the money I´ll buy Shuffle at least since I want to play it.

      • Artavasdus

        I never said that vns are inferior to any other videogame genre (being a fan of the genre I would never say such a thing :P), and of course any publisher has the right to price his releases as high as he wants.
        I also have the utmost respect for anyone who tries to localize niche games such as those.

        That said, let’s get some facts straight:

        1) other western visual novel publishers are charging far less for their games AND providing their customers with a physical release, so your statement about vns’ localizations should apply even more to them.
        For example, G-Collections’ Kazoku Keikaku’s physical release was priced at 25 euros at day one, while some MangaGamer titles were priced almost 50 euros (and have stayed so till now) even being dd-only releases. As far as I know, MGamer is almost the only western vn publisher to use such price tags and to use only dd for their games, so I think there is nothing strange in demanding them to lower the prices andor to provide physical releases. It’s what their competitors are doing, after all.

        2) Visual novels are very pricey in Japan, that’s for sure: that has never stopped me and many others (maybe even you are a fellow importer ^^) from importing them using HimeyaPaletWeb and other sites, though. Why? Part of the reason is because I’m not paying some 100$ for digital releases, but for beautiful big-boxed games, often packed with some kind of extras. If MangaGamer provides the same kind of offer your example will be valid and I will be glad to buy their games, but as of now they are simply overpricing imho.
        That said, localized visual novels’ prices in the west have never, ever been as high as they are in Japan, not by a long shot, and I don’t see why MangaGamer’s releases should be an exception.

        3) I don’t understand what you meant with the Agarest example regarding visual novels on Steam. Agarest isn’t an eroge visual novel, it’s a turn-based jrpg with some visual novel elements and fanserviceinnuendo (don’t be fooled by Aksys’ zomg-eroge trailers, the game is much different and sports only limited allusive contents, without any overtly sexual material :P), and it has never created any kind of stir (it would have been ludicrous, it is infinitely tamer than the true eroge or hentai vns which have been published in english since many years ago on Pc).
        In fact it has been quietly published in Europe and it’s going to be released without any kind of trouble in the USA by Aksys, and since it’s a PsnX360 release, not a Steam one, I don’t understand how this matter has anything to do with the opportunity to market vns on Steam and other Pc dd platforms. Also, as you probably already know, the Pc and console vns markets are very different when it comes to censorship.
        Even if what you said was true, not all of MangaGamer’s titles are eroge, and they could still try to market them to a broader audience using other platforms.

        4) As a sidenote, if comparing MG’s prices to the other western vn publishers weren’t enough, I find their prices are far too high even if compared with mainstream publishers and market deals, and this sure is a limit for many persons who don’t know vns, could give them a shot if they had lower prices and are blocked by MG’s high price tags.
        If one european customer can get Bayonetta for 18 pounds after some months from its release, Mass Effect 2 for 27 after less than two months from day one (those prices are from UK online retailers) and so on (I can make as many examples as you want about recent games, see if you want proof) why would he give a shot to vns if he has to pay almost the same amount for a dd-only visual novel translated two years ago (Edelweiss), even if he happens to stumble in the MangaGamer site or on Siliconera (almost the only two ways to know of MG’s games, aside from some visual novel sites)? Again, we are speaking of retail games, not of dd-only titles like MG’s.

        This may be sad for us fans, but for a normal gamer we are already crazy for importing japanese vns at hundreds of dollars, so you can’t expect them to happily dish out tens of euros for dd-only vns :P

        As you can see it’s not a matter of belittling visual novel localizations’costs, but simply of contextualizing MangaGamer’s prices in the current market. Sorry if I wrote a “tl;dr post”, but I wanted to explain my previous statement.

        • Didn´t make a misstake with Agarest. Agarest is as close to a visual novel you can come without the pure erotic stuff. It´s just implied stuff and when you take a look at how people reacted to the CG…

          Then comes the thought IF a game like Da Capo was released on Steam, where Sakura comes close to looking and acting like a little child and since loli is not popular in US Steam would never release it.

          Good that we agree on having respect for anyone willing to translate vns :)

          Now some quick thoughts on your points:

          1) G-Collections is a old trusted name when it comes to delivering vns. MangaGamer is a completely new name that has not been on the market for so long. Giving support for the newcomer so that it might get better.

          True, MG is a bit on the expensive side. But I can understand. Pretty new company I think. Isn´t that old, sells few copies since the games are pirated by people. Prices will get higher then.

          I just hope that this sale will make them earn some money so that they can continue.

          2) Terribly sorry, but since I do not know Japanese and I haven´t gotten started using certain methods I haven´t imported any games. When a friend was in Japan I asked him to get me Kanon and Air, that´s it.

          Importing the games are one way of doing it all. And it is expensive. That is also a reason I haven´t imported that much. I want to understand most of them and I don´t have the money.

          I found MGs pricetag to be a bit high when I started looking at their prices. But now I just don´t feel like they are high anymore. They need to run their busniess and since not many people buy, their prices rise. Which is a shame.

          3) I know. I own the game so I know how overero made that trailer is. I laughed so hard when I saw it.

          The thought behind Agarest was simple: The main reaction to the CG was that almost everyone thought it was erotic. Which from playing the game, yes those special scenes are pretty erotic :)

          Here in Sweden, the main focus was comparing the CG set to porn. Which for me as a vivid JRPG/SRPG player was really sad. The gameplay itself shows no reason for comparing it to porn or anything.

          With that in mind, we go to a game like Da Capo, the CG are beautifull and some of them indeed handles sex. No animations or such sure but lets face it, they are having sex.

          Then we take a look at Sakura. How does she look? Indeed she looks like a child. She isn´t one, which we all know when we play it. But to outsiders that do not understand/know she looks and acts like a child.

          The reactions to this is obvious. The game itself would be posted as porn that tries to turn the ones playing it into well let´s not go there.

          If it were to be released on Steam. Then they, MG would have to fullfill the laws of US since I think Steam is made and based in the US. With how the things are now with lolis and such in the US the game wouldn´t even be able to be sold. At least I don´t think so.

          Did that make it somewhat clearer? I suck at explaining stuff :(

          Yes, I do know the difference between PC and console censorship. Basically all vns on consoles are All-Ages versions with no sex. No seen sex anyway.

          4) The VNs take time and money to produce, they only sell to a very limited fanbase. To make things add upp it needs to be sold to a higher price unless it´s just for the fans.

          Then we have to translate a massive amount of text. This ups the costs a bit more.

          Result: A very niche and expensive type of game :(

          And yes, Jlist lowered most of their prices for both disc and downloadable versions after a set amount of time. But at the beginning they were more expensive, disc as download.

          Bayonetta is a game that is going to be sold anyway. If not at the release date then people will buy it later because of gameplay, cover, interest or just about anything.

          Once again we can compare this to Agarest. As you said it had a very very quiet release here in Europe. I preordered it and love the game to bits. But I haven´t seen any reviews or any news about it. So I can´t check how well it has sold.

          I don´t think it has sold anywhere near the amount of a game like Bayonetta though. Reasons?

          I do not know. But I can imagine it being a few of these:
          It isn´t a mainstream title that is aimed at the bigger mass.
          No commercials or anything.
          Is a type of game that very few people will play. Espacially with how it´s promoted if shown anywhere.

          And probably more reasons.

          Visual novels as they are now are not something the big mass plays. So even if a general person who loves Bayonetta stumbled in on MangaGamer and started looking around and perhaps even bought a game s/he would most likely be:
          Confused(wall of text and nothing to do but read and make choices? Yuck=
          Disgusted(eeeeewwww, this girl looks like a child)

          Now I´m going to the extremes and I apologize for that. But I don´t see someone who willingly buys Bayonetta to be interested in visual novels.

          Pure downloads or discs a like. Visual Novels are a type of game that to few people know about as it is now. Or they only think it´s about getting laid as fast and with as many girls as possible.

          Final Note: I missunderstood you partly. And for this I apologize. I should have seen that you understood the translation costs but still made valid arguments for why you think it´s overpriced.

          tl:dr? What is that? Not to familiar with all these short writings.

          I´ve understood your point and I agree on most of it. Still I´m just happy that a new face has appeared that handles visual novels. Even if they are indeed a bit expensive. Sometimes.

          • Ereek

            What the hell? Agarest isn’t close to a Visual novel at all. Disgaea is closer to a VN than Agarest is – at least structurally.

            Edit: I realize I sound somewhat of an ass here, so let me elaborate on my criticism.

            First of all, I will defend to my death that Agarest is a SRPG with some dating sim elements. Second, at least to me, it sounds like you’re assuming all Visual Novels have ecchi or hentai in them. They don’t.

            I’d say if you’re going for “as close to a VN as you can get” I’d name Sakura Taisen rather than Agarest.

          • Hm. I thought I mentioned pretty clearly that I was refering to the CG set of Agarest and not the gameplay.

            But ok, I´ll write it out: When I mentioned Agarest, I said nothing about the gameplay, I talked only about the more suggestive CGs that do exist.

            I haven´t seen Flonne or Etna eat a sausage that is to big for them… or lean over or take a bath.

            Agarest is indeed a SRPG with dating elements. I haven´t said anything else. But for that dating element it´s way more in some CGs than any other game in what they show and how they choose their words.

            If it does sound like that then I apologize, I want to share that visual novels are not only sex and ecchi.

            I haven´t gotten the chance to try the Sakura War serien yet. I will have a chance to try it out in April when my copy arrives. If it is indeed that game series you mean. If not then I apologize.

  • zhemos

    Hrmm, I might buy Shuffle.

  • Shuffle and Da Capo are two I’m going to consider. Have heard a lot about them.

    If I’m feeling particularly spendy, might grab KiraKira too.

    • Personally, I highly recommend KiraKira. :P

  • mirumu

    Seems like a good time to try MangaGamer out. Don’t know what I’ll pick up yet, but they’ve given us some time to think about it too.

  • thebanditking

    Yikes. Im sorry I clicked this story, the first pic alone is enough to scare me off. Some of the others are borderline pedo material. Which is disgusting if anyones morals/ethics are out of line today.

  • “Ah-chan”

    Honorifics? Why?

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