Trinity Universe Colliding Into North America

By Spencer . March 15, 2010 . 5:46pm

imageAnother Disgaea and Gust mashup is coming to North America. Idea Factory found a publisher for Trinity Universe.


Compile Heart’s* GDC portfolio had a small blurb about Trinity Universe, which noted the game would be released in the USA “soon.” Not a huge surprise, but good to know that Trinity Universe with its 3D Disgaea characters isn’t too far away.


There was something odd about Compile Heart’s brochure. They said Trinity Universe was for “PS3/Xbox 360”. When the game came out in October it was only released on PlayStation 3. Cross Edge got an after launch port called Cross Edge Dash. Perhaps, Idea Factory is working on that right now?


*(note: Compile Heart and Idea Factory are labels under the same corporate umbrella. Both brands share an office building in Harajuku.)

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  • nyoron

    I really, really did not like Cross Edge so I’m not exactly frothing for another crossover game… but this one looks like the battle system is a bit more fun at least. I’ll probably end up getting it.

    • speedstersonic

      I loved cross edge, sad that so many didn’t seem to like it. I thought the battle system was awesome. The story was meh, but the battle system and the amount of character stat building was pretty awesome. Loved the item making system as well even though it was tough to navigate.

  • AHA!!! i knew it!!! I KNEW IT WAS THIS ONE!!! REMEMBER!? i said before!!! guessing wich game would be announced i said… “ima go play zelda, i know the TRIforce will be with us for all eterNITY” TRI NITY TRIforce eterNITY… *sigh* ahh that was a good way to hide it.
    Anyway… a big YES! and another game to add to my list of must buy T_T…
    FF13, WKC, SO4, trinity universe, etc… *siiiiiigh*

    • You think that’s all we have? ;)

      • D8< z0mg not again you are gonna have me checking siliconera every possible hour again, thats your plan isnt it?!

  • ElTopo

    Is this going to look like a PS3 game? Or a 360 game for that matter?

    • john411

      It’s a 3-D modelling cel-shaded game (Eternal Sonata, Atelier Rorona, AT3). So yes, it should look decent at least.

      I’m hyped. 360 release day-one. Although surprised they’re porting this one before Agarest Zero, since that came out first.

      • ElTopo

        I watched the Gameplay Trailer 2, and this is the same problem I had with Atelier Rorona, while it doesnt look terrible, it just doesnt look great either. The models are bland, the environments lack detail, the battle animations are very simple. It just lacks polish, I mean it looks like a late last gen title. I was worried about small publishers making the jump, like Nis and Atlus, to the PS3 and 360 for this reason. I guess I was hoping they would push the envelope a little more.

        • Zeik56

          This is the exact reason I find it funny when I see people clamoring for small developers like NIS or Atlus to develop “next-gen” games. People seem to expect that just because it’s on an HD console everything is going to look like FFXIII, but that’s never going to happen, especially given that development costs on these consoles are so astronomical right now.

          Realistically they’re not going to look drastically better than a last gen game, because they can’t afford much more than that. If people want to see console releases from these developers they have to learn to lower expectations when it comes to graphics, or accept that it will be many years before development costs drop enough for them to do more.

          • mach

            This why they should stick to sprites. Sprites are probably cheaper, but more than that, they’re the only thing these companies worked with before this console generation. If they need to develop games on the cheap, they should stick with what they know; not delve into the uncharted waters of 3D character modeling with no money to support them.

          • ElTopo

            I agree with you here, hopefully they can either learn and improve or their failure will lead them to do something else.

          • “Sprites are probably cheaper” is a gross misconception. Maybe if you’re still using late SNES/early PS1 sprites ala NIS, 2D is easier than 3D. But improvements in 2D are more difficult and expensive than high-res 3D by an order of magnitude.

            Why do you think the number of 2D games has been dwarfed by 3D? Shoot, why else would NIS and GUST—who are obviously not striving for realism, or determined to exploit technologies to their fullest—use 3D backgrounds in their PS2 games?

            “If they’re looking to develop games on the cheap”…they’ll move to portables. Which, for the most part, is where NIS has already gone.

          • ElTopo

            It doesnt have to be FFXIII, it just has to have more polish and detail then the bland product I look at. When they made the jump from PS2 to PS3, I expected them to either A) not attempt 3D and continue their sprite work, with hopefully some kind of improvements or higher degree of detail or B) do this.

            While many of these games don’t look like PS2 era games (at least not all of them, some of them look like some of the better looking PS2 games for sure), many of them do resemble Wii titles, and yeah if your gonna put out a full 3D, brand new game on an HD system theres kind of the expectation of improvement.

          • Zeik56

            Well NIS did stick to sprite work when they did Disgaea 3, and then we had tons and tons of people whining about it, which lead them in this direction. This is why I’m concerned about Disgaea 4. Ideally I would like them to go in the direction of HD sprites, but in all likelihood it will be closer to something like this.

            But this is apparently what people wanted. At least what they thought they wanted. I’m almost certain they didn’t realize what they were actually asking for, which means if D4 comes out looking like this we’ll have just as much whining from the same exact people, on top of the people who actually liked the sprites. Though I guess sometimes you just need to show people why they’re stupid before they actually get it.

        • Ereek

          I think you’re just being a little picky, Rorona looks beautiful. Especially considering GUST has never done a PS3 title before. Truth be told, I don’t understand the whole “the game must look HD in order to belong on a HD console” sentiment. It’s that mentality that is making the 360/PS3 so expensive and difficult for developers to build on.

          • ElTopo

            It doesnt need to look HD, it just needs to look better then second gen 3D games. Theres a huge lack of detail in the backgrounds and textures and the 3d models lack much definition. I would rather see good sprite work done, or 2D art then bland 3D games.

          • Hraesvelgr

            Pretty sure there weren’t too many second generation 3D games, let alone any games that look like Rorona.

          • The graphics looks nice and colorfull, but it hve Fione in there!! thats a 100% buy for me :)

          • ops, Flonne*, dunno why i couldnt edit

          • ElTopo

            Last Rebellion looks like ****.

          • john411

            Rorona does not look good. The only thing it looks better than is maybe Ar Tonelico 3, in terms of cel shaded games.

            Eternal Sonata and Vesperia trounce over them all by a good country mile. That should be the standard GUST and NIS should strive for.

          • Eternal sonata looks like atelier rorona O-o, and Vesperia wasnt thaaaat good.

            Anyway in my opinion games would be cool with wild arms 3 graphics :D! it looks so cool, i havent seen many games (or any) like that

          • Zeik56

            In other words, the standard of a company with a ton of money like Namco-Bandai? In an ideal world, yes, every company who worked on the PS3/360 could accomplish comparable graphics to the best that the system has to offer, but that’s just not going to happen, and it’s complete ignorance to think otherwise.

            Really, the best thing you can hope for is that the companies learn some tricks to cover up the mediocre graphics. For example, take P3 and P4 on the PS2. Even for the PS2 the actual graphics weren’t that good, but with all the use of anime portraits and a good sense of style the game actually managed to look pretty good.

          • john411

            Vesperia may have been backed by a budget, but Eternal Sonata was an outsourced game on a limited budget, but the developers actually knew how to work with that budget. The best we can hope for is for smaller companies like Gust to not get complacent and continue to strive for the benchmark set.

            And yes, ES looks *a lot* better than Rorona…

          • Ereek

            I disagree completely with pretty much everything you just said. First, from what I’ve seen (Note: I own Ar tonelico 3 and played it, my friend owns Rorona and I have only watched him play – not played Rorona myself), Ar tonelico 3 in general looks much better than Rorona, especially the backgrounds. Rorona has detail where Ar tonelico 3 does not, and vice-versa.

            You also make it sound like Eternal Sonata was cheap to develop. They were given a budget from Bamco, you don’t know how large it was, nor do I. It is extremely likely that budget is still larger than an Idea Factory, Gust, or Nippon Ichi title. For a Nippon Ichi title, just say Disgaea, there are quite a bit more variables than Eternal Sonata. You have female and male models, many job classes (in both sexes), multiple weapon animations, the like. In this case, it has less to do with “Budgeting” and has everything to do with there being simply more to the game overall.

          • ElTopo

            Rorona looks terrible. The game engine cuts to still portraits during dialogue to hide the look, and the battle animations are terrible. The characters do this weak jump as they move from the enemy to their battle stance, it looks horrible. Also whats with this undetailed anime look they decided to go with, super deformed anime faces? No thanks.

  • john411

    Spencer, you still haven’t mentioned what else you saw in their portfolio :P

    • Foolish things said by a foolish fool who things his foolishness are foolishly fool.

      Explain yourself! D:

    • ROGUE HEARTS DUNGEON??? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You’re right! I wanted to get this out of the way since I think more people were expecting it.

  • Pichi

    Oh yes!! So happy to hear!!

  • vrakanox


  • vrakanox


  • So happy to hear this will be coming out here! I loved Cross Edge and can’t wait to gorge myself on this title.

    I always worry about the PS3 version being crippled for multi-platform releases due to sheer laziness or Microsoft’s chequebook attacks.

  • 311

    Sweet, I was waiting for this announcement.

  • Nice to see this is coming to the States. Between Atelier Rorona and this, I’ll be set for a while, heh. Good job, guys!

  • I personally haven’t heard anything about a 360 iteration.

    • Kris

      Is that a hint as to the mystery publisher? :)

      • Huhhhhh? I was just saying…

        • Kris

          Blast! I thought my deductive powers were flawless!

    • john411

      Well, you guys may not be bringing it over, but doesn’t mean it ain’t coming ;)

      • A totally fair statement, says I.

        • john411

          Although hopefully the sales of Agarest 360 will change your guys’ mind on the matter. :P

    • Yeah, I know. That was a surprise for me too, but Compile Heart’s doc said Trinity Universe PS3/Xbox 360, out in Japan coming to US soon. I guess that might be a surprise for Japan?

  • zhemos

    awesome! so who is bringing it over?

  • Kris

    I still haven’t picked up Cross Edge, but I’ve meant to. Hopefully this game will get a bit less critically smashed though…

    • Ereek

      Cross Edge is absolutely love-it-or-hate it. I’d definitely wait to play it yourself before making any judgments. It had some problems, yes, but if you enjoy you’ll spend a huge amount of time with the game.

      • Artavasdus

        I completely agree. As with many IFCH games Cross Edge has a lot of depth and replay value if one doesn’t mind the outdated graphics, if you want to master its battle system and the many characters it has to offer (not to mentions seeing the dozens of cutscenes and all the endings) the game can easily take more than 100 hours.

  • Artavasdus

    I imported the japanese limited edition but never had the time to play the game properly, I am happy it’s coming to the USA and will surely buy it.

    That said, if some of you disliked Cross Edge and are wary about trying Trinity Universe I will say that it’s a very different title, not only from a graphical standpoint but even more so looking at its gameplay and battle system.

  • Xeahnort

    Frankly, I don´t care if TU goes multi but somehow XTS owners will be the only ones to receive the retailer version (Agarest Senki says hi)

    • Artavasdus

      I don’t think so, NiSA has always dubbed their game in english (almost every time providing dual audio) and Ps3 Agarest’s problem is precisely that Aksys hasn’t dubbed it, and SCEA doesn’t allow retail games with only japanese audio, making an exception only for some bigger titles who also happen to take place in Japan, like Yakuza 2 and 3 (at least, this is the consensus about the matter).

  • thebanditking

    Fantastic. I wonder when NISA will announce it officially?

  • “3D Disgaea characters”
    Remember the Disgaea dungeon RPG? ;)
    Ah, still waiting for that one…

    Interesting that this is going multi-platform. The game itself is interesting enough, just look how the characters shoot the breeze!
    I really love the looks of the characters there, but if you want to see some gameplay clips just search “トリニティ・ユニバース” on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga. The battle mechanics is something I don’t see often of. As for the exploring part, ah…hmm.

  • raymk

    i had a feeling it was coming out since it doesn’t really have license issues or anything. I will continue to support

  • stealth20k

    This wont be going multiplat in the US, probably only in japan.

    It is exciting that ps3 owners are getting another US exclusive rpg.

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