Are Xseed Publishing Falcom’s PSP Games?

By Ishaan . March 21, 2010 . 10:01pm


In November of last year, Falcom revealed in a financial report for their third quarter that their strategy for 2010 involved a heavy focus on developing games for Windows 7 and the PSP. The company also highlighted a desire to aim for a more global audience by pushing their popular brands in cooperation with North American publishers.


One of these publishers might be Xseed. Falcom maintain a public list of their company’s clients on their website. Recently, Xseed’s name showed up on the very same list.


The word on the net is that Xseed were, at one point, asked by fans via e-mail — as is all too common for them — if they would be interested in localizing Sora no Kiseki. While there’s no documented evidence of it, the verdict at the time was allegedly that the amount of text in the game made it hard to justify spending the resources that would be required to translate it.


Well… Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki sort of bypasses that little issue, doesn’t it? And considering Falcom are also releasing a PSP port of Ys: The Oath in Felghana — a remake of Ys III — and searching for a publisher, cooperating with them would give Xseed a stable stream of projects to work on.1 Games like Ys Seven, Brandish: The Dark Revenant, and Zwei!!.


1. Maybe they could change their name to "Yseed" for promotional purposes, too! Hmm, I wonder if that joke was cracked internally at Xseed as well…


Thanks to Falcom super-fan Denpa no Sekai for the tip!

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  • jj984jj

    I will buy all the Ys PSP games you bring over XSEED. I will love you forever and ever and buy 2 copies day 1 if you bring over the Sora no Kiseki trilogy.

  • vall03

    Ys Seven pls!

  • JeremyR

    It was on Gamefaqs, that the thing about Xseed being asked started (as the LoH games had a small following there). Unfortunately, that was before they started archiving messages permanently and I have no idea who it was that asked. But I have little reason to doubt him.

  • conchobhar

    Oh god, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be true! Falcom has such an amazing library and their games really need to be released over here. I’d love to see Zwei!! 1 and 2, but I’d be happy with pretty much any Falcom PSP game— the latest (and actually good) Ys I+II port, Ys III: Oath in Felghana port, Ys VII, Brandish … the list goes on.

  • hsiao

    This would be the first good move for XSeed in a while!

    Let’s hope it turns out to be true.

  • Megaton if true! Not-so-secretly dreaming about the Ys I & II + Seven pack. Think about it: if there was a publishing deal, Ys Seven would be a no-brainer—but XSEED wouldn’t have to pass on the pack (due to the cost of localizing all three games) if they could license the DS script for I & II from Atlus…

    Falcom + XSEED + Atlus triple-threat—I want to believe!

  • I’m 50/50 on this.

    On one hand, I want XSEED to be in charge. They’ve always treated their games with the utmost respect, even with lowly licenses such as Valhalla Knights. Right now I’m going through Fragile and the quality of the localization smooths out the many kinks in Tri-Crescendo’s core engine. Furthermore, the English-speaking Falcom fanbase is extremely vocal and protective of these games. I’m certain XSEED would at least hear what we have to say about localization choices, rather than just tune out our requests entirely.

    On the other, I’m afraid this will turn into another one of those “test” scenarios, where the first game they do might also be the last if sales aren’t satisfactory. Yes, I’m referring to the RGC “fiasco”. If they go ahead with Falcom games, they need to look at the big picture and not a game-by-game basis. If somehow they screw up the first one and refuse to go with the others, then chances are the other publishers will not want to take a chance on Falcom games either. They’re sitting on a gold mine here, they need to do like NISA and stick with their plan even if it starts out sluggish.

  • symytry

    I’d be all over these! Bradish, Zwei, Ys7….bring it on!

  • nyobzoo

    yes, I wouldn’t mind playing Ys on the PSP

  • thebanditking

    Looks like everyone is on the same page here. XSeed+Falcom= Awesome! I will take all the Ys games you got, but I would gladly start with an Ys 7 announcement.

  • syraxith

    Still hoping for SnK localization… Though I’ll gladly take YsF & SEVEN.

  • Denpa no Sekai is the BOMB! I really hope they localize Brandish: The Dark Revenant! (I own all 4 of the SNES/SFC Brandish games and the Japanese UMD of this game as well… I really like the series.)

  • EvilAkito

    My PSP would certainly get a lot more play time and feel like a more justified purchase if somebody would localize all of these awesome Falcom games.

  • kupomogli

    I love Falcom games. I hope these come out. Starting with the ones I want most.

    Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki FC, SC, TC, Ys 7, Ys 3, Ys 1 and 2, Brandish, and Zwei. I could care less about the LoH vs Ys fighting game.

    I know it won’t ever happen, but I’d like to see Xanadu Next ported to the PSP. Zwei 2 may have a chance though.

    • jj984jj

      Your post lacks Vantage Master.

      • kupomogli

        I don’t want Vantage Master Portable. I’ve never played it, nor the free PC version, but it doesn’t look all that good.

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