Harvest Moon Creator No Longer Director Of Marvelous Entertainment

By Ishaan . March 24, 2010 . 11:29am


This is official now, so we can finally talk about it. Yasuhiro Wada, creator of the Harvest Moon franchise and Director of Digital Entertainment at Marvelous, is opting out of the company for what is described as “personal reasons.”


Come the start of the new fiscal year on March 31st, Wada will be acting as an adviser to Marvelous. It is unclear how his departure will affect his producer / executive producer role on the games published by them.


Wada-san’s departure from Marvelous is the latest in a string of unfortunate events surrounding the publisher, due largely to their poor financial performance. In January, they announced that executives across the company would be taking cuts in their salary, with directors docking their pay by up to 43%. Perhaps there’s more to this story than “personal reasons?”


MMV’s current situation is a sad state of affairs, considering some of the best games published in the last year have come from them. Their lineup included Half-Minute Hero, No More Heroes, and Little King’s Story.

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  • Sad times. The harvest series has come a long way but some new innovations would be a welcome. Im wishing for the day they bless us with online support and really make it feel like a real world. Either way im happy for now. Nintendos gotten most of the games as of recent :)

    I think its marvelous’s most recognizable franchise though. It has a huge following in its own respect

  • jarrodand

    Really too bad, Wada was total games advocate. I’d like to see Nintendo nab him (and other key MMV/TownFactory people) for a new studio maybe. Throw in the Cing guys too, there’s a lot of talent in Japanese development community going to waste all of a sudden…

  • Aw darn D: this is really bad T_T i wonder what will happen to the harvest moon world and to MMV as well… i hope they keep making good games

  • LKS and Muramasa have done pretty decently, so hopefully the Wii is not to blame. :(

    Eldar Saga obviously had a dirt-cheap budget.

    Red Seeds Profile however is a devastating bomb in Japan, only selling 1300 on PS3 and 600 on 360 in its first week. :|

    Hopefully Arc Rise Fantasia will do as well as Muramasa in the west since Ignition actually knows how to market games.

  • He seems to be consoling the heartbroken on Twitter, though.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    The front picture = nostalgic. Loved that game.
    But man, Harvest Moon half the time becomes shovel ware, but that doesn’t mean the games themselves suck. I love Harvest Moon games, and the Rune Factory series. I really hope they don’t get lost in all of this.

  • puchinri

    That news kinda hurts. In a very ‘what’s gonna happen to my series’ kind of way. (Is it okay to compare it to Shigeru Miyamoto just becoming and adviser for Nintendo?)

    Admittedly, I was pretty unhappy with WakuAni/Animal Parade, and I feel like except for Rune Factory, some of the HMs took a step backward for each one forward. Like something (usually small at least) was taken away to fix something else. But now I wonder what’s going to go on with the franchise.

    When he says adviser, is it kinda of the same job, just less hands on/say in how things go? I hope Marvelous is able to pull themselves out of this hole, though. (They had a lot of titles coming out all at once too, HM and other series, so it’s still surprising they did so bad financially.)

    • I doubt this is anything like Nintendo. As I understand it, Miyamoto is managing director at NCL, and one of the senior directors of the entire EAD department. He’s also very involved in hardware decisions.

      In MMV’s case, Wada is stepping down from his hands-on role. We don’t know the full extent of his involvement yet, but when the time is right, you can bet we’ll ask.

      • While you’re at it, ask about future Wii projects and if they’re at least satisfied by now with their Wii game sales. Like I said, Muramasa and LKS have done well, LKS sold at least 130K as of a few months ago.

        (and mention that Red Seeds Profile did as bad as it did in Japan, I’m awfully curious about his response to that.)

        • jarrodand

          Honestly, the future doesn’t exactly look bright for Marvelous. NMH2 kinda fizzled sales wise, and I have the feeling the HD remix of NMH1 is going to follow suit. Sakura Note and PostPet bombed last year, Rune Factory 3, Hitman Reborn BA2 and Luminous Arc 3 all did mediocre… and this year Deadly Premonition, Lively Garden and Hitman Reborn Tag Battle all bombed too. At this point all they really have on the table even is another DS Harvest Moon and some western WiiWare localizations. :/

          Honestly, I feel like Cing was a sign of things to come for more niche JP devs/pubs, and Marvelous looks like it’s next up on the chopping block. So does Nippon Ichi actually (who’ve recently had a string of PSP bombs and very public financial woes themselves).

          • malek86

            NIS will probably survive for a while, and if they play their chances well, they can recover. Marvelous on the other hand, gives me bad vibes… we’ll see.

      • puchinri

        Oh, I know what you mean. I meant it would be kinda devastating/heart-breaking like that. To find out Shigeru might not play such a strong role anymore. Although Ushi makes it sound like it’s about the same for Wada (and he hasn’t been the head of most projects lately).

        I’m glad to hear that. I look forward to what he says. Hopefully it’s not as bad as my mind is making it out to be.

  • thebanditking

    Which Harvest Moon does the front page picture come from? Not the Wii game featured above but the one on the main page.

    • That’s Harvest Moon for the SNES.

  • *sound of heart breaking a little*

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