NISA Packing Persona -trinity soul- And Toradora In Premium Edition Boxes

By Ishaan . March 27, 2010 . 3:00pm


NIS America are dipping their toes into the anime sector, and their first publishing licenses are Persona -trinity soul- and Toradora!.


To celebrate this new venture, they’re kicking things off with a bit of a bang. The Volume 1 premium edition set of Persona is a 2-disc set spanning 13 episodes, and comes with a 40-page hardcover art book and a 20″x13″ double-sided Trinity Soul / Toradora! poster. It goes on sale in early July for $47.99.


Meanwhile, volume 1 of Toradora! will go on sale for the same price, and come with 13 episodes across two DVDs, a 30-page hardcover art book consisting of interviews with the Japanese voice-cast, and the double-sided poster. Extras on the disc will include clean versions of the OP and ED. Keep in mind NIS are only publishing the Japanese voice track with English subtitles for both series.

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  • is NISA in the same problematica situation as NIS?

  • Guest

    If only I liked either of those anime, I would gladly purchase them dub-free.

  • Vino21

    “Keep in mind NIS are only publishing the Japanese voice track with English subtitles for both series.”

    Not a good start.

    “Persona -trinity soul-”

    DEFINITELY not a good start……

    • Lol? like 95% of the anime fan poblation prefer to watch the animes subbed instead of dubbed (without counting it MAY end up ruining the anime). So, good start. (besides the interviews with the voice actors would be pointless)

      Persona -trinity soul- Besides of having persona’s fame (im imagining this will help A LOT), the anime is pretty good, of course is not full of jokes and crazy funny stuff, fanservice and blah blah, something that, like the 80% of anime, haves, …is more like a cool mystery novel, with diferent stuff, some nice characters and a great unfold, the downside may be that is always in a serious atmosphere, of course with this i imagine not many ppl would like it, but i did a lot, it is deffinitely more deep than most animes out there (and not stupidly “”deep”” like evangelion was at the end).

      And of course Tora Dora is a perfect start…. wish i could get the hard cover books… these are the times when i hate not living in the north america…

      • Ereek

        Source on that 95%, please. Especially since a majority of the people who watch anime in North America watch it in English only. They watch things like Naruto and Bleach purely in English since that’s what it’s aired in. Also, look at the numbers on YouTube. Just to stick with the Naruto example, Episode 1 in English has hundreds of thousands of views in English, while in Japanese it’s much lower.

        It is the non-mainstream, older, crowd that watches them in Japanese.

        • I watch in English when available. But sometimes that isn’t an option if the version ended early or is long out of print.

        • Vino21

          “It is the non-mainstream, older, crowd that watches them in Japanese.”

          The opposite, actually – it’s the newer, “Wapanese” crowd that wants everything these days in Japanese….including American-made stuff.

          The “older, more mainstreamed crowd” these days is more than mature enough to know there is a wide variety of dub jobs out there – those with decent ones warrant a viewing, the others not so much.

          It’s the inexperienced and ignorant who are biased – not the other way around.

          • Ereek

            I was actually referring more to the 8-10 year-olds who watch Naruto and Bleach and treat it like a super-hero cartoon. I don’t know, maybe it’s just my region, but there’s a lot of those kids around here.

          • Joanna

            That’s rather rude. I like subtitles just because I’ve grown accustomed to watching anime in the original language does that make me shun my own culture? no. Also not everyone who prefers subs to dubs hates dubs. I’ve watched both Naruto and Bleach in english and they were really well done dubs. Again it’s just a matter of preference. (In the case of Bleach though, I think the original has an edge because the honorifics were dropped in the English dub and thus ruined some of the more subtle relationships…not that it matters much now that Bleach isn’t as good).

            You should really stop calling everyone who prefers sub to dub “Wapanese.” Furthermore, if someone really likes X culture what’s wrong with that? I don’t get this “Wapanese” backlash from people. >__>

          • Vino21

            I’m really finding a certain thing on this site to be a real pickle whenever I make a comment: People bitch at me…WITHOUT reading what I had to say…

            Do you all actively scan my post for words or terms that will automatically flip a “pissed off” switch in your brain?

          • Just a thought: if that many people seem offended by your posts, maybe you should word them more carefully?

          • Vino21

            They’re offended because they’re aren’t even reading them to begin with…

            It’s like they have some search term engine installed into their brains that actively seeks out subjects and words that are not to their liking, and ignore the rest of it.

            Trying to prove a point? Maybe used for the sake of a metaphor? Glorification? Who cares! The fact that I said “Wapanese” already spurs a stoning!

          • Let this fine young individual serve as an example of how not to behave around other people.

          • Not to sound anal here, but a lot of people are sensitive to terms like “wapanese” or “weeaboo” in general. Even if you don’t mean it that way, it tends to be perceived as derogatory because that’s how a lot of people use it. Think of it like someone putting a tag on you because of your hobbies or passions. :)

          • Vino21

            You wanna know something funny about political correctness? It’s all about faint and transparent sincerity to make people “feel better.”

            Wanna know something funny? Walk up to any Chinese guys, and ask him “Hey, you’re that Chinese dude, right!?” Chances are, they won’t be pissed off. But say…in some distopian future, 90% of all Chinese people turn to retards… Suddenly, calling anyone “Chinese” turns into a derogatory term.

            “Political correctness” and “dialectical sensitivity” is all bullshit that’s only meant to keep people’s balls and dicks from shrinking.

            So no. :< If I have a point to make, I'm not gonna beat around the bushes. Doing so otherwise prevents anything from going anywhere. And holding a grudge against me, or anyone else for using a "derogatory" is just an empty desire and excuse to start shit with someone, that you've got no reason to start with to begin with.

          • Ereek

            In response to Vino:

            I don’t think anyone is attacking your opinion. In fact, to an extent, I share your opinion. Mine is more along the lines of being baffled by the obsession with Japanese culture, but that’s probably because I’ve had too much exposure to it and am not affected by the its “glamour.”

            But you are being rather blunt and, typically, Siliconera is a peaceful site – that’s what draws me (and I’ve no doubt others) here. We don’t typically get into arguments and we don’t really “name-call.” Typically the best way to get people to listen to you and to respect your opinion is by being respectful, even about things you don’t approve of.

            Just as a quick example, I don’t take someone nearly as seriously when they’re cursing at me constantly. I find it far more intimidating when someone is speaking in a calm, rational manner with solid arguments.

            @Everyone else:
            You are being a bit touchy on this subject. It’s simply a word, I don’t understand why it should be offensive. If you really do fall under its category, shouldn’t that be something you’re proud of? Just because someone doesn’t like it, doesn’t mean he’s meaning it as a direct insult towards you. In fact, I’d say Vino wasn’t being hostile in the first place and was simply using it as a blanket term.

            That’s my interpretation, anyway.

          • @Vino21:
            I’m Chinese… and well, your analogy didn’t make sense to me. I don’t see how that’ll ever turn into a derogatory term. “Wapanese” started as a derogatory word, just like calling a Chinese “Chink”.
            Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, but I’m amazed you didn’t think your comments would offend anyone.

            Anyways, about subs/dubs. I watch both. Sometimes dubs can be amazing, like the Baccano! dub, I thought was amazing. Some shows, Toradora probably won’t sound as great in English, but I find it a new experience to watch it in English. And I agree it’s too expensive for a sub-only release, but it’s nice they included an artbook, since Japanese artbooks can be pricey.

            I can understand their decision, since it’s probably not worth the money to create dub, judging from the state of the anime market today. I just kinda wish NISA would release more games, and less anime.

          • You use a derogatory term like “Wapanese” and wonder why someone would get offended? If you’re not actively trying to offend people, choose your words more wisely and try not grouping everyone into some internet stereotype.

          • Do people even use “wapanese” anymore? I thought weeaboo was more widespread now. I haven’t heard that word in ages.

        • Well, i watch those and i dont think they are any super heroes at all =P. I guess is normal at those ages xD so i dont think is bad kids think that way either.
          Anyway… ummm Source? go to one of those anime conventions, and im sure, almost everyone will tell you they prefer the anime with the original japanese voices, is the same for most games as well, though, personally i prefer the games with english voices. Most ppl on the web say so as well… And ive heard some Dubs that would make me stop watching “X “anime, even if its really really good.
          Im not saying they are bad anyway, there are some good ones, but most of the ppl prefer them in japanese, wich is what im trying to make clear.

          • mach

            And again, people are saying you’re wrong. You have absolutely no solid proof beyond your own personal opinion that “most people” prefer to watch anime in Japanese. You should probably just stop talking.

          • Wrong? can you prove you are right? If you say this, is obvious you are not into watching anime, you could clearly see this from the community and saying im wrong because i cant prove it is just like the phoenix wright way lol. What solid proof do you want? a random poll on the web?
            And there has been only 2 ppl saying im wrong, most ppl here, are giving their personal opinion.

          • Ereek

            The burden of proof lies upon you, wildarms, not us. You are the one making these statements about how “95% of the anime community prefers Japanese subs.” If you cannot back up your claim, you should not make it in the first place.

            I’ve given you examples of why I’m right. The fact is, English-only of some of the larger shows gets more exposure, therefore more people watch it. In fact, I’d say in the long run the majority do not care.

        • Slashlen

          It’s a hard thing to quantify. A large percentage of the people who’ve watched any anime is going to be dubbed because subs don’t get on TV. However, we aren’t talking about a show that’s going to rival Naruto in sales, dub or no dub. Constrast that with a show like Maria-sama ga Miteru. Even if that show had a dub, I doubt most would have used it over subs.

          For smaller niche shows, recent releases have shown that there is enough of an audience who are at least willing to put up with subs to make sub only releases viable. Dubbing is a huge fixed cost, and when a company goes sub-only it’s because they’re worried that there aren’t enough dub fans to cover the dub’s cost.

          I think NISA’s really trying to limit their exposure until they know if this is going to work or not. Online only, sub-only, and I’ll also bet they aren’t making a large print run. Everything seems designed to avoid sinking the company if this flops.

      • Devonian

        iirc, dubs always sold better than subs did (like back in the VHS days when you HAD to choose one)…

        Also, last I heard Trinity Soul was terrible.

    • Pichi

      To make up for it, perhaps they are trying to sell it to the collector types. They do it for games, so its nice to see this for anime. Hopefully it pays off well that they can add dubs later like what Sentai Filmworks did for some of their titles.

      • Vino21

        Except….they’re overpriced as all hell.

        I just saw the standard prices for these sets: about $50 a pop. Sorry…but fifty dollars for sub only and an artbook?

        Yeah….not a good start, no matter what the series.

        • Arent those the same prices in any store in US? i remember i went to a couple of stores there, and most of the 12 episodes packs animes were around 40-60 dollars…without any extra D: … of course i couldnt buy anything T.T

          • speedstersonic

            Yeah, but like he said, for sub only. I prefer watching in English. I’ll either wait until the price drops, or a dubbed version comes out. If they had a dubbed version, I’d buy that day 1 for both animes.

          • Thats weird, ive seen some of them were just subbed, but at least here they are giving some nice extra stuff, but i do agree this is overpriced…

  • kupomogli

    Falcon Punch!

  • Slashlen

    $48 seems to be the price everywhere. I was hoping TRSI would do their usual 25% off, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Between the $60 retail price and the lack of the usual discounts, this is getting expensive for 13 episodes sub only.

    • Ereek

      I remember about 10 years ago when you would pay for $30 for ~3 episodes.

      I’m not really into anime as much anymore, so I don’t know much about the current pricing, but that seems rather fair to me.

      • I remember those days. What was more, dub versions cost $20 and subs cost $30. That always baffled me.

      • Slashlen

        Current pricing has changed since the crash a few years ago. Singles are, except for a few publishers, basically dead. Media Blasters still does, and Viz will for Naruto/Bleach, but that’s about it. Bandai’s kinda all over the place. $40 -$50 seems to be the norm for sub only sets, but that seems to be moving to $50. Funi will charge $60, but they dub. There are some sub only series going for more(Bandai is definately charging more for Hayate), but $60 is a bit high for sub-only.

        What added onto that for me though, is lower discounts. TRSI discounts just about everything 25%, but NISA releases are only 20%. Add no studio sales(the real way to save at TRSI), and I’m paying a lot closer to retail than I’m used to on a set that priced higer than similar sets. No single part is that bad, but it all adds up.

        If I were to get a sub only set from another publisher that retailed for $50, I could pay 33.75(25% off, GA discount, no coupon) or 27 with a 40% studio sale(includes GA discount). At today’s price for Toradora, I’d pay 43.20(includes GA discount). That’s 28-60% more.

        I’ll probably still get Toradora, but I haven’t ordered yet because I’m still trying to get closer to my usual prices.

  • Zeik56

    I was looking forward to Trinity Soul, but if it’s not even going to have a dub I’ve lost interest, I could just finish watching the subs online. Though I guess it depends on the quality of the subs, since fansubs aren’t always high quality.

  • Sorry, that was my bad, though i dont tend to separate people in internet because of how they talk, because like me, they may not have english as native language.

    In spanish is “poblacion” so it was a crash of languages in my brain -.-‘

  • tsukasa1288

    I really enjoyed Toradora, and I would be tempted to pick it up but the $100 price-tag for the whole season is kinda keeping me at bay here. I’m always really good about purchasing copies of my video games but on my college student budget I can’t afford to support multiple types of media.

  • BK0000

    No thanks. I have no interest in either series, but if I did, I would download the fansubs before buying NISA published releases. The translations in their games are bad enough. I’d hate to see what happens when they try to do anime.

  • Eh… No thanks NIS. Where is the Blu-ray love anyway? I prefer original soundtracks (whether it was japanese or english not re-dubbed soundtracks) with english subtitles.

    • I’m not keen on Blu-ray, but I’d be tempted to lay down the clams to watch K-On! on a BR player if/when it’s released in N.A (still no clue way it hasn’t been announced, yet, unless they’re waiting for a convention announcement).

  • Vino (Tim N)

    Wow, everyone is really anal about this. We’re asking Nisa to give us dual track anime at a cheaper price? This is their FIRST couple series to bring our way, they probably want to start things off slow and test the waters. Its probably a good idea to not want to start off with putting so much money into something they just started and pay English voice actors to voice these really cult hits.
    Toradora was made and finished like two years ago, for whatever reason, it never popped up here. I’m pretty deep in the anime scene, and some of my closest friends never heard of it until I told them. And its a Japanese high school romance series, why would you want to hear this in English? And no one can replicate Taiga’s voice. Rightstuf does the same thing, they give me Aria and Maria Watches Over Us with just subs, and I don’t see many complain about it.
    Nisa’s target audience isn’t the new anime crowd who get their anime from local TV broadcasts, their audience is their usual gaming audience, us who love playing anything from Japan pretty much. I understand not having that English voice track can be a peeve, but nothing to whine and bash them over.

    And because I can, I’m not going to be a total cheap ass dick about it, I’m going to support this, if they can bring over Toradora!, one of my favorite series of all time, I’m totally picking this up.
    They don’t have to treat this like a game though with the poster and hardcover art book. They should look at Rightstuf, they bring over some cult favorites like Aria and Maria Watches over us with smaller goods, and at a cheaper price, I’m sure they could lessen the retail price a bit if they did so.

    • Ereek

      I’m actually surprised so many people are complaining as well. NISA is in a damned-if-they-do and damned-if-they-don’t situation here. People cry and whine if they don’t add Japanese voices, but when they do Japanese only, they cry for English, which increases the costs of localization.

      You’re really sending out mixed signals, guys! Especially because NISA is unfamiliar with the overall anime fanbase which is, guess what, different from the gaming fanbase!

      Edit: Though I suppose I can understand the pricing complaints. Also, I know a few people who really wanted this on Blu-Ray, but, as stated, they have room for improvement if this does well.

      My suggestion is that instead of being negative here, send NISA an Email. Tell them what you think. If you want English, tell them! If you want lower prices for any future releases, respectfully send them an EMail and say their prices are a bit out of your budget range. Actually doing something about it is infinitely better than simply complaining.

    • Slashlen

      I’m a proud cheap ass, but I’m still going to get Toradora. I’m just trying to figure out how to do it. I still have a few angles to work: Add other items to a TRSI order to qualify for a GA coupon, RACS has it for $40 but I need to qualify for free shipping, or pray Amazon has a great price on it. The whole thing would be easier if I wanted Trinity Soul, but I already decided to pass on it.

      And personally, I’m glad NISA’s trying not to create too much risk for themselves. I like having them as a game publisher, and while getting into anime is great I really wouldn’t want it to hurt the games side. Dubs are expensive, and they don’t pay off for every series, especially if a company’s only selling online. NISA’s pricing/languages may change as they get a better idea of how many sales they can actually expect.

    • Sakurazaki

      This is true, lol.

      Rie Kugimiya CANNOT be replaced.

    • ……. wait a sec people are complaning because there is no eng dub??? O_O ….. fine people will always complain anyway «« , i do have a complaint too lol XD i rather have it bluray :P ! good luck with anime Nis , its not gonna be easy !
      I do aproove dub free content and art books thank you !

  • Vino (Tim N)

    Oh, and awesome choice of picture Ishaan, FAVORITE episode in Toradora!

  • Soma

    Well, I for one am pretty glad that Toradora is getting an official release in North America, dubs or no dubs. An amazing series. Definitely one of my favorites. :) Personally, I will be buying it once it’s released. The price is about the standard for 13 episodes these days.

    Also, judging from the titles they’re localizing, I think that NISA is probably aiming for a pretty select market.

  • Will be picking up both of these. Glad they decided to go sub only (particularly for Toradora). I can’t feel any sympathy for people who will go out of their way to avoid languages outside of their own.

    • Pichi

      For anime, why would one be glad for only one voice track? It boggles the mind, especially since most anime DVDs will have the Japanese track anyway. More people to watch and enjoy, the better.

      • No reason why everyone can’t enjoy the Japanese track with subtitles. Everyone can read (and these shows are not targeted to young children that can’t). If people choose to be “lazy” and not enjoy the show in it’s original form, that’s their own fault for missing out.

        And this is not something that is exclusive to anime or Japanese media. If I watch a French movie, I watch it in French with subtitles; if I watch a Spanish movie, I watch it in Spanish with English subtitles (can’t fathom enjoying “Pan’s Labyrinth” with a dub). It’s peoples unwillingness to put in even a moment of thought and some “if it’s not spoken in my language I don’t want it” mentality that is truly the confusing thing here.

        • Pichi

          There are reasons as to why one wants to enjoy media in their language. People just assume its the same tired argument of “too lazy to read” when there are a variety of other such reasons of preference. Especially insulting to the ones who have troubling following subtitles because of physical/mental conditions. What’s next, you’re going to say that people who are born with such conditions can’t enjoy something that is meant for a “normal” person? Whatever can help that person enjoy/experience something is the way to go, not cut off an audience.

          • Well, in your case, I’m sorry that it can be too difficult for you to enjoy subtitles. That is not the case with most people and I was speaking to that. I use to have a similar problem with manga where I would get tremendous headaches from reading “backwards.” That wasn’t a disability though and I was eventually able to overcome it.

            I know it’s not the same, but my point is, I can understand what it feels like to be excluded from a certain media you want to enjoy.

          • Pichi

            Thanks for understanding. When it comes to debates like this, many overlook this particular audience.

    • malek86

      I wouldn’t say that I go “out of my way”, especially because I usually prefer subs. Still, there are some anime that I’ve watched in dubbed form, mostly mainstream stuff like DB and Detective Conan, without trouble. Also, the italian dub for the xxxHolic movie was pretty good. For one, I’m glad I had the chance to try it out.

      Either way, I don’t see how having more choices is supposed to be a bad thing. The keywork being “choice” here. Because it’s not like they would be removing the japanese track to make space for the english one.

      • I’m not saying I’m immune to enjoying a dub myself. There have been at least 4 or so shows or games where I’ve actively preferred the dub even when the original track+subtitles was an option.

        I believe more choices can be a bad thing when the choice that most will take to is an inferior one. I’ve read negative reviews for anime (certain people on ANN come to mind) where their main complaint was that the acting or the way a character was portrayed was their main reason for disliking a show. These people only listened to the English dub and never bothered to listen to the original acting which was significantly more nuanced and better preformed.

        It’s things like that that make me glad to see what (usually) is an inferior track not be included. I felt the same way when they announced a Clannad dub was coming (it had originally been released sub only). That is a show which I strongly believe relies on the acting and tone that the original cast gave, and that he English cast simply doesn’t even come close too (I have heard it). And when a show is so character driven like that, it can only hurt the way it’s viewed.

        Ultimately a vast majority of the time dubs are always included, so when there is an occasional release that sticks to a purer form (and let’s not kid ourselves this is mainly done to save production costs), I’m glad that it will encourage some to give the original track a shot where they would have normally instantly gravitated towards the English.

        • malek86

          Those people might just not watch the show then. That would mean less money for NISA and no discernible change in the general public’s perception of anime.

          Anyway, we’ll see what happens when the show is released. We can say anything we want about what’s supposed to be better and what not, but in the end, it’s up to market laws. If the plan fails, NISA will have to rethink their strategy.

          • I agree a lot of people simply won’t buy it without the English. I can only assume NISA made a conscious decision that the amount of money it would take to do a proper dub exceeded the amount they think they will lose in sales from not having one.

            I will be curious myself to see how this ends up selling for them.

          • malek86

            Although it would be too quick to attribute an eventual failure to lack of dubs. There are many reasons why this could fail. People already watched it fansubbed, the DVD anime market in the US is not healthy, the price could be too high, the general perception of the Persona anime among fans is that it sucks, etc.

      • Aoshi00

        “Blast it, I’ll get ya for sending Tien to another ‘dimension’!”.. We’ve come a long way since then..

        Too bad ADV is defunct now, I want to see the rest of the Saint Seiya series dubbed in Eng, it’s available in every other language after all..

  • While I don’t watch much of anime anymore, I do like the fact that they’re releasing the two series subbed. How well they’ll do in the market, though, I’m not sure. The artbooks and whatnot definitely make this package look like a worthy buy, though lol.

  • wharcraff

    Smart move on their part. Don’t over extend yourself in a new venture. This way they can test the waters to see if the idea that no english vocals will actually ruin sales. I hardly ever watch my box sets with english vocals.

  • mirumu

    I picked up Toradora! on DVD when it came out in Japan. Had about 3-4 episodes on each disc for about 8 DVDs in total if I recall correctly. Makes me wonder how well the video and audio quality is going to hold up with 6 episodes per disc. Hopefully not too bad if they’re using DVD9s.

    I can understand why they picked up Persona -trinity soul-, but it wouldn’t have been my first choice as a title to license.

    • malek86

      It probably won’t change anything. 6 episodes isn’t much – it’s about two hours and half. There are movies that are longer that. Looking at my LOTR DVDs, which are about three hours each, they have great video quality and two DD5.1 EX languages on a single disc.

      I think japanese DVDs only have 4 episodes per disc because they want people to pay an outrageous price for the anime.

      • mirumu

        The reason I mentioned it is that some of the anime series with 5 or more episodes per disc back in the day looked very over-compressed, although most of those were DVD5s rather than DVD9s. Rurouni Kenshin comes to mind as an example.

        On Japanese discs it’s typical to have only two episodes so one with four is actually a surprisingly good deal. It’s no doubt a money making plan as you say, but these NIS titles don’t look to be a bargain either it’s a shame to say.

  • eliel

    english dub FTW

  • rock1644

    Those prices are pretty steep for Japanese voiceovers only.

  • thebanditking

    I dont care if they only release these with english dubs, Im just sad they are not releasing them on Blu-ray, DVD anime is so fuzzy……… :(

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