Proper Pokémon Black & White Screens

By Ishaan . April 15, 2010 . 12:58am

No new information, unfortunately, but we do have proper screens now of Pokémon Black / White, instead of terrible magazine scans. There have been a few popular observations floating around on the Internet since the CoroCoro scans leaked, which I’ll list after the gallery.


image image image image image image


  • The technology in Black & White (the PC at the Pokémon Center, for instance) looks older than in the newer games, which means this might be set in the past.
  • The nurse in the Pokémon Center has brown hair, so it isn’t Nurse Joy. This lends some credibility to the theory that Black & White take place in the past, perhaps before the Joy lineage found their calling. That, or they take place in a completely different land that perhaps isn’t based on Japan.
  • On the other hand, you now have cars, which haven’t appeared before, so maybe this is the future instead?
  • The screenshot with Zoruo and Zoroarc battling has a line of buildings in the background. There’s also an ocean around the city itself.
  • The player’s Pokémon is now displayed in full during battle.
  • The rocks in the cave appear electromagnetic.
  • The dialogue box is now in the shape of a speech bubble.

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  • NecroEclipse

    This is gonna be the game for the ages. I hope there isn’t queer looking pokemon 4th gen sucked but for a handful of them i liked. This game better do pokemon some justice.

    • Yea, there’ve been way too many bipedal Pokémon for my liking of late. I prefer when they look more like animals and less like humans. I know he’s popular but Lucario just looks ridiculous to me, for instance.

      • Code

        rar, I prefer when they look like dinosaurs! Or wear dinosaurs-esque head protection like Cubone! Or have cannons on there back like Blastoise! I demand Railgunasaurus — also make it a ghost-type for good measure.

        Edit #4: Actually just give me Metal Gear Rex cameo and we’ll call it even — Kojima, you know you wanna!

    • I actually liked most of Gen 4’s pokemon…Now Gen 3 on the other hand….*shudders* There’s like 10 pokemon from that gen that are only decent looking…

      But yeah, I too hope this new gen has a bunch of good looking pokemon, so far I think they’re off to a good start, with Zoruo and Zoroarc.

      • Joanna

        I agree with you Gen 3’s designs weren’t that great. A fighting chicken? wth. Teecko looked fine until you got to the final evolution, where it looked like an overfed lizard. And Mudkip, I don’t know, I never liked it’s look. Plus all the other really weird pokemon like the Lotad and Seedot families.

        I disagree with you about Zoroarc. Zoruo looks fine, but Zoroarc looks really weird. If they got rid of the face paint and crazy hair, then I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

        @Issan: I agree with you about the bipedal thing. Too many human looking pokemon since Gen 3. I wish they would go back to more animal/plant/object like pokemon. I don’t mind human looking pokemon (some of them are pretty cool like Croagunk), but yeah there seems to be an in flood of these since Gen 3.

  • YoFace

    Was still hoping for Pokemon Ranger-like graphics. I personally loved those sprites. For the open world, anyway. Battles are fine.

  • Kuza21

    Oh snap! Me want! :0

  • Guest

    Cars have appeared before, man. You already forget about the truck?

    And I’ll believe the battle comment when I see actual battle screens, with the menu and status bars.

    • Ah, you’re right — I did forget about the truck. But I don’t believe cars have been usable before, so the point kind of still stands. Ultimately, I think all the signs point to this being a different region rather than a different era, though.

      • Guest

        Yes, the point still stands. But that was just a nostalgia joke, not a serious argument.

        And yes, it’s just a different region. You think Nintendo is going to risk their cash cow by changing something that big? It’ll be a new region, with new, shitty pokemon, and some token gameplay changes.

      • I think it’d be pretty cool if this new pokemon game took place outside of a Japan-based region… I mean, they’ve gotta be runnin’ out of places in Japan to base pokemon games in, right?

  • Ephidel

    “The nurse in the Pokémon Center has brown hair, so it isn’t Nurse Joy”
    I’m not so sure. If you enlarge the ‘nurse’ sprite, the hair definitely contains shades of pink (and doesn’t match up with the brown haired ‘shop assistants’ in the nearview).

    • I actually did zoom in on the image before deciding to put that point in. Compared to the pink hair in the games, this isn’t even close…wouldn’t you agree?

      • Joanna

        could be a distant relative of Joy…just saying.

  • Am I the only one that didn’t liked the fact that there’s no pokémon following you? I liked it on HG/SS even the Shiny Pokémon keep their colors, Rayquaza Looks so cool! Other than I hope they break the “Grass/Fire/Water” Initial Pokémon tradition, I wanna start with a Psychic one! :P

    • I’m disappointed by the lack of pokemon following the main character, too. Maybe just where they haven’t announced the lot of the new pokemon, is why they aren’t showing that feature yet?

    • Yea, bring on the Dragon, Steel and Psychic starters! :D

      • I think a dragon one would be difficult, they are famous for being almost useless in their first stage and take a lot of time to level up, I like the challenge (I started with a Gible on my SoulSilver) but Gamefreak makes the main game way too easy, so kids can finish it. Or they could break the Dragon formula, but I wouldn’t like that. xD Steel would be cool, but a Dark one would be great, it would be the first Dark pokémon with 3 stages :P

        • this is not just to you, onyxsyaoran, this is to everybody, but my computer was messing up.

          There is a preview somewhere on the front page for the new movie, it’s about 3-4 minutes long, and has full detail or zorua and zoroark, in fact, watching that, I don’t think that they are dark type… i think there is a new type, because what pre-evolutionary pokemon has the power to transform into pikachu? he’s not ditto, people!

          Just do me this huge favor and watch the preview… you’ll be as excited as i am.

          • Also, I just realized that if you hover over everything, a tiny little video will play in the bottom left of the 4 boxes on that website. click on the video thats playing, not the caption, and the screen will go black and the video will play.

          • I’ve seen the preview a thousand times, I prefer that they add a 3rd type to the pokémons than a new type, and the CoroCoro reveal of Zorua and Zoroark said Dark type, and they would just be given Transform. Mew can learn transform by level up too, and it’s no big deal, transfom isn’t a good move to have anyway.

  • Joanna

    Other than Zoroarc, I’m liking what I see so far of this game.

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