Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday Coming In 2010

By Ishaan . April 25, 2010 . 5:01am


Trendynet, Nikkei’s “trend-watching portal” have published a brief talk with Yoichi Wada, president of Square Enix. Wada discusses the usual topics such as stereoscopic 3D gaming and strengthening global presence at TGS. But Trendynet also ask about Square Enix’s big games for 2010.


While he doesn’t give any details, Wada mentions Nier, Deus-Ex: Human Revolution, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2, Kane & Lynch 2…and Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday. So we know now, that the game is coming to Japan this year for sure.


On a more suspicious note, however, Wada makes no mention of Dragon Quest X, Final Fantasy Agito XIII or Final Fantasy Versus XIII, all of which are easily “bigger” than Parasite Eve. Nor does he mention the Kingdom Hearts game Tetsuya Nomura suggested for this year.


That isn’t necessarily reason to be worried — Wada’s probably just keeping his cards close to the chest — but it’s interesting that Square see The 3rd Birthday as a “big” game. It certainly is more western in scope than some of the company’s other projects.

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  • holyPaladin

    I thought Parasite Eve sold well so SE may think it’s a big game

    • Ereek

      It did sell well. Both Parasite Eve games broke a million copies.

  • urbanscholar

    *insert obligatory oh snaaaaap!*

  • cowcow

    The first Parasite Eve was awesome. I loved the fact that it took place in NYC cause I’m from there

  • Aoshi00

    The only thing I’m looking forward to from S-E is Nier and it’s made by Cavia who made Drakengard… 2 more days…. (BTW, Heavy Rain’s 1st DLC will finally be up on Jpn PSN on 4/28, waited forever!)

    • vrakanox

      It’s going to be awesome I can’t wait. I’m also excited for parasite eve though and of course the FF’s and KH’s. Oh yeah and Dragon Quest also.

  • Unlike most, I loved both PE games and I have been waiting for this to come out for a long time. Importing day 1.

  • Immerwachender

    “is more western in scope ”

    “Director Hajime Tabata has described the game as a “true third person shooter,” but that it will be different than other games of the genre such as Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII.

    western scope = instant third person shooter >.>

    I love the first PE 1, because of the rpg-elements and the atb system. Contrary, i hate PE 2 with it’s shooter-element’s/ rtb system and the light rpg magic-level up-system -,-

    I hope, PE 3 will be the perfect composition of PE 1/2, with only the best element’s ^_^°

  • Ereek

    Importing on release day. I’ve been waiting 10 years for this.

    Edit: Is XIV still slated for its 2010 release date? Alpha had some pretty huge problems.

    • I had originally put “Ereek, are you jumping up and down?” in small text after the story, but edited it out before publishing it because I figured other places would link back to the post.

      • Ereek

        Not quit jumping physically, but I was doing cartwheels in my head while at the same time giggling in anticipation. Seriously. I’ve really been doing my best to curb my enthusiasm for all SE games (since they always take forever to come out) but it’s not working here. It’s been years since this was announced and, quite frankly, I’m frustrated!

        • Yea, Square need to learn to schedule their game announcements better. Announcing stuff a year in advance is acceptable, but like you said, a LOT of their games get announced and then you hear nothing for the next two years. After which, if you’re lucky, there’s a private trailer held at their closed theatre at some random event, of which some enterprising fan manages to capture footage of with a cell phone camera. :P

          That said, I’m super-excited for both Agito XIII and 3rd Birthday. I’ve never played Parasite Eve before, but I’ve heard so much about it from another friend of mine that I can’t wait to try it out! I’d totally go back and give the PS1 games a shot if I had the time.

          • Ereek

            Oh, I want Agito XIII, too. From what little they’ve shown so far (the summons) it looks great. SE is a typical Japanese company in that it plans for the short term rather than the long term. They like to release their games in short little bursts every few years rather than doing them over a longer period. My personal preference is for them to stop giving their titles to other companies (This game, Nier, Chaos Rings, the like) and start developing more in-house again.

            The first Parasite Eve game hasn’t aged terribly well, but I still find it playable and there’s a lot of things SE did “right” with it (perfect mix of turn-based/real time, dark atmosphere, and being a “truly” mature game while not overemphasizing blood/gore/sex). The main problem is that Aya doesn’t run very fast, which is uncomfortable for those new to the game. I’d also make a strong argument for Parasite Eve being Shimomura’s best score.
            The second game is basically Resident Evil: The RPG. All the way down to STARS being turned into MIST. It’s funny, though, since PE2 does old-style RE better than most of the earlier RE games do. It has a more varied enemy selection and a great selection of useful/customizable guns and ammunition. The problem with PE2 is that the enemies are a good deal more motile and varied than those in early RE, so the typical RE control scheme doesn’t work well with the game.

            Edit: Typos everywhere, hopefully I got some of them.

    • CrimsonFlamesX

      Beta invites were sent? ARGH! If so, I didn’t get it.

      • Ereek

        Beta invites were sent a while back, but the alpha just ended (meaning beta starts soon). I’m told that alpha was pretty much unplayable in some cases due to lag and to many things not loading. Of course, it’s alpha testing, the whole point is to fix it so it’s not really that big of deal.

        • CrimsonFlamesX

          Oh okay, whew! Thank you for telling me!

    • As of now, it is. One of Square Enix USA’s reps said the same thing too.

  • eliel

    lookin foward to more Deus-Ex: Human Revolution, and Kane & Lynch 2, never played Parasite Eve i don’t know much about it ether….

    • Ereek

      If you don’t know much about it, why not do some research? Researching games you’ve never heard of or know much about might allow you to experience a great game you might otherwise have passed up.

    • Heads up, we’re doing a “golden week” week long feature on Deux Ex: Human Revolution.

  • Tokyo Guy

    I really hope that this game is something along the lines of Crisis Core, as in a product that took forever to make and turns(ed) out excellent. If they have turned this into some kind of lame “experiment” then I’m going to be ticked off. And why is it that there has been absolutely no talk of the game’s battle system whatsoever?

    And I really hope they used Yoko Shimamura for the music again. Most of the 2nd game’s music was IMHO quite poor.

  • Ya ha pasado una decada no?Me alegra ver que la saga de Parasite Eve continue este año.

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