North American Portable Market Declined In April

By Ishaan . May 16, 2010 . 3:14pm Videogame revenue was down across the board in April 2010, compared to the same time last year. While the factors contributing to the decline are many, it would appear the handheld segment of the market was the real culprit.


“The portable side of the industry contributed more than its fair share to the industry decline,” according to NPD analyst Anita Frazier. “The portable business across hardware, software and accessories accounted for 25% of total industry dollar sales in April but declines in portable sales compared to April ’09 accounted for 61% of the total industry decrease”.


In April 2009, the Nintendo DS sold over a million units of hardware. In April 2010, of all the platforms that declined compared to last year, the DS accounts for 71% of the overall hardware decline. Meanwhile, the PSP suffered an equally great drop in hardware sales, down from 116K units in April ’09 to 65.5K units in 2010.


An important point to note here, however, is that the NPD group don’t track iPhone and iPad sales in their report, both of which certainly count as portable platforms for gaming.

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  • d19xx

    sorry double posts….

  • d19xx

    NA consumers are too obsessed with shooters right now to bother with portable games and none of the current gen portables can handle shooters properly. The only reason the DS is still doing well is because Nintendo makes great first party titles…..

    • Eh… I think that is way too pigeon-holed. That’s like saying people in Japan are way too busy hunting portable monsters to care about console games. While Monster Hunter Portable might be a high selling game, it doesn’t mean that’s all anyone is playing.

      • d19xx

        I did mention “Nintendo makes great first party titles.” Other than Metroid Prime, I don’t know if they made any other shooter type game. Meaning other game genre still sells well in NA.

        However shooters dominate the sales chart in NA. Regardless of how mediocre it is, it’s shooters that sells really well outside Japan and that’s one genre that current gen portables can’t handle properly. It’s that genre that is missing in the portable market that is preventing it to match the sales of consoles.

      • To bad he’s generally correct. All this hoopla over a 2nd Analog for PSP is mostly founded in shooters. Its not necessary to have a 2nd analog and clearly people don’t care for a precise one cause the PSP analog is decent at best. You also see how well shooters end up selling compared to the other genres and how popular they are. Handhelds for the most part don’t get these shooters often (Unless you count Syphon Filter and Socom for PSP).

        Even after all this whine over a second analog, fact still remains that Goldeneye 007 pulled it off with just 1!

        • I’d like a second analog to control the camera. I’m mostly a fan of 3D action games like Ninja Gaiden / Bayonetta etc… and having control of the camera with a second analog stick is key.

          Also, Goldeneye 007 wasn’t as good as everyone who is wearing their N64 nostalgia glasses seems to think it was… that control scheme sucked. I tend to think that the only people who really think Goldeneye was a great game, never had a PC to play a real FPS.

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