The First Changes To Pokémon Black & White’s Battle System

By Ishaan . May 16, 2010 . 12:48am

This week’s episode of Pokémon Sunday revealed some rather substantial details about the new generation of games. For example, as the video below shows, Pokémon sprites and even the camera are far more animated during battles. It also gives you your first video footage of character interaction in Hiun city.



Notice how people seem to talk to you automatically as they walk by? This second video demonstrates Zorua and Zoroark’s “Illusion” ability in a battle against Raikou.



A huge thanks to kylehyde for the awesome tip!

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  • Kuza21


  • Hraesvelgr

    So, basically, it’s the same thing as every other Pokemon game, except battles will take longer because there are longer attack animations.

    • Pichi

      From what I see, some things like HP dropping are going down faster. Also it appears that when you get hit your HP drops immediately instead of HP starting to go down after the hit animation. Small things, but still welcomed if its in the final product.

      • That’s the opposite of what’s happening. The camera pans out, the animation occurs, the camera zooms back in, and then the HP starts going down. It’s still after the animation

        • Pichi

          I mean the part when you hit a pokemon, the pokemon starts to flicker then the HP usually goes down after that. This time, you don’t have to wait for the flicker animation to be done for the HP to start dropping. Its instant now.

    • Maybe they will add the option to skip battle FX? o.0

      • They always had that option from what i can remember.

    • raymk

      even if it is it still beat madden and sports title formulas. No one ever seems to complain about them.

    • There’s a probably an option to turn it off, like we did in the past games..

  • Pichi

    Love what I’m seeing with the animation. Haven’t seen it since Pokemon Crystal.

    • Masengan

      Yeah I actually like that they look alive.

    • Actually, all DS games had the Crystal animation, they just added a ‘waiting’ orders animation and an ‘attacking’ animation, which yeah, looks nice, but I want to see how much the graphics will be exploited on the powerful moves, for example, Draco Meteor, wouldn’t it be cool to see how the meteors fall from the sky and then fall into the pokémon? Like Golden Sun summon :D

  • Love it and I cant w8 4 it too come out! I guess it’s a good thing I dont buy Pokemon GS cause this is way much cooler!

  • I kind of like what I see, let’s just just hope they made battles a bit more faster (when it’s raining, snowing or whatever I REALLY don’t need the game to remind me that the weather effects are still in play after every move…).

    Anyway, a higher quality video was post here:


  • Well, is looking pretty good!

  • kupomogli

    And this is what? The same game we’ve been playing for 14 years now gets another slight improvement.

    Everyone is ranting about this series after every release like it’s life changing. It’s just a game, and one that’s the same as every previous iteration. Come on now.

    • Part of the charm of Pokemon is they don’t try to reinvent the wheel every damn generation like most Japanese developers seem wont to do on occasion.

  • kylehyde

    You’re welcome

  • It’s a real shame the new starters look awful. They look like something that came out of a bootleg Pokemon game from China back in 1999. Like Pokemon “orange” or something.

    The 3-D perspective looks to reinvent the Pokemon series. While I used to enjoy Pokemon back in the Gameboy days (I played up to Silver), the GBA and DS ones never struck my interest.

    Maybe it’s the ugly Pokemon or the same mechanics and similar looking graphics. This game looks to put a little “Digimon” flavor into the Pokemon game with all city setting and all.

    The big question is whether or not, this is for the 3DS or the DS. Since the 3DS will have 3D that can be switched on and off, it would help Nintendo move millions of more units of the new system.

    • TomSkylark

      This is being released for the DS, even though it will come out (I believe) after the 3DS. We haven’t, as far as I can recall, seen any footage from actual 3DS games yet.

  • doubletaco

    I sure hope they’ll do something other than flash white when they get hit, on top of these fancy “sitting there” animations.

  • TomSkylark

    So Gamefreak discovered the rotation effects that have been around on Nintendo handhelds since the GBA. While this is a half-step up from D/P/Pt, I think we can still hold higher expectations for one of Nintendo’s flagship franchises–one that makes a ton of money off of its fans–instead of just putting up with incremental improvements every generation.

    Imagine, for instance, if the animations in the Pokemon series were on par with those in any of the GBA or DS Castlevania games. It’s a fair comparison, I think, because those games use the same scaling and rotation effects as this appears to, and has resulted in absolutely gorgeous results, albeit with a drastically different aesthetic. This, by contrast, is still a bit messy, and I’m hoping it gets cleaned up by release time.

    Point is, I’m sure I’ll play Black and White and enjoy them just as I have all of the last generations, but I refuse to believe that a franchise with as long a development cycle, as huge a development team, and as much money as Pokemon should consistently make such incremental graphical and gameplay upgrades between generations.

    At this point, I can’t help feeling like Gamefreak is so aware that new entries will sell like gangbusters that they just phone things in, and that the series’ fans–many of whom are apparently cheering what seem like pretty minor, and even somewhat outdated graphical tweaks as “revolutionary,” quoting directly–suffers from the most predominant case of gaming Stockholm Syndrome.

  • Joanna

    Sure the improvements aren’t drastic, but I’m happy. I’m already excited about this Gen. Maybe it’s because I like things that stick to their roots as well? I never really cared about Pokemon going in new directions. I’m always up for more pokemon catching in new areas.

  • I’d just like to point out that as a whole, Game Freak has little experience with working in 3D. Do remember that recently(ish) they were having to hire 3D modelers and whatnot. D/P/Pt marked the first time they really had much 3D in a game.

  • karasuKumo

    Yet another minor change with the cost of the pokemon following you feature :P they need to make a pokemon game thats the same as the handheld series but in full 3d on the wii!

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