se.kirara Back Up For Free Download

By Ishaan . May 23, 2010 . 6:00pm


Earlier, in February of this year, eroge publisher Max Factory surprised the Internet by announcing that their upcoming game, se.kirara, would be available for free download. The idea was that allowing people to download the game for free would attract enough fans to whom they could later sell merchandise based on the franchise. Additionally, a limited edition version on DVD for 2,800 yen that came with a character built as part of the company’s revered brand of “Figma” figurines was made available to test the waters.


Then, soon after the game went live in April, concerns surrounding plagiarism by way of drawing over Internet photographs for the game’s backgrounds caused se.kirara to be pulled, with an apology stating that it would be re-released once the backgrounds in question were addressed.


Now, the game is finally back up on the official website (potentially NSFW), along with a notice of apology from the game’s producer, humbly asking that any inconvenience caused be forgiven. Anyone that wishes to download it can do so now, although, you’ll need to set up a Nico Nico account to be able to access it.


And here’s a pic of the Figma that comes with the limited edition DVD version, with a more complete set on this page.


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  • Guest

    I’ll glady download. Oh crap its in Japanese =P

  • Guest

    I’m having a problem editing my comments while running Opera. I’m not sure if it’s just on my end but maybe you guys can look into it? Thanks.

    • I think there’s a comment-editing bug, which a lot of people are experiencing in general. Ereek and I have the same issue (I use Firefox currently). Unfortunately, this is a Disqus problem we don’t have any control over. :(

      There is a way to work around it though. If you go to your Disqus profile and click on My Activity, you’ll see a list of your comments that you’ll be able to edit from that page.

      • Guest

        Damn. It actually worked while I was using Firefox but I’ve switched to Opera recently for a few reasons. Thanks for the work around and the reply.

  • Cute, don’t know who that is though… My figma is lum of course.

  • Aoshi00

    Great, just registered w/ Nico Nico Douga now and d/l’ing (1.4Gb).. I hope those pesky Jpn text would be displayed right.. Not too much into this figure though..

    I recently ordered Steins;Gate too, I hope the game is as good as everyone says it is. I haven’t played a visual novel in a while, other than starting 628 on the Wii.

    • I’m gonna said the same thing i said above, maybe this way you will get an email or something that you got a respond and come see it xD. Yeah it worked for me, and im on Vista.
      have you tried running the program or setup as administrator? (99% of the cases with vista this works), right click in the shortcut or exe and click on “run as administrator” that’s all i did when i installed it (and when i install most of the games here)

  • Oh wow, that figma is cute.

  • Oh, i will check it out now, if my noob internet would let me…

    • Can you access The Google on your noob internet?

      • The google? o.0, yeah… but it goes down every 5 minutes -.-” especially at nights, well at the end i left it downloading all the night and it seems i didnt had any problems downloading it, so it seems it can keep going even if internet goes down some seconds

        • Aoshi00

          I d/l’ed it, but I still don’t know how to get the Jpn text to show up (I’m using Vista..)

          • Oh i can help you with that, i can’t say it exactly because im currently in a computer at the college, but i think i remember the names good enough to guide you…First of all, i dont know if you have to install something beforehand, i didn´t had to do it, i think it depends on the Vista you have… you should check google for this matter, anyway if you want to try do this:-First, click on start and go to control panel, then go to Regional and Language Options or something like that.-Then go to to the administrative tab, and then look for something like, language for non-unicode programs (if i remember correctly thats the name), click change system locale and look for Japanese, click ok and it should ask for you to restart the computer :D. You can change this back anytime, the only changes i’ve seen is that, of course the japanese characters should appear, and i only had one thing with an antivirus that changed it’s language to japanese xD, but i just changed it in the anti virus configuration and problem solved. (of course took me some time to find that option)

          • Aoshi00

            It works!! Much obliged my man :) Now when I hit set up, I can see it’s asking if I’m over 18, good sign good sign lol.. before I tried switching language to Jpn but not thru the administrative tab you mentioned. Thanks again, those random symbols were starting to get on my nerves. I knew there’s a way to do it other than installing Jpn Windows, because my friend had been playing Jpn PC games…

          • Aoshi00

            Doh.. the Jpn text shows up, but the set up can’t go thru, it says “fail to install” as soon as it starts… you have the same problem :(? That’s why I prefer console games…

          • Ugh, i can’t answer you directly, have you tried running the program as administrator? (99% of the cases with vista this works), right click in the shortcut or exe and click on “run as administrator”, i still haven’t tryed to install it yet, but if i have any problem ill post it here, or at least in this article (if this thing doesn’t lets me edit after posting this >_>)

  • vamperica

    i cant get google to translate the registration page could someone help me out and post a pic or something

    • Aoshi00

      Hmm, it was kinda convoluted, but I don’t think it was that difficult, I alrdy registered so I can go back to that page anymore. you just need to fill in your info pretty much, and pick a place outside of Jpn for address. Then you’ll get an e-mail from Nico Nico, and after that click on that link in the e-mail to confirm. Once that’s done, you need to click on the d/l link again it would start the d/l… not sure if that helps..

      • vamperica

        not really as i dont know what any the words on the website means when i get the register part

        • Aoshi00

          I found a link for you w/ screenshots and such, hope this can get you thru,…I never realize how hard it is for people to register on Jpn sites, I guess it’s like when I read French or German or something, when I play Lost Odyssey lol, even the simplest commands look totally mind boggling and exotic..

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