See Xenoblade’s Vision Battle System In Action

By Ishaan . May 23, 2010 . 1:25pm


Looks like we missed this during the course of the week. Here’s your first look at the Xenoblade battle system, which initially does bear a lot of similarities to Final Fantasy XII in the way it’s presented.


The primary difference, however, are “Visions,” which are also a part of the game’s story. Visions allow the wielder of Monado to see glimpses into the future, and the same holds true for battle as well. In this case, you’ll be able to tell when an opponent is about to use an immensely powerful attack, and consequently, will have to do whatever you can to prevent that from happening.


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  • Kaoro

    Hopefully it’s not *too* similar to FFXII’s battle system, as that battle system was somewhat dull.

    I wonder if Nintendo will share Western release info for Monado/Xenoblade at next month’s E3.

    • Guest

      Probably. I was surprised last year when they talked about the “RPG” in their conference for a bit. I was expecting some crazy announcement but it was just a crappy trailer for FF:CB and GS:DS (which was big for some but not for me)

      I expect them to premier The Last Story at E3. Wait…expect or hope…

      • Kaoro

        I hope they focus on the Last Story as well. I also hope Xenoblade and the Last Story don’t take a whole year to bring over like DQIX has…

        Given the underwhelming recent Nintendo E3 press conferences, I think we may be hoping too much :).

        • Guest

          Well last year was actually good. Not great but solid. Good opening crappy middle good ending.
          They have a good amount of cool of stuff they can show but they also have other junk that can also take a lot of the conference. I expect 50/50 split of the good and bad. Which kinda sucks because it can be 75/25 good/bad.

  • MrRobbyM

    Awesome stuff. Didn’t understand much because I don’t understand japanese but it looks fun.

  • That Vision system doesn’t look too bad. It gives you just a few seconds to react and take a proper course of action.

  • The song that plays in the first and last part of the first clip.. It sounds awesome.

  • THis LOoks great!

  • Vanilla

    As much as I love Shimomura, every time I hear those horrendous KH-quality solo violin samples I want to hurt myself. D:

    The battle system isn’t leaving much of an impression on me (slow-paced, open field slashers–if that’s what this is–aren’t really my thing), but jumping full speed off of cliffs looks kind of fun.

  • BrotherCavil

    X_X Battle system looks boring as all hell… Like, PS2-era.

    I was hoping for something a lil better.

  • Aoshi00

    I dunno, the gameplay really looks too much like FF12 which I didn’t find to be too fun. The only thing that I really like is the battle music, pretty exciting and catchy. It’s hard to pre-order this at this point..

    • cowcow

      There’s no ‘active time battle’ since it’s an action rpg so I don’t know how you come to that conclusion. If anything it bears more resemblance to Rogue Galaxy; imo the ‘other’ FF XII killer.

    • thebanditking

      Im with you on this one. I am just not sold on this game, and I am having a really hard time mustering up excitement for it. Though that’s likely due to Last Story which had my interest piqued since it was announced.

      • Aoshi00

        Same here, Last Story is like the only thing I’m looking forward to on the Wii.. first the chars look strange, and the vast world and battles look more like chore than fun, at least from the videos and screenshot, but the music is good.. I need to wait for reviews on this one. Somehow I just have a gut feeling if I spent $70 on this I’ll watch the intro and then stop playing

  • So, is there any “Xeno mech battles” in this game? >:

    • memoryofwater

      Probably not. It’s not a Xeno game so much as a Monolith/Tetsuya Takahashi game that Nintendo thought to call Xeno-something for marketing reasons. Which seems like a pretty weird decision to me (the game looks like it leans more toward the Soma Bringer or Baten Kaitos side of Monolith) but, you know, oh well.

      Either way, the more we see, the more interesting it seems. I’m sure the Mitsuda score will be aurgasmic, anyway.

      (Had to. :/)

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