Rumor: Epic Mickey Receiving Artistic Overhaul

By Ishaan . June 1, 2010 . 3:11pm


The existence of Junction Point and Disney’s Epic Mickey, being headed by Deus Ex originator, Warren Spector, was originally leaked in the form of concept art that thrilled fans with its Tim Burton-esque aesthetic. When Disney officially revealed Epic Mickey via screenshots in the following months, however, the general consensus from the gaming public was that the in-game graphical style was too far detached from the groundwork laid by the game’s fantastic concepts gallery, in that it lacked the eerie feel that fans had come to expect.


Those cries may not have gone unheard at Junction Point. According to a rumour at French games site, Gamekyo, Epic Mickey will be presented at E3 this year with an art style that resembles its pre-production concept work more closely. With the supposed reveal only two weeks away, we’ll find out just how much progress Junction Point have made soon enough.

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  • Guest

    I expected some kinda of cel shaded paint brushy liquid drippin style….this doesn’t make sense. Kinda like Okami but with a more of a “wet” feeling too it I guess is how to describe it. I don’t have much of a problem with it not looking like its concept art. I’ve yet to see concept art that closely resembles the final product. I simply didn’t like how it looked.

  • Thank goodness. I had a feeling that Disney Interactive didn’t quite understand how much of a “special case” Epic Mickey was and tried to treat it with the kind of resources & expectations appropriate for their usual movie tie-in games. I mean, the original screenshots looked like something out of one of those shovelware titles.

  • Kris

    The animation demos I saw looked gorgeous, I hope they keep that stuff.

  • RAVENKam

    I doubt it’ll be far removed from what we’ve already seen. Disney will predictably play it safe. Unfortunately.

  • no era para menos, estaban desperdiciendo todo el artwork inicial

  • Advent_Andaryu

    I would have preferred if Disney just gave this project to Square Enix. They have way more experience making games, and they handled the Disney style very well with Kingdom Hearts. Hell, Mickey was a very important character and overall I think it made us all like him more. :D

    Oh well, this game seems mediocre at best but we shall see…

    • no, not square they aren’t suited to make this, it’s a disney game not a Disney/FF game like KH + it seem’s Disney already have an engine while Square only have the engine for Nier that I dont think it’s gonna work with this project

    • crunc

      Maybe the other games in the series are much, much better, but I only made it about an hour into KH 365 days or whatever it was called. I found it pretty simplistic, and definitely boring. So, only being able to go on that, I would have to say, no, no, don’t let Square Enix do *that* to it.

    • I would agree with you if it weren’t for Warren Spector’s mad obsession with Disney and their history. You should check a few of the interviews he’s done about this project out. He’s very passionate about it, and ultimately, I think that counts for more than what Square would have to offer. :)

      Besides, which team at Square would you give it to? Everyone under Nomura is presently up to their eyeballs in work. :P

  • capristrider

    If Epic Mickey can come any where close to Castle of Illusion’s charm and playablilty then I’ll be happy.Castle Of Illusion had so much charm and character that imho every other Mickey game has paled in comparision (back in the day when Sega were “in the zone”)

  • I should’ve known that Disney is…

    1. still damn kiddy.
    2. showing it’s still not fond of Tim Burton since the previous art style had been compared to Burton’s, as reported in the past.
    3. showing how much of a graphics whore it is, by using some stock models.

    Disney, your loss.

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