Rumour: 3DS Codenamed Nintendo CTR; Not Reliant On Nvidia Tech

By Ishaan . June 6, 2010 . 11:36am


The infamous Nintendo DS Tegra rumour that has been circulating around the net since October of last year is now being shot down by several media outlets. Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry blog is one of them.


Digital Foundry report that two independent, unconnected sources have both informed them that Nintendo have chosen to partner with a Japanese company for the 3D hardware within the 3DS, and that the device is in no way reliant on Nvidia’s “Tegra” technology. Furthermore, they believe the device is indeed codenamed “Nintendo CTR,” which would mean that the FCC filing spotted a month ago was, in fact, for the 3DS.


All DS models are internally referred to by three-letter codenames. For example, the Nintendo DSi was referred to internally as “TWL,” while the DSi XL was known as “UTL”. At this point, it’s probably safe to assume the 3DS’s top screen — the one with the stereoscopic features — is wider than the regular screen at the bottom (which is also likely the touchscreen).

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  • ElTopo

    Anything but a Tegra 2 is a damn mistake. If they want to pursue Apple like they are stating they damn well better have a Tegra Model 2, Tegra 1 will be ok but dont expect it to stay relevant for the next two years.

  • Who thought Nintendo would go for power when they built what is the Wii, honestly? It’s made to sell for cheap.

    Except the DS is (or rather, was) more expensive than a Wii.

  • kylehyde

    the DS showed that cutting edge hardware isn’t needed for success and is not needed for making good games and DS has a lot of this.My only wishes is that the 3DS count with a big and awesome catalogue and the graphich for me will be the less.Nintendo has learned that trying to compete with graphics in mind just doesn’t work. So I think that the best move that nintendo could make is not competing with Apple (please don’t bring that BS from the Times UK, I readed that pseudo-article is full of pure speculations and things like “A guy tell me that this dude heard from a pal that works in blah blah blah” also theres not a single quotation) and do what they were doing, bring new ways of play a game.

    • ElTopo

      Im sure a new system will still have a home for fine 2D graphics ( I hope ) but being able to push 3D in a time when Nintendo believes its next competitor is Apples products is gonna be critical. Improved top hardware (Tegra 2) should be the first step.

      If they switch to another company, I see them going with some kind of arm-core processor that wont be near as powerful as Apples current line of products or the PSP2 which I wouldn’t be surprised to see clocking in with something @ 750 mHz or higher (Rumors said it was incredibly powerful).
      If Apple expanded with the same all in one multimedia functions as the Iphone/Itouch/Ipad but inside a dedicated gaming rig nintendo would be in deep sh*t.

      • RAVENKam

        In the end it’ll always be the software that wins the day and in this fight Nintendo have their cake and will likely continue eating it regardless of who bags 1st prize for tech specs.

        • kylehyde

          Amen for that.

      • kylehyde

        Someone has readed the Times pseudo-article or has readed kotaku quoting the times pseudoarticle.

        Iwata has never say that apple is their next competitor, all that BS that nintendo is aiming to compete against apple in part comes from that BS that someone writed without a source.

        • ElTopo

          Ha how funny, it did sound like bullsh*t but with all the videogame rumors going around, who knows. Either way I feel like the new DS needs to do something different (besides gimmicky 3D effects). With a more powerful processer and a step in the direction of a multi purpose gaming device (DSi paved the way), I just think it makes sense.

        • malek86

          I don’t know if the article is true or not, but it would make sense for Nintendo to see Apple as a competitor.

  • Sharp are making the screen, they could be supplying the innards too.

    Most of Sharp’s current offerings are ARM Cortex’s paired with PowerVR. I don’t think Nintendo would use off the shelf parts like that but it would tie in with the rumours that it has about as much graphical power as a GameCube. The Dreamcast used a less advanced PowerVR with a much slower CPU.

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