Internet Ads Show New Xbox 360

By Ishaan . June 13, 2010 . 5:56pm


Hours before Microsoft’s E3 press briefing, Internet ads for the new Xbox 360 are starting to pop up. The one above was spotted on Italian games website Console Tribe.


The most major feature that stands out, aside from the obvious redesign, is the inbuilt Wi-Fi support. Details regarding the system — including price, release date and the bundle options — will likely be announced at the Microsoft press conference in a little over 16 hours from the publishing time of this post.


A big thanks to Chris Taran for pointing us to the video!

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  • Code

    rar! Yes! That >O>! It’s angles defy time and space, and are trying to encourage me to stand it upright, rar, do not wanttt. Japanese 360 here I come >w<~!

  • Possibly out tomorrow? “Vivi Oggi” means “Live Today” in Italian. So, if this ad is suppose to go live tomorrow, could that mean this new look is in stores on Monday?

    • Code

      Hmm I’m doubtful of that, I think there would have been more noise if Microsoft was shipping out new 360s. My guess is tomorrow we’ll see these ads kicking around everywhere, it’s been one site that just had there counter set early.

      • You’re most likely right.

        • Code

          haha, guess sort of half and half, they ship out today, there just not in retailers today >w<' Still impressive that they are getting the system out as fast as they are!

  • andref

    If this is for real i may just have to trade up

  • Please let this be real…..please!

  • !
    Actually, I was thinking this would happen soon… Looks like the next generation of consoles is pretty far off.

  • Aoshi00

    So this probably would have built-in HDD in add. to Wi-Fi right? and maybe one model w/ Natal inside. Wonder if there’s some way to transfer your data from the old 360 to this one… faceplates probably aren’t compatible though :(.. The new design doesn’t look that cool, but I thought the same thing about PS3 slim and later grew to like it. I can’t wait to see the old and new systems side by side for size comparison.

    • Code

      yeah I noticed that too (about the HDD), my first look over, I was looking for the HDD/USB ports. But it doesn’t look like it has any of those, at least judging from that small picture. Of course it might just be a low detail rendering for that picture, the real product might have more visible features, like the little USB port lid on the current 360 model.Hard to say if it’ll still use the HDD, judging from the size of the disc tray this thing might be a bit smaller then the current 360, and if it’s got any less width on the the current 360, that probably a good sign for an internal HDD T_T’ Otherwise if it’s got the same width at the top/able to fit the HDD, this system is wider then the current 360 at it’s base. I dunno judging from all that, if it’s really the case, this looks more like a casual gamer model, especially if it has a built in HDD, Wifi, and taking away the USB ports (I love USB ports) T_T’ rar, also face plates definitely won’t work, with that widening base on it. unless you hit them with a hammer maybe x_x;

      • Aoshi00

        I saw the video, the HDD slides inside, perhaps w/ less effort than the PS3. The whole system is significantly smaller, width, depth, and length. I don’t like it being glossy though, it’s sleek vs. fingerprint/dust magnet. I’m sure the USB ports would be there since they just let us use the flashdrives as memory cards. I just need to know if the transferring of data would work (I just moved all the stuffs from 120Gb to 250Gb recently lol). The audience at the conference were all given the new systems, pretty sweet.. but no custom faceplates is so boring…

        • Code

          Yeah I figured USB ports would stay, my big question was if they moved them to the back, but that was just from the low quality photo. New photos show the nice little hatch on the front >ww<

          • RupanIII

            Too bad the HDD is proprietary : At least w PS3 you don’t have to buy a special Sony hard drive

          • Aoshi00

            Thanks for the link! Yea, USB sticks would be a pain, I can use my 8Gb, have a 16Gb too but that has lots of stuffs on it and can’t be formatted, and my 250Gb is down to 90Gb now. I still have the transfer cable, so hopefully it works like they say, might take a long time.. You know I had the urge to order the new 360, since I have like $200 credit from Amazon after trading in a dozen of games I no longer want. But it dawned on me, what I need is a new Jpn 360 Slim, because my old one runs hot and I don’t trust it anymore (I only use it to play imports like shmups or No More Hero Paradise).. also getting a Jpn one means that I don’t need to juggle btwn two system anymore because the Jpn systems plays 99% of the US games too pretty much.. Plus if there are some good Jpn Kinect games later, then I would need to plug in a separate power to the old Jpn machine because only the new system provides Kinect power.. P-A has it for $389 + $70 shipping though, I wish some place would sell it cheaper..Hey, new Code :)!

  • Kuza21

    Looks good!~

  • thaKingRocka

    :( That is truly the ug. The 360 was the belle of the ball. A damn shame.

  • DemonicX


    …Now…what will the price be?

  • Electrium

    I’m disappointed that they didn’t use the name “360” in the design. Anybody remember that modder that made his PS2 into a sphere?

    A 360 in that shape designed to look like the logo would be really cool. Oh well, can’t say I was expecting them to do that.

    …assuming this is real.

    • I get Gantz vibe from that PS2 :D

      Meh the new 360 looks just like another gaming PC casing..

  • Kris

    Hmm, assuming that the price is reasonable (AND THAT IT’S NOT BUNDLED WITH KINECT), I might have to finally get a 360…

  • malek86

    Aestethically speaking, I don’t like it.

  • microsft just shot itself in the foot with this… thing, it wont be able to compete with sony’s bundles. and KINECT is bullocks, expensive bullocks.

    Think about this, sony will evolve into the next generation with even more powerful hardware and more precise controls, and a better camera.

    microsoft has a piece of hardware that barely works, are they going to invest in a kinect that is actually responsive, just for the casual gamer? and on top of that they wont have blu-ray, and if they do have blu-ray, sony’s market will expand like a mushroom cloud. microsft against the wall with the next generation.

  • RAVENKam

    I wonder if the size comparison will fare better than the original ps3 did to the new? Honestly, Sony should have left the power unit separate from the main unit. No use crying over spilt milk.

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