Kinect Headed To North America Nov. 4th, New Xbox Shipping Today

By Ishaan . June 14, 2010 . 12:16pm


Microsoft just announced that the Kinect is releasing in North America this Fall on November 4th, and will be released alongside 15 titles, one of which looks to be a new Sonic game. You can read up on some of these here. One of the games — Kinectimals — lets you teach a tiger how to play dead, as demonstrated during Microsoft’s E3 media briefing.


As of this post, no price point has been announced for the device. Strangely, Milo, the tech-demo featuring an interactive boy, was not demonstrated at the briefing either.


The new Xbox, on the other hand, is shipping to stores this week, and costs $299. The re-modeled system comes with 250 GBs of storage and a built in Wi-Fi adapter.

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  • The new xbox called my attention, i saw the conference and it was alright , and the Kinect wasnt as bad as i though it would end up like (of course most of it was like a copy of a wii conference but powered up), still i can already see all the generic games going out for that, and i cant get myself to buy a xbox yet…. also… the ps3 will be going that way as well, with its strange fusion of wii and kinect, darn…, i hate you mainstream.

    But at least it will be fun at the beginning uh?

    Anyway i hope to see some ups of Golden sun [email protected]! FFSFHSIFHJKFL:KS

  • I saw like three games in Microsoft conference…and that’s it. Nothing more, that was a waste of my time Microsoft.

    • andref

      I agree with you but looking at Microsoft, they don’t really develop games they publish them so we should see better conferences from EA, Ubisoft and the other companies

  • I’m not bothering with the Kinect. If I do, It’ll just be a video camera in my eyes.

    As for the new 360, I’m getting that. Maybe. Just need money.

  • And the Konect price? :/

  • YoFace


  • Code

    rar, you know what I’m hoping all this Kinect business means? A new UI for 360, maybe >ww<'

  • TurkeyPotPie

    I followed a live blog instead of watching due to work, but that conference sounded dismal. Not mentioning the Kinect price probably means it’s expensive. I was never very interested in Natal to begin with, but I was willing to give it a shot if was in the $50-60 range. If it’s $100+ forget about it.

    I wonder how much quieter the new 360 is. My current 360 (a Jasper Elite) has a very annoying high pitched fan, plus the fan in the power supply can also get quite loud. I hope this new 360 drives down the prices of Arcade units so I can get a Japanese one.

    • $149 for Arcade units. Don’t know if this is for Japanese consoles though?

    • $149.99.Arcade bundle $299.99.
      It’s much quieter. Instead of the two 12V variable speed fans it now only has one larger fan.

      • RupanIII

        I think I’ll just pick up an Arcade eventually, provided the separate hdd isn’t too pricey. Didn’t catch the conference yet but sounds like it was pretty disappointing..

  • BrotherCavil

    I’m quite curious to know in which areas *this* particular model will start failing at… :/

  • Worst event ever. Besides MGS: Rising (even with the GOD AWFUL artwork displayed! I was hoping that was FAKE!) and the sword slashing action… I was not impressed at all… more like… depressed. Vomit.

  • malek86

    Didn’t like the conference. Kinect is not interesting enough. However, the new 360 is kinda growing on me. Still wouldn’t change mine though, at least until it breaks down.

    • thebanditking

      Im with you on this, MS conference was terrible outside of showing us games we already knew about the whole show was for Kinect. Which did not impress me at all (also was that Star Wars game using pre-recorded footage? sure looked like it). Also big deal MS pretended Rising was exclusive to 360 (they did that last year) and the game looks ho-hum to boot. Other then that no real games, we know about Gears 3 (its still way off) Halo Reach is just that, another Halo (not that its a bad thing). Still this was a really terrible show, it was (almost) as bad as that E3 where Nintendo showed off nothing but pie charts and graphs. The whole conference did not fit the majority of the 360’s user base. In fact MS’s whole conference seemed like a Nintendo rip off, Kinects game look very similar to Wii sports and with the thing rumored to be 149.99 I can’t even consider it a “try it” impulse buy.The new console is just OK, Im not really excited for the return of a fingerprint magnet (just like my phat PS3) and the console still uses proprietary hard drives, rather then just let us upgrade on our own. The added features are nice but the PS3 already comes with all that stuff and still is a Blu-ray player for the same $299.99, so Im not really seeing the value here, sure its a way better value then buying a current 360 and paying for those features separate but the competition still does more out of the box. Im also not feeling the design too much, looks like a high end PC (alien-ware?) but over all its not that bad.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Pretty bad conferences from both Microsoft and EA (not that I expect much from either). Only thing that interested me was the new 360. I’d love to have a quieter 360, but for the same price and no compatibility with old HDDs makes me think “lolno”. I would consider it if there was a way to transfer data from the old to the new, but I’m doubting this.

    • Aoshi00

      My Jasper 360 is fine and dandy, runs quiet (I have never played a game uninstalled), and I got the 250Gb HDD before so space is not an issue. The only factor for me is transferring data from the old system to this new one too, if that works, I wouldn’t mind getting this w/ Kinect (getting it separate at $149 is out of the question), so I could finally give a 360 to my sis, for her to play Lost Odyssey or watch Netflix.EDIT: Oh no! I just watched the video, it’s glossy, why.. :(.. I liked the PS3 Slim and DSi better because they’re matte and not fingerprint magnet.. Glossy is sleek and classy, but just gets so dirty easily… good value though other than aesthetics aside.. No faceplates is boring though, I have like 10 of them w/ the Deathsmiles one coming :) Still, the most important thing is if it lets you transfer all your old data to the new one, hope they let you do it..

  • Watching all the consoles going toward this gimmicky motion control direction makes me sad. Do I really have to grow up and stop playing video games =(
    Stupid mainstream media already took music away from me, now this. I’m gonna go play my SNES and listen to my Nirana cds now *cries a little*

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