• Jirin

    Looks interesting but it doesn’t address the questions I would have about any Zelda game.

    1) Are there lots of annoying minigames forced on you?
    2) Is there difficulty? I know the guy now in charge of Zelda hates hard games. (But then why not put in difficulty levels for those who don’t?)
    3) Do you have to deal with annoying subplots with irritating children?
    4) Do you have freedom to explore like 2d Zelda games or is the exploration linear?

  • I’m actually fairly interested in this, but that was a rather lacking trailer. I know you can do better, Nintendo!

    Either way, I like the graphical style.

  • Guest

    So how does the teaser art/ poster relate to this? =x

  • Vino (Tim N)

    I’m in love.

  • Chow

    I wouldn’t mind this too much if it weren’t already evident that they’re forcing random waggling for swordplay again. I mean, I wouldn’t mind an option for button sword and maybe a little [optional] waggle for the tools, and pointer for arrows is perfectly fine. But really do they need to force swinging on us again? Also, my OCD senses will hate right-handed Link. XD

    Hopefully you can turn off the button map template thing that’s in all the controlled scenes. Give us a Classic Controller option please.

    Side note: I wonder how you’re supposed to in-game pause. I’m gonna guess either the 1 or 2 buttons which don’t seem to be in the button map template.

    Anyway, standard Zelda fare. I’m sure it’ll be fun. :)

    • Advent_Andaryu

      Well, Zelda Skyward Sword uses Wii motion plus, which will be different then Twilight Princess “random waggling”. It does seem more precise and with mastery it seems more about precision then just shaking the Wiimote.

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