• Guest

    Looks pretty good! Hopefully the controls won’t suck like the previous MGS games.

    • controls has never been a bother in any metal gear….

      • Code

        My only issue with MGS wasn’t with the controls it was when they doubled up two mechanics, crouching, and crawling across the ground. But they made crawling across the ground much better then crouching, which kind of lead to me crawling across A LOT of areas and it kind sucked the fun out of it T_T’ Luckily in Peace Walker, they simplified the controls a lot, and fixed it up so crouching is as beneficial as crawling was in the older games, which was a relief >w<'

        • RupanIII

          Controls were my fave in the first two games. I agree that Peace Walker controls aren’t bad at all though, but they do take a bit of getting used to. I heard a lot of iffy stuff online (from Aoshi too heh ;P) but so far I’m enjoying it quite a bit. I liked MGS4 but in a way it lacked some of that MGS feel, those back and forth codec convos, that kinda stuff, which I guess might’ve been part of the theme in a way (aging, tired, things aren’t what they were, etc), but I’m feeling it a bit more in Peace Walker so far, though I’m not too far in yet.

      • BrotherCavil

        Aoshi would like to have a word with you regarding Peace Walker and Portable Ops…

        • what? but portable ops may had been hard in the first half hour, but after that you can get used easily, and Peace walker was even easier, with the mode i choose is just like playing Monster Hunter, and is even easier because you can do “throwing combos” if the enemies are colse one to another

          • Code

            rar, yeah I started out trying out Monster Hunter style (a billion hours on MH, so why not >www<!

  • MrRobbyM

    That resolution..

  • BrotherCavil


    PSP = PSPwnd.

    • Airgetlam

      You do know that the Psp is six years old right?

      • Hraesvelgr

        And this takes away one of only two advantages PSP has ever had over the DS: graphics. Sound quality would be the other, but I’m not sure about that one.

        • and analog stick o.0, the psp still have a great resolution though, i need to see in person how the resolution of the 3DS’s screen is…

          • Airgetlam

            All I’m saying is it would be more fair to compare the next gen Psp (if they ever make one) to the 3DS than to compare it to the now old Psp. Of course the 3DS will have better graphics it’s brand new.

          • SladeNoctis

            So i hope this is consider as a sequel to the DS since the DSi brought new features yet in sales it was like the one fat DS was doing all the sales.

          • Chow

            Not only that, but the fact that it’s a 3D display means that the vertical resolution is probably half what it could’ve been as a 2D display (if its 3D is done the way I’m expecting it to)

  • FireCouch

    Now Sony has to announce PSP 2 next E3 and then release it that fall.

    • Yeah, still this just looks (putting the 3D apart) like the DS graphics reached the PSP’s is a good strategy for sony to not have released anything this year, the 3D thing will get lots of sales, it would be more safe to get a sequel next year. In my opinion though, the PSP is still a really powerfull handled, if there is a sequel needed, is just to beat again the DS (in terms of graphics, quality, etc) of course… if they go 3D as well, it wouldnt do such as impact as now… but knowing sony, it will be high quality.

      PS: im not a sony fan, i just know they always do quality stuff, nintendo is great as well, but they are more mainstream

      • Code

        Honestly I think Sony will keep pushing on with PSP a bit longer, a price drop will likely help make it more appetizing to consumers, and could possibly still see a boost in sales just because it’d be at a comparatively low price point to the current DSi models and pending 3DS. Plus I think Sony KNOWS at this point they can’t really scratch Nintendo, so rather then toss what market they do have out the window, they are probably wanting to stay in with the PSP at least a bit longer. From the sounds of Sony’s show, they want to try and push a strong year for PSP sales, which I think is reasonable. I figure if anything there going to try and hunker down, PSP is a versatile little system and if they play there cards right, they can probably last awhile longer.

        • Yeah, after all, i dont think the PSP’s quality has lowered over time, even more, games has become better for this system, i know it still can do more

        • RupanIII

          I’m glad Sony’s taking this approach since I just bought a PSP for Peace Walker heh. It would not be cool to pull the plug on the system right after arguably its biggest game was released. Sony’s show wasn’t super exciting for me but I think it’s smart of them to keep at the PSP, size up the competition and then plan a follow-up from there.

          • SladeNoctis

            You have to remember Sony keeps alot of things up its sleeves. I recall everybody expecting a PS3 slim for E3 last year since there were alot of rumor doing that time. But it was later announced during some conference, i beleive the Sony conference. But yea i believe some surprises are kept away. I do feel Sony did put alot of “in your face” moments with the 3D and Move. Like i get it you have the features but show us some games not things that cost alot for something we wont be able to use in the next generation.

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