Will Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Be An Actual Game?

By Ishaan . June 16, 2010 . 8:24pm


The Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D – Naked Sample tech demo running on the Nintendo 3DS at E3, as we speak, is just that: a tech demo to show off the device’s stereoscopic abilities. Does this mean we’ll never see an actual Metal Gear game on the 3DS?


Not quite, according to Kojima Productions.


In a live stream where series director Hideo Kojima and other members of Konami answered fan questions, they replied in answer to that very question: “We’re going to see what people think and feel. What [Kojima] is going to do, is decide the right direction. This was more of a 3D depth presentation. The real game won’t be like that. Your eyes get tired.”


So a Metal Gear on 3DS isn’t quite confirmed just yet, but it isn’t off the table either.

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  • What an odd thing to post… of course Metal Gear Solid is coming to 3DS, it was announced as a title in development and Kojima is working on it. What possible sense would it make to tease an MGS game if they hadn’t committed to making one?

    • Code

      Kojima says: Think and feel more! Then it’ll be a maybe!

      • maxchain

        I’m going to think and feel Snatcher and see what happens.

    • Guest

      Agreed. Honestly Siliconera I expected more…

    • BrotherCavil

      Third’d. We didn’t need like…a fifth re-re-confirmation for the sixth time. :<

    • They were very clear on the fact that this was only a tech demo made to demonstrate the 3D effect, nothing else. What I understood from the Q&A was that they haven’t even decided what a Metal Gear on 3DS would be like.

      • The article reads as if there’s a 50/50 chance we’ll never see Metal Gear on the 3DS, which is clearly misleading. All 3DS games are demos, tech demos and test footage at this point… so by that logic, no games are confirmed.

        • During the press conference, Metal Gear was the one game whose name was never mentioned, despite Kojima being part of the developer interviews that examined the technology. Either they simply forgot to mention it, or they left it out because it isn’t an actual game at this point.

          At present, KojiPro don’t know what they plan to do with Metal Gear on 3DS. Naked Sample is in no way representative of any potential Metal Gear game, aside from maybe giving you a feel for the system’s processing power. I’m sure there will be an MGS at some point, but is it “confirmed”? No, not at all.

          For all you know, they could end up doing ZoE on DS instead (sorry, I know that’s a touchy topic, but you get my point).

          • Iwata confirmed Metal Gear Solid during the press conference, you must have missed it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vDiVSI4vws#t=4m30s

          • Ahh. I guess I did. Thanks for pointing that out. But I feel my point still stands. Until Konami give us an official confirmation of anything, we should in no way presume that MGS is “confirmed” for 3DS. Tech demos that lead nowhere happen all the time, which is my entire point.

          • TTTT

            I agree with you. it is on Kojima’s E3 page as the 3rd game he is working on. It was officially announced and “confirmed” unlike a lot of other 3DS tech demos.

            I see Ishaan’s point about demos leading nowhere but MGS3d is not one of them. Animal Crossing and StarFox are better examples.

            I think Zelda Ocarina of Time was confirmed but a lot of these other 3DS games seem to be just tech demos that people think are real games.

    • NeoTechni

      Never heard of a tech demo I take it?

  • Jose Arturo

    but kojima made a triforce of games and this one is part of the three.

    • Code

      uh? I’m confused? What about Metal Gear Solid 4 x_x? Oh snap! QUADRIFORCE >w<!

      • epy

        Tetraforce sounds better amirite :D

      • I believe David is talking about the 3 games from Kojima Productions at E3. Castlevania Lord of Shadows, Metal Gear Solid Rising & MGS 3D Naked People. Not speaking of the MGS series.

  • Alexander9

    I really hope this version has enough extra stuff to warrant another purchase. The video of that demo looks promising though, with the hornets swarming Snake. Hopefully that’s a sign they’ll be adding alot of new gameplay stuff.

    • RupanIII

      Ditto. I got all excited at first cause I thought it was brand new :

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