Try The Final Fantasy XIV Benchmark Test

By Ishaan . June 17, 2010 . 2:28pm


PC games can be a little spotty when it comes to performance, so it’s a good thing Square Enix released a Final Fantasy XIV benchmark test for PC gamers who plan to pick the game up.


The benchmark lets you take several different pre-set characters into realtime cutscenes from the game at a resolution of your choice. Once the cutscene ends, the game will display a score to evaluate your system’s performance. You can download the benchmark and read more about the scoring process here.


Additionally, you might also want to take this note into consideration:


“Even if the results displayed by this software exceed the minimum system requirements, your system might not run FINAL FANTASY XIV due to the configuration of your computer or resident software. Please understand that this software does not guarantee that your system will run FINAL FANTASY XIV.


Additionally, the performance of this software and FINAL FANTASY XIV may differ. Please use this software for reference only.”

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  • cowcow

    Nooooo I got the blue screen of death! MY PC blew up!

  • I’m not so hot on this game’s art direction outside the sketches themselves, and I totally expected to be. :(

  • Did this yesterday… To my horror I got about 1000… The extra money towards a graphics card in my new laptop was a waste of money apparently. Anyone any advice on what could be lowering the score?

  • High: 2253
    Low: 3672
    Tbh I’ve expected my scores to be higher, concerning that my PC isn’t all that low-end :|

  • I’m somewhat considering to run the benchmark on my netbook just for the lulz. Good thing I’m not interested in the game or else I’d seriously have to think of getting an actual PC. :>

    • Code

      rar, I tried that, it outright crashed, my lulz turned into: T_T’

  • On FFXIVCore, the members discovered that your processor is what will MAINLY determine your ability to run FFXIV smoothly on a comp (the graphics card is close second). You’ll need at LEAST a Quad Core to get a decent score/run the game fairly smooth. Ex: I get 2080 on low res, and I have a Nvidia GTX 260M (one of the fastest GPUs you can put in a notebook) and Duo2 Core. If I had i7 Core, I’m sure my score would be up in the 5-8k range.

  • Rciwws

    Got an unexpected crash that Windows 7 couldn’t figure out…

    • rinshu

      Yeah same here.

    • Same here as well

    • Hraesvelgr

      Oh? I got that too, I just figured it was my laptop being too bad to run it.

    • CrimsonFlamesX

      I thought it was my laptop. Guess I’m not the only one.

  • Good thing I’m prepared :)! I have 2 PS3’s to play at launch with my bro xD
    But PC is obviously better in terms of graphics and lag free if you got $$ to dish out..

  • Wow, my PC is pretty good, pentium core 2 quad, i guess my nvidia GeForce 9400GT is crap. I scored a 500, something aint right here

  • I have a very new PC and it only scored a 530. There is something very very wrong here…

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