Live-Action Akira Film Gets New Writer

By Ishaan . June 19, 2010 . 10:03am


Andrew Lazar (Jonah Hex), producer on the planned live-action Akira movie, recently slipped in an update on the project’s pre-production status, to, in an interview largely about the production of Jonah Hex.


Lazar revealed that Warner Bros. are very enthusiastic about the movie, and that his team has hired a new writer by the name of Albert Torres to collaborate with project director Albert Hughes. The visual style of the movie is currently being conceptualized, and for the debut film, the team plans to cover volumes 1 – 3 of the manga, with 4 – 6 being covered in a potential sequel.

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  • Moriken

    And I’m still not sure if Hollywood could make a good movie out of this…at least it’s way more suited to it than…Dragonball lol

  • karasuKumo

    I really want to see the bike! Some scenes could be difficult to do :P lol and some other scenes are going to be censored if you know what I mean ;)

  • oops, I used the s word in my post…

    Hopefully this is like 80s action STUFF, like Terminator, but maybe I’m missing the point on that since I only saw Akira when I was a youngin’; probably not the best choice of a film to show a kid, but hey I turned out fine and have a great taste in film and animation.

    I should pick up the volumes of the manga; I tend to find manga better than animated series, but I can more easily pirate an anime and enjoy it. Even still, sitting on your bum all day at a computer screen reading a comic OR watching a cartoon is tiresome, so I try to buy whatever I can.

    Movies on the otherhand though, I like anime movies a lot too.

  • epy

    I still think nothing good can come from anime/manga with Hollywood. Dragon Ball Evolution proved how even having great source material they made a mediocre movie at best.

    Oh, here’s the Hollywood Akira trailer for those who still haven’t seen it:

  • Wasn’t Leonardo Dicaprio behind this (his production studio, I think). Actually, maybe he lost the bid for it.

    Yeah, so Akira, Oldboy (Will Smith), Ghost in the Shell, Evangelion (haha), Cowboy Bebop (Keanu Reeves) and who knows are planned to be filmed at some point. And who knows if/when they’ll actually make it past that phase!
    Akira would be interesting to watch since, iirc, the animated film only covered about a third of what was the original story.
    Recently, I’ve been getting into a kick of watching older anime films of that era. The sci-fi then was really amazing (e.g. Wicked City, Robot Carnival) as opposed to what’s being imagined now where it seems mandatory to show your navel – not that I mind that, mind you! I think it’s because I came across Neuromancer recently. I haven’t read it, yet, but I’m very eager to.

    • Actually, I prefer the older stuff. Maybe I just love the idiocy and B-movie sleaze of many ’80s OVAs, but older anime as a whole was so different. I really miss that art style, and it’s something I’m sure we won’t see again. So much aimed at an older audience, as opposed to now, where that stuff is rarely seen and rarely disscussed.

      Anyway, I’m not hopeful or anything about this show. I’m 99% sure they’ll either do a terrible job or tone it down for a PG-13. I would not see a PG-13 Akira, I’m sorry.

      • EvilAkito

        I have to agree. I have a bit of a soft spot for many of the ’80s and early ’90s OVAs that served as introductory anime for a lot of us. Shirow Masamune’s Black Magic M66 is one of my favorites. Even today it’s still a total visual feast, and it’s especially amazing to see what they were able to pull off without the aid of modern digital animation.

        There is still plenty of great contemporary anime, but changes in the market and in technology have really caused anime to lose some of the charm that it once had.

        • I agree as well. I think it was my exposure to Guyver, Riding Bean, Bubblegum Crisis, X The Movie, Violence Jack, and other such shows as a kid. I thank my cousin for that!

          In the end, most contemporary anime, falls short to me. Of course, there’s still some good stuff, but sci-fi nowadays… it’s missing some of the charm of over violence, the certain design aesthetics, awesome dubbing (or sometimes bad, depending on your view), and all that stuff.

          • capristrider

            80s and 90s animes were so cool back in the day.! I got hook on Devilman, Cyber City OEDO 808 (especially the UK soundtrack), Space Adventure Cobra, Vampire Hunter D, MD Geist (oh the hyper violence!) the list can go on. More recently I say Trigun and Hellsing have been more my thing and I still need to see Berserk. Oh yeah Akira, one of my fave anime move of all time, plan to pick it up on blu-ray…
            As for the Akira movie, oh dear! or maybe if they get the Wachowski bros, it may have a chance, I won’t dismiss it until I see some concept artwork, see who the cast is and see who is scoring the movie then I can pass judgement…

          • I don’t mean to come off as rude, and I’m trying not to sound it too, but perhaps you should pass judgement after some of your friends see, or, even better, you see it yourself?

            Just saying, it might surprise you, especially if you try to take it on its own terms.

          • capristrider

            Akira live-action movie should be just on its own merits but with hollywood recent treatment of Dragonball Z doesn’t inspire great confidence in me. IMHO if say for example UWE BOLL (House of the Dead fame) was attach to the Akira film, I think most people can pretty make a fair assumption that the movie will suck. On the flip side if James Cameron was directing then fair assumption is the movie will rock…

        • RupanIII

          In agreement here as well. The old stuff had so much more variety, and a lot more classics in the 80s/90s than you see today. Now it’s like the whole industry is dominated by moe/fanservice/digital/sparse or vapid story/super quick cuts (which has its place of course, but not when it edges out everything else). What have suffered are other genres (sci-fi, action, adventure, etc), challenging storylines, hand-drawn animation, longer more poignant takes and angles.. in general not the kind of condescending/cynical attitude towards the audience you see much more often in contemporary stuff. I don’t mind moe as a genre, but not when that’s all there is and it stifles the creativity of other kinds of anime.

      • Definitely. I love what’s here now, a lot actually, but it only makes me appreciate the old school stuff even more. Even western animation like Heavy Metal (perfect companion to Robot Carnival) has that certain twang that makes it a different animal compared to now.

        I hope Akira (and GitS) film has a chance at actually start film production. If it turns out well we might see a slight interest in these types of films again. Maybe it’s the ounce of angst in me, but I LOVE sci-fi settings where the future is just complete garbage and people just walk around like “whatever”, yet, people/robots still find a need to do stuff!

    • I’m very curious to see how they avoid making Ghost in the Shell too much like The Matrix…which is ironic when you consider where a lot of the inspiration for Matrix came from.

  • SeventhEvening

    I’m incredibly skeptical of this. I can’t name a single american “anime-to-live-action” adaption that has been good. For that matter, I can’t name a single game-to-movie adaption that has been good. Or a single “J-horror to american” conversion that was much better than “watchable”. Hell, even American-comic-to-live-action movies suck big time at least 50% of the time.

    Who the hell is green-lighting this crap?

  • I wish the title of this post would just read “Live-Action Akira Film Gets Cancelled and No One Will Ever Attempt a Remake or Live Adaptation”

  • Aoshi00

    The only manga to movie adaptation I’ve been looking forward to all these years was “Parasyte”, the gory and award-winning sci-fi manga about man-eating aliens having assimilated into human society. I thought it would really work as live action, since Hollywood is good at doing sci-fi stuffs like Matrix, plus CG is not an issue now. The only thing that came close to it was the intro of “Ninja Assassin”, if you guys have seen that movie, when the gang members were slaughtered and cut to pieces in a split second.. I wish Jpn would film it themselves if not Hollywood, for the genuine Jpn setting. Wonder if Justin Chatwin still has a career after Dragonball Evolution.. I’m still interested in an EVA film I guess..

  • thaKingRocka


  • RupanIII

    Bleh. Greedy, creatively bankrupt hacks. Dear Hollywood: whether it’s a classic Hollywood film from a bygone era of quality, an Asian film or anime adaptation, or a European film, stop the completely unnecessary remakes, assholes!

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