Atelier Rorona Sounds Like This With English Voice Acting

By Spencer . June 24, 2010 . 1:16am

We know you’ve been waiting patiently for Atelier Rorona and Gust’s high definition alchemy RPG isn’t too far away. NIS America brought a partially localized build of the PlayStation 3 game to E3, which had English voice acting. Sample those by watching the first English trailer.



Yes, the trailer said “fall”, but NIS America really meant September. Atelier Rorona opens her workshop on September 28 in North America.

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  • CrimsonFlamesX

    When the music started playing….I was taken back to .Hack days. Music sounds beautiful. Voice acting sounds good to me. I didn’t care for this game at first, but I’ll keep my eye on this one.

    • umm more than hack this sounds like ar tonelico, hack music is more uhh… i dunno how to describe it xD but is more “hack” o_o

  • Eddie

    I am so gonna pick this one up.

  • While I like the art, I’m not sure if I want the game.

  • 28th now? [pens in]

    With this coming and Totori out in Japan yesterday…good times ahead.

  • cmurph666

    Day 1~!

  • For most part, I’m just looking forward to the day I can turn Arland into a crater above ground again….

    … Wait, that’s only tomorrow for me…

    Although being able to turn Ariland into a crater above ground in English is worth quite a lot, considering my quite limited skills…

    • Gestahl

      What you just typed actually aroused my interest in the game. :-D

      • MisterNiwa

        Well, do me a favor and explain what he just said, I’m seriously confused.

        • Who, me? (Oh, and I’d like to deny the gender charge.)Oh, my first trip with Atelier Rorona last year (Back in May 2009) resulted in me planting more explosive around Arland that one of my friends (who was helping me play it) noted that I was trying to turn the place to a crater above ground.Atelier Rorona is really one of those games where one option is really to blow all your opponents sky high – if they don’t blow up, you’re just not using enough explosive. Well in my case, it was snowman explosive, but same difference.As about later today? Well Spencer may be able to answer THAT question better than I could…

          • MisterNiwa

            Pardon for the gender change.

            I still dont really get it as I dont really know the story of Atelier Roronoa other than the workshop of the cute Alchemist is being closed/removed or something like that.

            Reading your post made me real confused, and… Is Atelier Roronoa about nuking Arland?

          • Atelier Rorona is about a girl’s dream to become an Alchemist, and how she must prove (since Astrid is lazy) that the Atelier must be permitted to remain.

            If you’re remotely into explosive, having Ku-chan, Rorona and a third character (healing type usually) can prove to be a case of ‘wow, pretty’.

            You can actually play Atelier Rorona with a minimum of combat if you like – it’s that sort of open game.

            I just found that the way I found the most fun was to basically decimate everything that moved (and a few things that didn’t) with explosive. Lots and lots of explosive.

            Really, between the cannons, balloon explosives (Really cute balloons no less), dynamite, mega flames, terra flames, uni shrapnel bombs, living bombs, meteors and probably a few other explosives I forgot to mention, I’m somehow surprised Rorona didn’t accidentally turn the place into a crater above ground… by accident.

          • MisterNiwa

            Oh, sweet, thank you for the info. :3

            *high five*

  • SeventhEvening

    Actually, that voice acting sounded pretty good. I’m sure they’ll have a dual language track, since the game is on bluray and even the PS2 Atelier games had dual tracks, but for once I might stick with the English.

    This is a vast improvement over the Sakura Wars trailer, which caused me to vomit in my mouth a bit.

  • Ereek

    The second it is put up on NISA’s (now not-Rosenqueen) store, I’m pre-ordering. I’ve waited so, so long.

    Edit: Oh, by the way, when do we get to read that interview with NISA’s president?

    • Soon-ish. I keep seeing comments about this, so *maybe* next week?

      • Spencer, you are now a professional teaser, congratulations on graduating xD

        • I’m not try to tease, really. I said this before to another commenter that we have so much E3 stuff and we’re balancing it with other news.

          • Ereek

            Oh, my apologies. I didn’t see someone had mentioned it before.

          • androvsky

            It’s okay, I posted the question in a topic completely unrelated to NISA. :) It just happened to be a rare chance when the comments box loaded properly on the ancient browser I was stuck with at the time.

          • Heh im joking :P but still it feels like teasing xD, but i understand is good not to have all the news of E3, the first day was like eveeeerything E3 and was kinda… dull?

          • OK :P I just want everyone to know it’s not like this is a super secret. It’s coming along with a bunch of other interviews and impressions. Fist of the North Star, Sengoku Basara, Deus Ex, Ivy the Kiwi… the list keeps going.

  • rinshu

    It still has the JPN language track on the Bluray though right? Don’t make me a kill a bitch.

    • Chow

      Oh no you didn’t!

    • NeoTechni

      I hope so

    • Every game NISA has put out for PS3 has had dual audio. It would actually be stranger if they suddenly started going English-only. And they said on the Playstation Blog that this is no exception.

  • gatotsu911

    Among those incongruous snippets of dialogue, I heard some Amanda Winn Lee. I’m not really interested in this game, but that’s still good news.

  • omg i think i know some of the voices, ar tonelico style songs >8D!, and finally! i can already smell it,

  • MrRobbyM

    At least it’s more tolerable Arc Rise Fantasia’s dub…I think.

    • Pichi

      FAR better than ARF. This is how Ignition should have went with.

  • still the same lame english voice acting, I can’t be surprise …

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