Marvelous To Reveal New I.P. Next Fiscal Year

By Ishaan . June 27, 2010 . 8:03pm


During E3 week, a list of third-party games scheduled to release on the Nintendo 3DS confirmed that Marvelous would be developing a Harvest Moon game for the system, just as they outlined in their change in strategy to cope with recent losses.


Previously, MMV announced that they were ceasing development of new property entirely until an unknown date, so Harvest Moon seemed like the natural choice. Following an investor Q&A, we have a few more details regarding the publisher’s approach to development in the near future:


  • Marvelous will not release 3DS software during the current fiscal year (ie; until after March 2011).

  • While the company will not be publishing any new I.P. during the current fiscal year, MMV confirmed they will reveal an original title for new hardware, during the next fiscal term. This “new hardware” likely isn’t the 3DS, as the device was mentioned by name several times during the Q&A.


We’ll keep you posted on MMV’s situation as we learn more about it ourselves.

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  • nyobzoo

    aren’t they working on a PS3 title as well? I would like to see that game sometime soon

    • Guest

      So would I….but it would be a terrible business decision.

      • I completely disagree. I think if they had focused on the PS3 (and the 360, for the Western market), rather than the Wii, they wouldn’t be in the state they’re in now.

        • Guest

          How so? LKS doesn’t appeal to a large audience. Neither does Muramasa (charging $50 doesn’t help) and JRPGs on consoles haven’t been a hit this generation so highly doubt ARF would fair any better. Bad management is why they’re in the state they’re in now.Handhelds have been doing well for them. So I’d rather have handheld MMV games than no MMV due to bad sales on consoles.

          • At least they wont have loses due piracy on ps3 D:

          • lostinblue

            kinda like saying last gen that would be better off on Gamecube because unlike PS2 it had no piracy.

            Well, yes, but it also had way less hardware units sold. And in this case (PS3’s case) it’s more expensive to develop for from the get go.

            If I was them, I’d only touch it if I had Sony funding like From Software did with Demon Souls.

          • Justinzero

            I totally agree with you 100%. The console that their games was released on had nothing to do with why their sales were crap. People concerned should have picked their games up, regardless of the platform they were released on. I like their games. I bought their games. I supported them in the best way that I could.

            Prissy fans are the worst fans to cater to.

          • thebanditking

            I agree with Charles on this, I think the Wii is to blame for a lot of the industries problems right now. Especially when it comes to software sales, the user base is just too fickle and does not support the good games it gets (despite the big gap between of good titles). Japanese games have taken a hit this gen but even the lower selling titles do better then the Wii games do. Mad World, Tales, Final Fantasy, and Muramasa sold much worse on Wii then Bayonetta, Tales of Vesperia, Final Fantasy 13, Resonance of Fate, Star Ocean 4 and DMC4 did on PS3/360, especially when you consider world wide sales. As for the piracy concerns I don’t think thats the biggest problem on the Wii, as I would bet the majority of its user base does not even know that you can play pirated games on it, nor would want the hassle of doing so.

          • lostinblue

            Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World sold better on the Wii than the X360 version of Tales of Vesperia, both in Japan and in US (and I’d suspect Europe)… and it was a “crappy spinoff”.

            Sure, Tales of Graces sold less than Tales of Vesperia PS3, but I suspect the culprit for that is not the platform but the fact they released them so close to each other, one impacted the sales of the later, plus, Tales of Vesperia was cross promoted with a feature film, which probably made Tales of Graces seem secondary.

            We started seeing this trend a few years back on PS2, when Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Rebirth came out with less than 12 months in between and the sales for both were clearly impacted.

            Oh, that and they freaking released it on the week prior to Final Fantasy XIII, of course Graces suffered. (and square also killed it’s own Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers by launching it too close to FFXIII)

            For the record, I’d say that for both PS3 and Wii in Japan it really doesn’t matter, the userbase is there providing you market it accordingly, it probably even goes hand in hand when it comes to the “hardcore’s”, even if they strictly prefer one or the other, fact is that a lot of people should have access to both platforms, unlike say… a X360. That and a lot of the games you mention were marketed accordingly, on the HD’s.

            Sadly though, Marvelous games weren’t, they’re a small company among the others you mentioned, perhaps they could have sold as much, but small initial shipments and no advertising to be seen warrant the titles a cult following at most, sadly.

          • Joanna

            @lostinblue: not to mention the game-breaking bugs in Graces. IIRC, they had to do a recall. That would most definitely hurt sales. Namco just doesn’t put forth a good effort for Wii and fanboys use this as evidence that developing for Wii spells doom.

  • Mazen

    Marvelous loved their sales on PSP, so PSP2 maybe?
    anyhow great news, please people support Marvelous.

    • lostinblue

      I dunno if PSP2 is right around the corner tbh. Nintendo announced they’d have a DS sucessor like 3 months before they’ve actually shown it, Sony didn’t even try to steal the momentum by announcing they had a sucessor coming this E3.Don’t hold your breath, plus it’s said PSP took a bit to be lucrative, and we’re in a world crysis right now, it’s only natural they want to extend it’s life somewhat. (yes, we know there’s a PSP2 and there will be, what I’m saying is that perhaps it’s not for now)

      • thebanditking

        Very logical statement, personally I think Sony should hold off with PSP2 for a bit longer. With 3DS rumored to cost $250, it would not be wise to put two machines out at that price range, especially since I believe PSP2 will be even more powerful then the 3DS is now (which would mean higher cost). The original PSP still has more it can do before being maxed out and Parasite Eve 3, KH BBS, God of War prove this.

        • lostinblue

          I think it isn’t wise to price 3DS at $250. If that’s the case Nintendo might be loosing their grip of the market and the premises that made them prosper previously. Of course dethroning them takes competition, but their market model price stance until now on portables was simple… never go over the $200. And it was one of the major reasons why DS sold more than PSP overall, because it started so well, with an appropriate price for the market.It just wouldn’t be wise too, even if the product is “worth it”.On PSP… I see some good games coming still, and Sony sure can’t abandon it before they launch, as it would cause a backlash with Square-Enix who already invested years developing them (just like Nintendo is abandoning DS only after shipping DQIX). I’m thinking specifically on FFXIII Agito, KHBBS is essentially done and the 3rd Birthday is a secondary game for them, I think, but still, you just can’t burn Square-Enix.I’m trying to draw a parallel with Sega Saturn here, Sega abandoned it to focus on Dreamcast and it burned out a lot of developers who had games slated for the next year, if sony didn’t signal that jump previously, they just can’t rush it.The new God of War could be a swansong for the platform, like GoW2 was for PS2, for all we know, it’s theirs so launching it near the announced end of a platform is not that abnormal.

  • lostinblue

    They really should jump in the 3DS first wave of software ASAP, even a Rune Factory Frontier port would suffice, but they still ought to do it.

  • thebanditking

    Hopefully this new IP wont be released only on Wii. It really is a shame we have yet to hear anything about No More Heroes HD coming to the west and that we are still waiting for someone at marvelous to realize that Muramasa would have looked better in HD.

    • lostinblue

      Multiplatform would be nice, then again multiplatform with the Wii in the equation is uncommon and such pipeline would cost money, if they were to do it now they should have done it when the generation started, it’s usefulness now would be limited.

      Didn’t they say in the news that this was for “new hardware” though?

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