Ar Tonelico III Extended With Extra Chapters

By Spencer . June 30, 2010 . 7:01pm

Aoto is getting a new set of adventures. Starting on July 13, downloadable Ar Tonelico III episodes will go live on the PlayStation Network. The Binary World chapters take place on Elemia Island. Volume one is free. The other four chapters cost 200 yen ($2.25) a piece.



In addition to the Binary World, Gust prepared some personality changing content for Harvestasya. Use the tsundere pack to make Harvestasya to make her the type of character that warms up to you. The dorodere pattern gives her a hurt on the inside, but sweet on the outside personality. There are four patches to download. All of the patches are optional and free. The tsundere patch is first and it goes live on July 13.

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  • I hope NISA would include this in the US version, should #NamcoBandai #NBGI decides NOT to bring Ar Tonelico III to America.

    • It’s been pretty much already revealed that NISA is bringing Ar Tonelico III here. All that’s left is the official announcement on July 15th (I believe that’s when they have their conference).

      • 14 days until CLASSIC DUNGEON + ZETTAI HERO……

        • Code

          rar, correction! 14 days until, the wait for, CLASSIC DUNGEON AND ZETTAI HERO >w<!

      • Please please please please please please please a Europe release too >_<

    • SeventhEvening

      Well, NISA has done everything to say they’re bringing it over short of an official announcement. Although, they have scheduled one.

      And NamcoBandai was just the Japanese publisher. They won’t have anything to do with the English release. Gust and NISA work together a lot. NB pretty much has nothing to do with Ar Tonelico.

  • nyoron

    tsundere packAh! I’ll buy it at a high price.

    Edit: Guess it’s free though… even better!

  • OKAY, ar tonelico 3 became from OMFGSOGOODMEWANTS, to HOLYOMFGIFREAKINGWANTITNAO, im sure NISA will work on this as well, they know ar tonelico is well loved xD

    EDIT: oh but is just a girl’s spacething (lol forgot the name)? i though there would be like a new part of the story with new bosses or something like that xD. still pretty good

  • Dorodere for me!

  • aquagon

    That addition to Tilia’s Cosmosphere effectively makes it the longer Binary Field among the three Origins.

    And by the way, shouldn’t it be “Elemia” Island?

    • Also… I didn’t see Harvestasya in the trailer
      And the red-haired girl isn’t Harvestasya…
      Are you sure those packs for Harvestasya?

      I wish I can say who she is but it’s spoiler mid-end game

  • raymk

    Yes DLC for ATIII yeah :). the only DLC i really want right now is an akane story segement. Even a playable version of her would be fine just make it happen.

  • A -dere pack. That’s what I call DLC!

  • Slashlen

    Tsundre patch!?! We need this NISA!

  • oh damn let us take it in europe soon ç____ç ufff

  • Great news. Now NISA really need to start working on getting this out as fast as possible with DLC and all :)

  • Joanna

    Tsuderes are popular in Japan right now, eh?

    Used to like Tsuderes a lot. Still like some tsuderes if they don’t act too annoyingly and become complete idiots when they reveal their feelings. Like Hime from Yozakura Quartet. She’s still pretty cool even though she’s a tsudere.

    2.25 an episode isn’t that bad. Thank you Gust for not overpricing DLC :3

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