New Pokémon Anime Scheduled For Fall

By Ishaan . July 3, 2010 . 4:17pm


The Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl series will be reaching its conclusion soon. Scheduled to begin this fall, after it concludes, is Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes, based on the Black & White games, and set in the Isshu region.


Leaked beta art, released earlier in the week, gives you a glimpse of one of the new characters — Iris. The bat monster near her head is named Koromori. The beta art also illustrates evolved forms of Mijumaru and Tsutaja.


Whether or not Ash will remain the star of the show, however, is unconfirmed at this point. While the beta art contains his image, a preview released at the end of the latest Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl episode depicted a silhouette of Iris alongside a new male character, as seen below.



No, that isn’t a Chansey evolution.

  • ForeverFidelis

    If they get rid of Brock like I’ve heard they’re plannin’ on doing, I’m gonna go postal

    • If that happens, I better see Brock in a stable relationship (preferably with Pike Queen Lucy) and stop acting like the eunuch he got designated into, for the longest time.

  • That heroine’s hair is nuts, I’m not sure I like her design, but doesn’t matter, I don’t watch the anime. I kinda wish they used the female protagonist from the games, but I realized they probably didn’t want a heroine who looks older then Ash. I mean…after all Ash has been 10 years old….for like the past 10 years.

    • I don’t know who the girl is but she isn’t even the heroine of Black and White versions.

    • You know, i think ive seen her before, isnt she one of the gym leaders? o_o

      • joesz

        they have the same hair style,other then that,The skin complexion between the two is different and she is younger then her.

        And I hope she is not the FP.Sorry but she doesn’t have the look for it

        • Her design looks so “Character of the Week”-ish…

  • Seriously, after all this freaking time, if they dont give a freaking good ending to Ash, i will get pissed of, even if he will have 11 years old for all eternity, and pikachu in level 500 but still getting pwned

    • Unfortunately, the fact that Ash Sweet 16’d Kanto and and Elite 8’d Johto and Hoenn prompted me to think he’ll Final 4 thrice in a row, starting with Sinnoh.

      • Simon

        Maybe he will win on Sinnoh.. looking at the pokemon he will use on the opening, a Torterra, Infernape, Muk, Shinny Noctowl, Snorlax, Donphan and Glaile. Maybe he’ll lose with Gibble, Cynduil and the other small pokemon Corphish

        • U MAD? :p Ash needs to have an UBER in his team. That’s the ONLY way he’ll beat that #jerkass, Paul.

  • luckgandor

    When art of the hero and heroine from Black and White surfaced, I mused the idea of them replacing Ash, Dawn and Brock. Silly me.

  • joesz

    “No, that isn’t a Chansey evolution.”

  • Who is that girl with the absurd hair?

    • I think they say she might be one of the main characters but I can be wrong.

  • raymk

    Hopefully ash isn’t the main characters even though i wished they do away with him altogether. I’d seriously consider watching it again if they dump ash and use one of the main characters like the manga do

  • Well, I gotta say, Pokemon characters have never had the most sensible designs but Iris’ hair is positively terrifying. I suppose pairing off the better designed teen-like fem protagonist of the Black&White games with Ash/Satoshi would just highlight the fact that he never seems to age. Hell, for once, I’d like to see an adult protagonist – I’d be interesting to step into the shoes of the random fisherman/”ace” trainer/cop and see how s/he actually makes enough cash to lose to passing ten year olds.

  • Here’s a new image of that larvitar looking Pokemon. The green Pokemon is pretty much confirmed too.

  • Here’s a better picture of the larvitar looking Pokemon. The other green Pokemon is pretty much confirmed too.

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