Street Fighter 4 Producer Teasing New Announcement

By Ishaan . July 3, 2010 . 12:14pm

Yoshinori Ono, producer of Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV, teased an announcement of something that outdoes both games on his Twitter feed earlier today.


Here’s the message he tweeted, along with a picture of a Super SF IV sale in Japan: “Super SF4 on sale!! SuperSF4 is nothing compared to what’s coming!!”



Keep in mind, Ono could merely be teasing a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 announcement on behalf of the company.

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  • andref

    or he can be gearing up for street fighter V which i think is highly unlikely

    • kupomogli

      I doubt it’s going to be Street Fighter 5. Do you know how many revisions of Street Fighter 2 there were? Street Fighter 3? The ported Street Fighter titles sold really well until people got tired of minor upgrade after minor upgrade. I’m pretty sure that since they brought the series back, they’re going to release multiple revisions of it until the majority of gamers stop throwing money down on the same game for the 30th time.Capcom is doing the same thing with Monster Hunter though. I’ll agree it’s a good series, but each different revision doesn’t have much more to offer than the previous. The less work Capcom has to do the more money they make. Sell the same game with one extra area or a couple extra characters and you’re making profit without having to put much work into it.

      Super Street Fighter 4 has already sold a third of what Street Fighter 4 has. How much less do you think it cost them to develop Super?

      • andref

        the cost probably was a whole lot less than what they spent making street fighter 4, but there aren’t a whole lot of fighting franchises by capcom not revealed yet. Sure someone can come up with a new genre but saying an rpg is better than a fighter is ambiguous. A fighter better than another fighter i think is a much better statement

        • kupomogli

          Not going into any details, Monster Hunter isn’t an RPG. It’s an action/adventure.

          Aside from that though, I didn’t say Monster Hunter is better than Street Fighter 4. I was mentioning that just like the Street Fighter series, Monster Hunter, also developed by Capcom, is a bunch of small revisions each new release. So like Street Fighter 2 to the next, or Street Fighter 4 to the next, each new Monster Hunter revision costs much less to develop than the next and Capcom maximizes profits because of that.

          That being said, the Phantasy Star Universe/Portable are also revisions of the same game.

          • andref

            I’m just saying the new game announcement is probably another street fighter but just saying that it pretty likely due to it being hard to compare two games of different genres

  • New Darkstalkers. He’s been hinting at it for a while now, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it had something to do with that.

    • ForeverFidelis


    • DerrickDnaruto

      Man I hope your write I miss Jedah, Demitri and Lord Raptor

    • malek86

      Yes please.

    • This is probably the best answer though I am hoping for a new IP (which seems VERY unlikely)

    • Thinking the same thing. As you said, he’s been bringing it up quite a bit. Would match the enthusiasm for this new announcement.

  • A port of Super SFIV wouldn’t be a big deal, so I am guessing it’s probably the new Darkstalkers he’s said he wanted to do for the longest time.

  • Akirap

    Something tells me it’s not MvsC3

  • Akirap

    Super Street Fighter IV TURBO??? Man, so many characters from Third Strike and Zero series missing…

  • Guest

    Stupid SF4. Too slow. And I thought Brawl got slower. =P


  • The PC version?

  • YoFace

    SF3 coming to XBLA and PSN?

  • Hours

    A new Rival Schools & Darkstalkers please.

  • pacanug

    SFV iPad exclusive confirmed!!! ;P

  • Capcom VS SNK 3 please!!!

    • BadenBadenPrinny

      I wish

  • wharcraff

    New X-men:Children of the Atom Vs Darkstalkers..Confirmed. for 3DS

    • fallen

      a microtransaction-based free-to-play MMO that comes with a rumble pack

  • Super Street Fighter IV Turbo. It would make sense with it tying in to a sale on SSFIV.

  • Pleeeeeeease be a new Darkstalkers. D: (Though a new Rival Schools wouldn’t hurt my feelings either)

  • cowcow

    Dragon Ball vs Street Fighter

  • most likely:
    SF3 3rd Strike Remix
    New characters announced for SSF4 arcade, to be added to console SSF4 via DLC.

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