Guess How Many Endings Atelier Rorona Has

By Spencer . July 13, 2010 . 4:55pm

Atelier Rorona packs a ton of replay value since it has soooo many endings. How many? Over 30.


If I recall correctly, the ending you get partially depends on Rorona’s relationship with other characters. There is a hilarious ending that involves a certain baked treat too… Just something to keep in mind when playing Atelier Rorona the first time when NIS America releases it in September.


That’s the US box art on the right, which strangely doesn’t show Rorona. We get her staff instead. My guess is Rorona, being her usual clumsy self, forgot to show up for the cover art shoot.

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  • Ereek

    I’m actually extremely fond of the US boxart. Most people I’ve read don’t really like it compared to the Japanese, but to me the boxart “feels” like Atelier. As in, it evokes the type of images I get when playing the games.

    • samething here, i dont complain about this boxart :

      and DAM!! 30 endings?? ~_~” thats gonna take some time xP

    • ShibaTakeru

      I personally LOVE the boxart, it’s just very stylish.

    • It’s simple and elegant. I like it, m’self.

  • Maybe there’ll be a certain “special” thing that’ll feature Rorona on the cover or whatever and we just didn’t want to, uh, saturate her presence on both.

    • *confused* xD, well either way, the day a box’s game makes me not choose a game, that will be the day i can breath coke, ummm, but box’s art do call my attention, but anywam reading an atelier will get my attention 200%, ill get this the first freaking day… but it will take like a month to reach my hands haha xD that sucks

      • Ereek

        Why confused? He’s basically hinting that they will likely be selling a special edition on Rosenqueen. I always buy them, admittedly. Despite the shipping prices being rather outrageous. The Trinity Universe Artbook was particularly nice.

        • Well, i cant really explain why i was confused… i was, you know, confused, but thanks for clearing that up :)

        • Seriously, Nick. Knock some sense into your NISA store monkeys. Shipping to Canada has gone from decent to ridiculous when you guys upgraded the website!

          Don’t be surprised if the amount of Canadian orders drops to nil.

    • Artbook? Soundtrack? … Limited edtion box?

      I’m out of guesses.

    • So does it mean you got the special glass ornament as a collector’s item?

  • Eddie

    I guessed it would have maybe 6 endings. Looks like I was waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy off.

  • Reimine

    Just like Star Ocean

    • Ereek

      Not exactly. The number of endings is that high because they differ for each character, but unlike Star Ocean, the “base” endings differ quite a bit. It’s not just the same ending with different character interactions.

      • Kibbitz

        What interests me more is exactly how different the path to each ending is. While I’m sure there will be similarities, I hope that either New Game+ (if it exists) bonuses will cut significantly through the tedium of going through the same motions again, or the experience is notably different to make it worthwhile trekking through.

        • Ereek

          Have you played a traditional Atelier before? The path is going to be different every time. The games are pretty much completely non-linear except for required events every once in a while. I haven’t tried Rorona yet, but if it’s like the older titles, the ending you get is based off of what you did throughout the game. For example, did you spend a lot of time fighting and did nothing else? You might get an adventurer ending. If you spent a lot of time on Alchemy, you could get an alchemy “Master” ending, and whatnot.And yes, I do believe there is New Game+ to make it easier. But because I haven’t played this one before, I can’t be certain.

          • Kibbitz

            No, I haven’t. Being one of those horribly OCD people who must complete everything in almost any game they own, I have always stayed away from the Ateliers due to the 100% item completion thing I expect. Thanks for the info though!

        • I can confirm there IS a new game + in Atelier Rorona – All money saved at the end of the game will be carried over to a new game.It might seem minor until you realise two things:1. You can SERIOUSLY materially alter the course of the game given sufficient money.2. The amount of money is a requirement check for how the game ends.

          • Kibbitz

            Thanks for the info. The money requirement thing I seem to recall hearing or reading about in a previous game. Never had an idea about the impact of money though. May look into picking up a copy of this once/if I get a PS3.

            Edit: Just curious, does this have JP voice options as well?

          • Can’t say I can comment on the voice acting, but I have the original game (and the colllector ed of it), but one of the endings requires you to amass a certain amount of money, while making sure you don’t fail any of your assignments.

            The reason why money can play a huge part in how the game can pan out is… wait, I’ll save that for a video for later.

    • holyPaladin

      I wonder which game has the most ending?
      SO2 got 86 if I recall correctly..

  • Which ending is the canon one? D:

    • If you’re wondering, Atelier Totori uses what’s known as the True Ending of the game – This has very specific requirements.

  • Oh, the art for the box “smells like” Atelier inded, and it is very elegant too, I like it =)

  • JustaGenericUser

    I wonder if there is a “Best Ending”? If there’s going to be over 30 endings I might as well get that out of the way.

    • SeventhEvening

      In the older Atelier games there is almost always a “True” ending, but it is almost always impossible to get on the first playthrough.

  • Letiumtide

    Some games do multiple endings right and some do them wrong.

    The right way would be something akin to Chrono Trigger, multiple endings happen at the time in which you choose them do. Not, multiple ending happen at any given point in the story, forcing to replay to that point and splinter in the other direction if you want to see something different.

    I have no problem with replayabilty in that light, it’s just that there is only so much time that I will devote to one game. Having the ability to see the endings at the pace I desire, rather than repeated hours is nice.

    • Each of the bad endings just requires you to not pass the requirement for that section of the game. It’s not particularly difficult to do it.

      To get the normal ending, you need to just make it through the game and just make it over the line.

      The good ending requires you to do well.

      The character endings require certain objectives to be achieved, including what sort of ending you get, and how you interact with the character/s.

      There’s also known as the secret endings, which requires you to achieve certain goals unrelated to the character endings (barring the Adventurer ending, which requires other bits of setup.)

      Then there’s the ‘True’ ending of the game, which requires a different set of requirements on top of that.

      The reason I put call it the ‘True’ ending is because of the fact that the events in Atelier Rorona affect Atelier Totori – There is a Canon ending, which determines the events put in motion.

  • I did take a look at the NIS website – It’s a translation of the Japanese one. No surprises there.

    What did surprise me though is that they either aged Rorona, or they stated her age at the END of Atelier Rorona.

    I’m not sure if this was necessary (if they chose the aging route) due to the the fact there are no legal reasons to do so. (Unlike, say, Ar Tonelico)

    This could cause problems with the timeline, particularly if Totori ever shows up – Rorona is explicitly stated as 22, and has spent five years doing certain things.

    This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is, due to certain timings which are required for Atelier Totori’s events to happen as stated in the game. (Essentially, certain players within Atelier Rorona need to have dealt with Rorona before Atelier Totori begins.)

    Either that, or Rorona’s gained 3 years permanently, which would make her 25 on NISA’s timeline.

    If they indicate her age at the end, I’m sure some people will be quite confused looking at it…

    • Ereek

      I don’t really see the problem with aging her 3 years as long as they stay consistent. You also have to remember that Western audiences do usually prefer an older protagonist, so it’s a change I can understand.Or it could be a typo. There were typos all over the Cross Edge site that weren’t in the full game.

      • The problem isn’t her – without going into Atelier Totori too much, they would have to age pretty much (barring maybe two people) the entire CAST of Atelier Rorona by the same amount. This might cause a few problems…

        If they don’t, and they try to compress the time between Totori and Rorona, you’ll have time paradoxes, since certain characters that act in Totori will suddenly have to be in two places at once.

        The problem is of course, that the places they now have to be are huge distances away from each other, and not somewhere they can be if they’re still dealing with Rorona.

  • 7HS

    Please tell me “Rorolina” isn’t the herald to another AT2-like round of arbitrary and idiotic name changes. (Not that some of the original romanizations weren’t arbitrary and idiotic, I admit, but I hope any major changes will be limited to repairing obvious silliness.)

    • Ereek

      I’m pretty sure that has always been her name, Rorona is just a nickname.

      Edit: Yes, that was her name in the Japanese version as well. There has been no change.

    • Well, going from my Totori Manual (Which lists all the characters that play in Totori)

      Rorona’s full name is Rororina Fryxell, and Sterk’s is Sterkenburg Granach.

      From my Rorona manual… wait, they only list their nicknames. You only find out in game about them.

      All names are presented in English both in game and in the manual, although they also display their Japanese equivalents.

      The names are correct within Japanese translation limits (l and r share the same function, so, it’s correct enough.)

  • Chromekatana

    Wow, thats alot. Looking forward to enjoying this game. And I also like the U.S. box art about as much as I like the Japanese one.

  • That isn’t replay value, that is nightmare fuel for completionists.

  • Finalstar2007

    I really cant wait for this game

  • Europe is lucky :D we will have the same cover of Japan *___*

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