Sega On Developing For Kinect, Say To Expect Original Title By 2012

By Ishaan . July 13, 2010 . 10:24pm


As part of an interview with Computer & Videogames, Sega president in the West, Mike Hayes, touched upon the company’s approach to developing games for Microsoft’s Kinect, scheduled for release this year.


Sega, Hayes says, are obviously interested in “reinventing” some of their motion-controlled Wii games for Move and Kinect. But the company also hopes to put out original, clever titles for Kinect, which is being facilitated by a technical team based in England.


We’ve got a tech group based in England, in Southall [Middlesex],” Hayes revealed. “We took them from the Racing Studio when we closed that as it was actually a very good team — we just couldn’t find something for them to do. They’re sat with their test tubes and Bunsen burners and that’s exactly what they’re doing — using the new devices to see what we can do in an original way.”


According to Hayes, you can look forward to this original title toward the end of 2011 or early 2012. Before that, however, you’ll be playing Sonic Free Riders, Sega’s Kinect game for Xbox Live Arcade.

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  • andref

    Why should we be excited for a title that will come out more than a year from now?

  • lostinblue

    I think they’re putting a little too much faith into a overpriced addon with lag.

    • SeventhEvening

      I was about to say, I kind of expected the Kinect to be a failed peripheral like the eyetoy by 2012…

      • lostinblue

        Eyetoy was cheap enough to be a moderate market, I kinda doubt Kinect will reach that, it’s just so flawed in som many ways, starting with it’s escort launch titles being a mouthfull like kinectimals.

        Nintendo has gone with a non-sense name who’s easy to say and short, for their Wii system and product naming, and it clearly worked for them, and microsoft, 6 years later… and while going after the same market clearly didn’t learn a thing from it.

        This is the tip of the iceberg too; the decision to go with a whole new method of doing stuff, with different possibilities was commendable last year, next to Playstation Move who was a Wiimote clone, but… when we conclude they don’t have the vision to pull that off with killer software and are instead just chasing after others… They don’t have the vision to pull off a killer app to justify the hardware it seems, and the fact it’s price it’s actually more expensive than the thing they’re going after.

        It has disaster spelled all over it, I even think Microsoft stopped pushing so actively for it, they’re still releasing it, of course, and have their fingers crossed, but they also seem to be bracing themselves for impact.

        • thebanditking

          I completely agree, but who cares let them waste tons of money on a useless peripheral for a market segment that doesn’t exist. If they want to squander their market position by doing a complete 180 to artificially increase the consoles life and confuse the hell out of their current consumers that’s fine with me, I got my console and the games I want. I can’t wait to see all these “potential” casual gamers MS is going after start going “what I have to pay for online? Don’t I already pay my ISP for that?” What the heck are MS points and why do they not add up to proper dollar amounts?”. It really doesn’t matter because what MS doesn’t understand is that they will not achieve the same level of success in the so called casual market like Nintendo. Their products are way over priced for that market, if someone wants a Wii they are going to look at a system for 249.99 (likely to get a price drop soon to further limit both new motion systems) vs a $199.99 + a 149.99 add on. Its far more likely that a person would buy a Wii and then later buy a PS3/360 to get an HD capable system.

          • lostinblue

            True, I hadn’t thought of that just yet, but their online business model is simply bollocks for that demographics, no way they’re gonna pay. the pricing of the acessory too, specially considering it brings no games with it, from what I’ve seen. I’m sure they’ll bundle some eventually, but don’t they get Wii sports started a rockus because it was pretty much standard and very much proof of concept for the whole acessibility thing?

            And since I’m bitching about that, and about things that appeal to casuals… I was surprised that, in order to rent movies and stream them (PAL X360, I don’t know how it works in US with Netflix) you actually have to be a Xbox Live Gold account member. What the hell? they want it to be the center of the living room and, providing I don’t game online I have to be a gold member… to rent movies?

            They might get a handful more subscriptions by doing that, but in the long term it’s a really stupid move.

          • thebanditking

            I am pretty sure it works the same way for 360 users over here as well (Im in the US but never used netflix before, the only reaosn I have a Gold account is because the silver is SO crippled that its a wonder they even offer it). Yes its really is polarizing to see MS market the 360 and Kinect this way when their entire business model is based around an “elite” gamers mindset, what with all the annual fees, and how even demos and release dates for arcade titles differ between silver and gold accounts. Not to mention the entire Xbox Live user base is simply just not suitable for the more casual market, I don’t think the moms and socialites of the world want to be called a homosexual by a inbred 16 yr old. Man don’t even get me started on XBL I was playing Crackdown 2 the other day and left the option to have anyone join my city and some DH comes out of nowhere with a high level character and right in the middle of a mission starts killing me. I was not in multiplayer this guy was just being an ass. I had only started the game too, so I was too weak to fight back, I had to quit my game mark him as a non preferred character and then turn off the open city invite just for him to let me play my game……this never happens to me on PSN.

  • thebanditking

    “you can expect to see the company’s first “original” Kinect title by 2012”

    And you can expect me to not care right now. Kinect is a joke, and not a very funny one. From where I sit as a 360 owner its brand confusion at best, they can spin, hype, and talk until they are blue in the face but the chance of me ever owning one is somewhere between never and mankind growing wings and achieving flight.

  • I think that M$ is taking somewhat a calculated risk. But remember, ppl said the same thing about the wii. that there was no audience for it, and look what happened out from nowhere came success in a little box with less power than the big two. It could happen for sony also. the system isn’t even finalized nor released and ppl are already bashing it. I can say they do know how to market their product toward success. many said that the first xbox was gonna fail. it succeeded on so many levels. one thing to remember, for the many that are bashing mS for kinect, there is just that many if not more that is supporting it and getting exposed to it through game conventions and demo accesss, and not just E3. I think that this holiday season, M$ may surprise a lot of doubters. The same can be said for sony. Dont let the launch titles be the end all be all of what the motion controllers can offer. They are taking baby steps…its all calculated. similar to moving pieces on a chess board. There is a business strategy. don’t blink, we might miss something.

    • It’s a lot bigger risk than you think.

      The difference between Nintendo’s Wii, and the other two’s motion controllers is that there was nothing like the Wii on the market. The (hard)core market, which prefers the Xbox360 and/or the PS3, is still skeptical about motion control. The expanded, or casual, market, is made up of people who already own a Wii and probably won’t get another system because of prices. Microsoft is trying to get the Wii’s casual audience and Sony is just trying to make the Move cool to the skeptical audience they already have. They’ll both have a really hard time accomplishing their respective goals.

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