• bVork

    Always nice to see more localization outfits. Were these guys responsible for the European release of Chantelise? I sure hope not, because the English translation of it was… lacking.

    • http://www.carpefulgur.com SpaceDrake

      Oh no. That’s DHM Interactive (http://www.dhm-interactive.com), a different group entirely based in France. We’d like to take our own stab at Chantelise in the future, time, money and success permitting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Lassiter/1100085278 Michael Lassiter

    Very nice. I like news like this. Actually, EasyGameStation made the Dewprism/Threads of Fate sequel titled Duo Princess. I know that most definitely cannot be a project for localization, but it was a fun game. I’m surely not up to date on doujin projects, but the quality of that one was pretty good. And this one here sounds like a fun game, the sim aspect reminds me of the Atelier games.

  • http://twitter.com/T1A60 T1A60

    oh nice!! looks good! :D
    i mean, i want to play it xD

  • epiphaniesarefun

    very nice :) thanks for bringing this to my attention!

  • 5parrowhawk

    I played the demo and it was good stuff – very original, although of course people will be comparing it to Gust’s stuff. Here’s hoping for a solid localization.

    • http://www.carpefulgur.com SpaceDrake

      We’re certainly going to do our damnedest to put together the best localization we can.

  • MisterNiwa

    Was that King Slime? … It definetly was King Slime.. King Slime.

    King Slime, King Slime. King Slime. The King Of Slime. Slime + King = King Slime.

    Yes. That was King Slime in the trailer, Kingu Suraimo. Yes yes.
    Hm, I’m tired.

    • http://www.carpefulgur.com SpaceDrake

      King Slime? No, no, it’s The Crownéd Slime, Lord of the Slimes! We would NEVER use a name that’s appeared directly in a famous RPG series, no sir!


      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tommy-Lee/518924335 Tommy Lee

        So what’s the roper look-a-like called?

        • http://www.carpefulgur.com SpaceDrake

          “Damnable Hitpoint-Stealing Bustardes”, that’s what.

  • http://twitter.com/Alos88 Alos88

    What does doujin mean?

    • http://thrust-the-sky.deviantart.com/ WildArms

      You could say they are groups of fans, they have something they like in common, and that makes them stick together to do something in particular, maybe some atelier fans got together and made this doujin game (like… a fan game) and sometimes peoplegroups become famous this way…I think i am right in my explanation, if i am wrong, please, someone tell me :P

      • http://www.carpefulgur.com SpaceDrake

        Well, this isn’t a fangame of any series in particular; Recettear is an original game. We might be… *parodying* a few things :V, but all of the characters and story within are original.

        “Doujin” pretty much just means “independent”. It’s the exact same thing as an indie game like what the guys at Introversion or Zeboyd make.

        • http://thrust-the-sky.deviantart.com/ WildArms

          Ok i see now xD, im gonna try the demo later >8D

        • http://twitter.com/Alos88 Alos88

          Thanks for the explanation, I’ll be sure to check this game out once it’s released!

        • http://thrust-the-sky.deviantart.com/ WildArms

          “Merde”!? xD, haha i loved the demo, ill be sure to check out when you guys publish it, it will be hard to pay in dollars since it is not my currency, but i will try my best >8D

  • http://thrust-the-sky.deviantart.com/ WildArms

    Oh i’ve heard of this game, looks pretty cool!

  • http://twitter.com/Maryfourdee Suzume Iseki

    EasyGameStation also made Duo Princess, a Threads of Fate fangame. maybe they can pick this one up, too.

  • DarkWaterClone

    From the trailer the game looks really nice. I so wish this was a console game instead. But it is not so I will have to get it on the PC instead. I really think this game looks great & even though I very rarely play PC games I will make an exception.

    I wish the team at Carpe Fulgur the best of luck & lots of game sales. Also any chance of Carpe Fulgur joining Facebook & Twitter to get you name more out there?

  • JustaGenericUser

    I haven’t played the demo but it looks interesting. But then, I have a soft spot for cute looking games like these, heh. Too bad it’s PC only, would have loved it on PSN/XBLA/Wiiware.

  • Joanna

    Interesting. I’m downloading the demo now, and I’ll be sure to give it a try. :)

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